May 4, 2009

Monday Muses {May 4th}

After putting together a week’s worth of delicious links last night, I whipped up an equally yummy supper for myself. Nature’s Path Buckwheat Wildberry waffles with fresh strawberries and reduced fat whipped cream to celebrate the return of glorious spring flowers and days with double digit temperatures.

I’ve always adored berries of all sorts, from blue to black, raspberries to huckleberries, they’re each so wonderfully versatile and symbolic of the warmer months. Not only are these healthy sweet morsels good for your body, berry print and themed items can do your vintage wardrobe a world of good, too. This week I’m looking toward the punchy hues and crisp freshness of May strawberries as my vintage muse.

{Delicate and cheerful, this lovely brass necklace crafted by Firebirdhouse on etsy, sports a strawberry charm and section of a vintage paper strawberry seed packet; at a budget friendly $13US this pretty piece of jewelry is a great deal.}

{Bright as a just-picked-from-the-vine strawberry, this flirty pencil skirt – while vibrant as a poppy – would no doubt prove to be a versatile item year-round in many a vintage wardrobe. I’d pair it with a crisp white blouse or button down cotton shirt and wedge heels in the summer, a fitted black cardigan and Mary Janes or pumps in the winter. If you want to shake it like a strawberry, this skirt can be yours for $36US from Pin Up Girl Clothing.}

{A myriad of indoor or outdoor items such as grocery totes or placemats could be crafted from this darling vintage pink strawberry print oil cloth, thanks to the fact that it’s waterproof. A 48 inch piece sells for $15US and can be picked up from Warm Biscuit, an online bedding, houseware, and sewing goods shop.}

{One look at this incredibly sweet, ruffled strawberry and cherry print apron from SpiceRack Designs on etsy, and it’s hard not to fall in love. This photo is of the back which I felt needed to be seen even more than the front because of its awesome red and white polka dot bow. If this apron is whispering your name, it can be yours for $35US.}

{Hued like a glass full of strawberry juice, these red satin rockabilly heels (available in ladies sizes 5.5 to 9) from The Velvet Vault are a luscious deal at $26.97US. I could easily imagine combining shoes these with a gorgeous LBD and going dancing on a warm summer’s evening.}

Red is warm and bold, it conveys power, strength and confidence, yet can also be wonderfully romantic (think of a rose, sexy red lipstick such as Clinque’s aptly named “Red Red Red”, or the tinge in one’s cheeks when they blush). Like a strawberry, red can be paired with many other (fashion) flavours or enjoyed solely on its own, as I’ve tried to highlight in this Polyvore set teaming with all sorts of wonderful vintage inspired red pieces.

{Strawberry Love, created by yours truly.}

Whether eating, wearing or admiring strawberries, what are some of your favourite ways to incorporate this beautiful fruit into your world?


  1. Love those red shoes! I love the pin-up look!

  2. .. by listening to the song 'Strawberry Fields Forever' :) Deliciously red post!

  3. @ ACD, I adore them (and the pin-up look) too! I have wonky sized feet though (wide, uneven), so I've all but given up on ordering shoes online. They inevitably never fit and end up being returned or given away. I'd love to find something comparatively affordable in a shop, especially while the warmer weather is in full swing.

    @ Marie Reed, thank you very much! Absolutely, Strawberry Fields Forever is the best song that mentions strawberries of all time, in my books :)

    Thank you both for your lovely comments, I hope you're well and having a fantastic day!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. I love those shoes, although I would probably totter around like an idiot in them! :)