May 26, 2009

Inspired by pin-up model Duh Manda's beautiful look

One of my favourite daily (or thereabouts) emails that I receive from a website is that of Several times a week the site’s creator (known affectionately as “Irish”) posts modern day pin-up photos that highlight a selection of well known models, up and comers, and photographers with a passion for this craft (from time-to-time there are also entries devoted to pin-up artists who are churning out some very titillating drawings).

A few days ago one of PinupPost’s entries in particular caught my eye. There was something ravishing, playful and drop-dead gorgeous about the way the model was styled that I just couldn’t get over. Too pretty to simply keep for my own viewing pleasure, I wanted to share one of the loveliest modern day pinup photos I can recall seeing with you all!

I realize that the fuchsia lipstick may be slightly more modern than the rest of the 50s aesthetic in this shot (or not, period make-up experts please let me know if this shade was around during the mid-twentieth century, too), but it’s the rhododendron hue of her lips paired with those bouncy, up-swept curls and charming pink jewelry that all seem to jive together so uniquely well. I feel the look of this shoot was excellently styled and certainly works, packing a wallop of inspiration for those who enjoy sporting bombshell or pinup looks. In the hair and make-up department that certainly includes yours truly, so I’m sure that once I find a suitable match for that vibrant shade of lippy, I’ll be trying a variation of that face on myself.

Without further ado, care of photographer Cathy Settle’s submission to PinupPost, I present the stunning Duh Manada to you!

Are you as captivated as I am by all of the elements in this photo? Would you have changed anything about it? Would you rock a similar look yourself?


  1. She reminds me of lucy here I adore that apron super cute!

  2. Dior did one called 028, I don't know if they
    still do it, but it's a fab pin up shade!

  3. This is divine! I bet she has bunny slippers on:)

  4. I thinks she's very hot. Awesome look. I wouldn't change a thing.

  5. sigh...if only my hair could look like hers everyday. BEAUTIFUL!

  6. Hi vintage dears, thank you each very much for your wonderful comments!

    @ Matilda, thank you so much for informing me about that Dior shade, I will look into it right away.

    @ Christina Lee, thank you so much, honey!

    @ Marie Reed, awwww, that would be an adorable touch! Good call :)

    @ MissRedLips, you are preaching to the choir, my dear! I think I'd need to buy a wig to ever get my hair to look even half that good ;)

    Many thanks again to you each for your awesome comments! I hope that you're all well and having a terrific weekend!

    ♥ Jessica