May 7, 2009

One Lovely Blog Awards

Last week the incredibly kind hearted “Just a Gal” bestowed not one, but two lovely awards on my blog. Talk about making a girl blush like a bing cherry! Given that Chronically Vintage is something of a newbie on the blog scene, I was especially touched that a vintage blogger that I really admire would list me as one of her award recipients. A giant hug and a very heartfelt thank you goes out to the wonderful Just a Gal, for being so sweet!

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I’m going to continue on with one of the awards she bestowed on me, the “One Lovely Blog” award, and pass it on to 15 other people, as the “rules” suggest. If your happen to spot your name on this list, the following, according to Just a Gal, is what you need to do to keep the award train going :)

”You are to pass this award on to 15 people whose blogs you think are really lovely and who are new to you. This helps newcomers also. If you do not have 15 new to you, just choose those you think have lovely blogs. This award is yours to take and post on your side bar with the name of the giver beneath. Remember, I think you are wonderful!”

Selecting 15 blogs out of the plethora of incredible sites I try to pop by and read regularly is not easy, but I managed to whittle down my list. Please note that if you don’t see your blog listed here, it certainly does not mean I don’t think you’re worthy of many an award!

In completely random order, here is my list of “One Lovely Blog” award recipients.

{The immortally graceful Audrey Hepburn accepting the Oscar for her role in Roman Holiday. Photo via Modern Dreamer’s blog.}

1. Miss Red Lips. My vintage soul sister, I’m so happy our paths have crossed!

2. Super Kawaii Mama. Vintage lover/expert, blogger and hair styling extrodinare!

3. Casey of Casey’s Elegant Musings. Not only is Casey’s sense of vintage style to die for, her blog is gorgeous and never fails to inspire me.

4. A red lipstick. Her feminine sense of style is amazing – as are the vintage photos of everyday life she includes in some of her posts!

5. Anja from One Clever Nettle. Her creative, artistic photo-filled posts are true works of art.

6. Miss Matilda of Matilda’s Delights. A lovely fellow vintage soul with fashion taste that is right up my alley!

7. Katie of Old Hollywood Glamour, who blogs about some really terrific (vintage) Tinseltown related topics.

8. Emma of Love❤Fashion. This wildly fashionable gal has a terrific sense of style!

9. Lisa of Lisa’s Retro Style. There’s a little of everything on this fun vintage blog, the eclectic-ism of which is right up my own style alley.

10. Alana of Alana’s Vintage Collecting Blog. Covering a vast array of vintage related topics, Alana’s site is always provides a fascinating read that I find myself relating to through and through.

11. Little Rascal. Visiting Little Rascal’s vintage blog always peps up my energy thanks to her creative posts and colourful, pretty photos.

12. Counting Your Blessings. Like a trip to a wonderfully feminine and shabby chic vintage clothing and housewares shop, this blog never fails to leave me pining for all things lace, perfectly faded, and elegant.

13. Rhiannon of Liebemarlene Vintage. Her photo collages and sense of style are both sublimely beautiful.

14. Mary Deluxe of Welcome to Deluxville. Her mid-century taste in decor is the stuff vintage home design dreams are made of!

15. Just a Gal. I couldn’t leave the marvelous lady (and her awesome blog) who gave me this award off my list!

I’ve never been a stickler for rules that are not set in stone though, so if you don’t want to pass along this award, don’t worry for a moment. It’s really just my way of letting some of my favourite bloggers know that I absolutely love their blogs and the endless sources of vintage inspiration they supply me with.

Thank you again so much, Just a Gal! Your awards really helped to brighten a hugely stressful and busy week! And many thanks to all those whose blogs and I mentioned for being such amazing sources of vintage inspiration and fun.


  1. had a few minutes before work and stopped by my favorite blogger's site...thank you so much, sweetie!! we are definitely vintage soul sisters! this made my month! :-) :-) :-) have a fabulous thursday!

  2. congrats to you and good luck in the blogosphere! im pretty new as well but ive found its such a wonderful supportive place!

  3. thank you darling, very, very much appreciated xx

  4. @ MissRedLips, You're so welcome, my dear friend. It's a sincere joy to know you and share our mutual love of vintage together!

    Oodles of hugs & best wishes for the rest of your week, sweetie!!

    ♥ Jessica

  5. @Elena-lu, thank you very much, my dear! I was so thrilled to discover your blog the other night while blog hoping (much like Flickr hoping, wherein one starts out on one blog/stream and spends the rest of the evening zipping between old faves and new treasures). I felt like I had run into an old friend, to suddenly spot and recognize your lovely photos, which I know so well from our contact on Flickr.

    @MissMatilda, you are very, very welcome! Thank you for the awesome vintage inspiration your blog provides! :)

    Wonderful Friday wishes to you both!

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Ohh thankyou so much sweetie!!! I'm honoured!! :)) Kisses!!!
    Love, Emma XOXOXO

  7. Hi Emma sweetie, you are totally welcome! How could I not include my awesome Polyvore, fellow vintage adoring friend's blog on a list of lovely sites? I couldn't :)))

    Have a super wonderful and creativity filled weekend!!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  8. Thank you so much darling! I'm very grateful for this award :)
    Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

  9. @ A red lipstick, you're absolutely welcome, my dear! Thank you for providing me with oodles of beautiful vintage inspiration through your wonderful blog.

    Wishing you a marvelous Mother's Day Sunday,
    ♥ Jessica