May 18, 2009

Happy Victoria Day - Monday Muses {May 18th}

On the last Monday before the 24th of May each year, Canadians are treated to a holiday in honour of both the late Queen Victoria (from whose name the word “Victorian” to describe the nineteenth century era in which she ruled the Common Wealth) and the current reigning monarch. Celebrating monarchs’ birthdays has been observed for quite some time now, and a specific date to mark such birthdays hails back to pre-Confederation time.

While few people (particularly of the younger generation) in Canada today would proclaim themselves monarchists, there is no denying that Canada still holds ties to the Queen of England and that through Canada’s history, the monarchy of Britain has often played an important role (especially in the years before Confederation).

I think there is something quaintly beautiful about observing a date devoted to Queen Victoria. I’ve always admired her, and most certainly adore the fashions of the day that were in style during her lifetime. As such my Muses this week are a blend of Victorian, vintage and Canadian themed images, upon which I will reflect on today as I nibble tea sandwiches (in an ode to proper British high tea), donning a sweetly vintage inspired springtime outfit and listen to soft old school jazz (the latter of which really doesn’t correlate with Victoria Day, I just love listening to jazz on days when relaxing is an option).

1. Soon to be Queen of England - The Princess Victoria in 1837 : From a drawing by R.J.Lane ., 2. I'm a Little Teacup, 3. Cucumber Tea Sandwiches, 4. HDR IR Victoria Day, Toronto B&W, 5. "Victorian Rose", 6. Something for everyone, 7. Woman (21), 8. Victorian Flower Oracle Flower Market, 9. Green Satin Victorian, 10. Woman (30), 11. All one needs to soothe the soul is...., 12. 1950's fashion, 13. Having tea by the sea {Click on a link to see a larger version of a particular image and/or for photographer information}

Many happy Victoria Day wishes to my fellow Canadians and to all my wonderful readers from around the world!


  1. I am so glad you shared this, I see it on the calender but had no idea what it was. I learned something today thanks to you. Enjoy your day!!
    ♥ Teresa

  2. hope you have a lovely holiday :)

  3. I've also seen this on the calendar but since I'm American, I had no clue! Well, ENJOY!!!

  4. Hi lovely ladies, thank you very much for your comments. So happy to have shared more about Victoria Day with you. I hope that you all have an amazing Memorial Day next week! :)

    ♥ Jessica