May 15, 2009

Crushing big time on Liz Clairborne

The other night I got an email from Issac Mizrahi (ok, not a personal note, but rather an email on behalf of the Liz Clairborne clothing empire signed with Mr. Mizrahi’s name) informing me about the latest pieces in their New York line had been released.

Though I’ve only owned two Liz Clairborne pieces over the years (a stripped long sleeve sweater several years ago and more recently – a now too big for me – pair of jeans), I greatly enjoyed them both. I was impressed with their quality and durability, but moreover with the feminine sense of tailoring they possessed (at 5”2, I also greatly appreciate that Clairborne pieces are often produced in petite sizes).

Like Ann Taylor and Laura Ashley, Liz Clairborne is a label I admire because of its ability to produce relatively affordable, beautiful pieces – many of which have a wonderfully innate sense of classic timelessness to them that instantly appeals to my taste in clothing (trendista, I am not!), and which lends itself quite well to achieving vintage inspired looks (think items such as sweet cardigans, girly frocks and fuller cut skirts).

I recently mentioned a pair of dark blue denim Liz Clairborne heels that I was swooning over, and after checking out the latest offering from the New York Line, I can safely say that several other items have now been jotted down on my Clairborne wish list.

Below is a selection of items that I especially like from the current pieces being offered up by the New York line. Please forgive the tiny photos, the Liz Cliarborne site uses flash to display its larger sized pics, so I had to utilize the smaller preview photos to create this mosaic.

{Starting from the top left hand top corner and working right the items are as follows: 1.) Belted Seersucker Dress 2.)Floral Stud Earring 3.)Elsie Patent Logo Tote 4.) Stretch Pleated Poplin Shirt 5.) Danielle Denim Pumps 6.) Dot Jacquard Pleated Waist Dress 7.) Pearl Cluster Earring 8.) Stretch Poplin Candy-Stripe Sundress 9.) Bow Flex-Link Bracelet 10.) Linen Bubble-Print Godet Skirt 11.) Marisa Stretch Gingham Shirt 12.) Striped Scoopneck Tee with Drawstring 13.) Jackie Stretch Seersucker Wide Leg Pant 14.) East West Leather Tote 15.) Eyelet Shawl-Collar Dress 16.) Petite Linen Godet Skirt}

The dresses - and of course those sweetly chic denim heels! - really caught my fancy, but I could easily see myself wearing any of these charming summery pieces, perhaps with a freshly picked flower tucked behind my ear.

Are any of my readers also Liz Clairborne fans?


  1. dude i so love all those brands and because of the reasons you mentioned (im 5'0") and its always very classy simple elegant pieces that i make more kooky as i feel like it verses buying somethign totally crazy and then not knowing what to do with it! but thirfting is how i usually buy my clothes so when i see that label you betcha my little heart gets a flutter :)

  2. Oh I really love those shoes, just perfect ... and the jackie pant, too nice.
    You have a good weekend too! xxx :)

  3. @ Awww, a fellow petite thrifting fan/vintage lover! Yeeehhh! :) Indeed, one of the two LC pieces I mentioned having owned in my post was second hand (the sweater), the other (jeans) was bought on sale from Winners (sort of like TJ Maxx in the States). I wish more brands would make affordable petite wear for gals like us, but I guess that is one of the nice things about older pieces which were often cut for shorter frames.

    @ Moonspinner, thank you, honey! I really like the Jackie pants too. I know that skinny jeans and skin tight leggings look fab on some gals, but not on me, and it's always refreshing to encounter a timelessly stylish pant with a wider cut such as the one on that pair.

    Big hugs to you both, sweet dears!
    ♥ Jessica