May 9, 2009

Pretty Link Roundup {May 9th}

Finally the weekend has arrived and while that face alone is ten shades of awesome in and of itself, it’s extra lovely because it means only a couple more days before darling husband returns from his business trip. I’ve missed him something fierce (this is our longest time apart since getting hitched 4.5 years ago), but have been keeping extra busy to help pass the time. In his absence straighted and decluttered our respective home offices (his is bigger, but mine is cuter!), bought some darling vintage looking shoes (deeply on sale from the Nine West outlet store that’s just a couple of kilometres from my house), worked on better organizing my Re-Ment miniature collection (if you’ve never heard of the wondrous adorableness of these miniature toys from Japan, check out the official Re-Ment homepage and/or the Re-Mend Addicts Flickr group), got a hugely need, long overdue hair cut (more on that in a future post), and have been making a decent stab at my email backload.

At the moment - as kitty dearest nudges me for pets (I know she wants to curl up in the space between my arms and the laptop’s keypad, but it’s rather tricky to type with her precious little body curled up as a 'puter warmer) – I’m nibbling some organic popcorn, listening to awesome classic rock (on Galaxie which we get via our satellite package), and gathering together some of my favourite fantastic links for this week’s roundup.

{I’m yearning for my dance partner in life to get home, but keeping on my toes to past the time quickly. Photo via ricko’s Flickr stream.}

* If you ever wonder about the names of vintage lingerie: Jaynice of Here’s Looking Like You Kid has posted scans from a very informative little vintage lingerie catalog that details numerous styles and their names. Perfect for the next time you’re curious about the difference between a band and brief panty.

* History of Women’s Golf Attire: Fuzzylizzie has put together an excellent piece on the history what gals have been wearing on the fairway over the past hundred plus years, complete with a gorgeous array of vintage photos.

* The Other Kind of Drape: Will of A Suitable wardrobe shares some wise words on the importance of the drape of a man’s clothing, but the general principles he outlines apply to ladies wear as well. Certainly an interesting read which stands to serve many a modern, well dressed chap well.

* Vintage Dresses for Mature Figures: A wonderful look at a topic that warrants a lot more coverage than it gets! Not all vintage fans are wee teens and twenty-somethings, there are oodles of beautiful woman in their thirties, forties, fifties and beyond who adore wearing clothing from the past as well. Here Couture Allure takes a wonderful look at dressing the middle aged/mature figure from a vintage standpoint.

* Bathing Suite Resource Roundup: Looking for oodles of info and/or inspiration on the popular subject of vintage bathing suits? Be sure to check out this list of helpful links on the topic of swimwear from the golden days of yore.

* On the beach in the 1930s: And while on the topic of summer and beautiful looks of the past, definitely pop by Liebermarlene and daydream about sporting the clothing in the wonderful 1930s black and white photos of beach goers she posted this week.

* History of Kustom Bikes: If BMXs and streamlined mountain bikes fail get your cycling spirits a-peddling, then you might be a fan of the sort of bikes which ruled the scene during the 1950s and 60s, as described and discussed in John Brain’s terrific History of Kustom Biking (volume one), which I discovered via an Atomic Addiction post.

* Cpaphil Vintage Postcards: More than for a specific post, this entry is for the blog itself. If you’re a lover of vintage postcards and/or illustrations, this updated daily, marvellously interesting blog is sure to set a smile upon your face – and get you itching to mail out a card or two.

* Sucking Eggs: Miss Matilda gives readers a sneak peek into the fascinating book “Sucking Eggs” by Patricia Nicol, which according to the cover shows you “what your wartime Granny could teach you about diet, thrift and going green”. I love the commonsense, helpful tips MM has highlighted, especially the idea of using baking (bicarbonate) soda as a deodorant (I have really sensitive skin and am troubled by most commercial deodorants so I’ll be giving this tip a try for sure).

And introducing a new a feature of the weekly link love-fest....drum roll please....a vintage related video!

This first video is an instructional one care of the lovely and talented Lisa Freemont Street, which tackles the subject of getting pin curls right (you can find its follow up video in which Lisa styles the results of her gorgeous pin curls here):

There we have it, my lovelies, a diverse array of links that have peaked my interest this week. I hope you find them as much fun as I did – and if you’ve got any fab links of your own or that you’ve scouted this week, don’t hesitate to share them in the comment section.

Joyful weekend wishes to all!


  1. thanks for reading and passing on the good word about the book xx

  2. Hi Matilda, you're very welcome, my dear. Thank you for writing about such a fasnitating book. I truly believe that the world today could learn a great deal from how the people of our grandparent's generation lived.

    Wishing you a marvelous Mother's Day Sunday, my friend!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. I love lisa freemont! she's what got me into attempting all the vintage looks in the first place!