November 12, 2011

Delightfully pretty 1950s turquoise kitchen

Day 316 of Vintage 365


In a roundup of my all-time favourite colours, you would most definitely find turquoise. At once serene and uplifting, calm yet bold, this hue captures the imagination and heart in one fell swoop.

The somewhat darker sister to aqua, both colours appeared frequently throughout mid-twentieth century home decor, appearing in forms as small as cutlery handles to entire rooms done up in this tropically spirited shade of blue-green.

As with most lively colours, the more turquoise you add to a room, the more eye-catching it tends to become, but that certainly doesn't mean that turquoise has to read as garish or glaring in the slightest - especially if you pair with neutral or very soft hues (think pale lemon, soft peach, kitten fur grey).

I've always fancied the idea of having a vintage styled home that included at least one room that was bursting with turquoise, as I know many of you do, too.

For all those seeking vintage inspiration for your turquoise adorned abodes, look no further than this striking 1950s kitchen featuring instantly eye-catching rows of turquoise cabinets.

{Appealing colourful, chic, delightful 1950s turquoise kitchen via saltyotton on Flickr.}


I love how this kitchen is lively and cheerful, but in no way hard on the eyes. Though first appearing in the magazine The American Home fifty-five years, ago there's a contemporary element to this room that ensures it never looks dated.

From the generous (at least to apartment dwellers like me!) banks of upper and lower cabinets to the vinyl chairs, there is an abundance of turquoise in this lovely room.

Sleek, clean appliances, a fairly subdued floor pattern, silver drawer and cabinet handles, and simple sheer window coverings however, ensure that this is a room one could easily wake up to year after year, without it seeming like you were trapped inside a bottle of blue curacao.

Beautiful, fun, and so very evocative of the 50s, this is certainly a kitchen that I'd be proud as a (similarly hued) peacock to draw home decor inspiration from anytime.

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  1. Now that is a cheerful kitchen! Wouldn't it be fun to cook in this fun kitchen!!