May 22, 2009

Babygirl Boutique 20% off Memorial Day sale on now

Good morning, dearest vintage lovers, I just had to run over and tell you that Babygirl Boutique, online sellers of some awesome vintage and bombshell inspired looks, has a 20% off sale on all their merchandise going on right now through May 25th. In order to take advantage of this sale you'll need to enter the coupon code Memorial-09 into the check-out when you're ready to pay.

Babygirl’s inventory tends to run the retro gambit from full-on rockabilly to pinup to sweetly 1950s girl-next-door, meaning that among their wares, chances are most people could find an item – or twenty! – that really catches their eye.

If life was like a game of Monopoly and I could get $200 for passing Go every now and then, I’d definitely be tempted take advantage of this terrific sale and splurge on some of Babygirl’s delightful pieces, such as the beautiful ones below (please note all prices are in US dollars).

{“Life is a picnic” red and white gingham print wrap dress, $115.00}

{Pinup sailor girl peep toe pumps with 5” heel, $46.95}

{Pinup girl swimsuit with red anchor embroidery, $96.00}

{Red and white polka dotted stretch peasant top, $32.00}

{Linen cotton 1950s print swing dress, $145.00}

If you’re looking to add some new additions to your summer (or year round, depending on the piece, and whereabouts in the world you live) wardrobe, be sure to pop by Babygirl’s site and have a gander at the items there. If you find anything that makes your heart flutter, I’d love to hear about it! :)


  1. Those are some great looking dresses. Of course, the hot pinups in them sure don't hurt. :-) Have a fantastic weekend. Cheers!

  2. I just recieved this coupon in an email and I know I shouldnt buy anything right now but I want to use that coupon so badly. That last dress is just stunning. Lovely post.

  3. Cute blog, thanks for the link!

  4. oh i wish i could have that bathing suit! no im being good and not buying anything for a little while! nice finds though thanks for the tip!

  5. @ Keith, I absolutely agree! Lovely ladies like that give me oodles of inspiration for my own looks.

    @ Darla, I know! It's almost like email for sales at our fave vintage sources are toying with our will power these days. I didn't buy anything this time around, but who knows about their next sale! ;D

    @ Lisa, thank you very much! I recently discovered your wonderful blog and just love it.

    @ Elena, my pleasure, hon! One pieces are my swimwear option of choice, and that one was really, really calling my name too! :)

    Thank you each very much for your comments, I really hope you all have fantastic weekends!

    ♥ Jessica