May 30, 2014

Sponsor Chronically Vintage in June - Etsy shops still completely welcome

Did the end of this month sneak up on anyone else, too? In just a couple of days time we'll officially hit the halfway mark of 2014. Bonkers, I know! :) With a fresh month upon us again, it's high time I invited one and all to become a new or returning Chronically Vintage blog sponsor.

Having recently opened an Etsy shop of my own this month, I understand that some of you who may have Etsy or similar shops of your own are wondering if I'll still be accepting fellow Etsy shops as blog sponsors here on Chronically Vintage and the answer to that question is a resounding yes!

{Rest assured, there's amply room for all my fellow Etsy vintage and craft sellers here on Chronically Vintage this summer and always. Image source.}

One of the most endearingly terrific elements about Etsy is so many of the pieces there, whether vintage or handmade, are nearly - if not flat out - one of a kind. While we're ultimately vying for the same customers, there's no reason to see one another as competition in any kind of negative sense. My shop doesn't have the exact stock the same things as yours, or the next person's or the next's and so on. We each bring a curated collection of fabulous yesteryear finds and/or handmade items to the table and I will always use my blog as a platform to help others reach a broad audience of 50,000+ viewers a month for their Etsy shop or other business or website that is a fabulous fit for this site.

Promoting Etsy sellers in my posts and in a sponsorship capacity is something that I've thrilled to do since Chronically Vintage began in 2009, as I truly adore Etsy and love shining the spotlight on a wide array of (now) fellow sellers there. I'm dedicated to this and welcome one and all with an Etsy shop that would be a good fit for my blog, as well as all other interested folks to check out my sponsorship page for further details on how you can see your ad on my site and/or drop me a line anytime.

Many thanks for your interest  in becoming a sponsor - I can't wait to collaborate with you this summer!


  1. I'm glad to hear your thoughts about the Etsy shops! I appreciate your attitude on the subject; I think you're totally right!

  2. Hello Jessica!
    Thank you for the beautiful links you selected for the month of June. I intend to look at each of them calmly. The images are beautiful Jessica. You are very gentle and friendly. I'm sure I'll like. A big hug from your Brazilian friend Cris vintage.

  3. I totally agree, etsy shops are little on line trunks that hold the most amazing treasures.