May 5, 2014

Sourpuss Clothing multi-item review - and just one more day until my top secret plans are revealed!

Outfit details

Hair flowers, anchor earrings, anchor cardigan, white top, handbag, black bangle bracelet, and octopus scarf all from Sourpuss Clothing (see post below for links to each product)
White plastic bangle: (I think) Forever 21
Teal plastic bangle: Ardene
Vintage black velvet pencil skirt: Lady Kitschener's Vintage Emporium
Grey tights: (New stock from) Value Village
Black faux suede 1940s-esque pumps: Walmart
Lip colour: MAC Russian Red
Nail colour: Sally Hansen Haunted

Photography by Tony Cangiano


The past several weeks, and in particular this last month, have been amongst the busiest, most exciting, and highly activity packed of my adult life. Each day, whether for an hour or, no joke, in some cases, all twenty-four - or anywhere in between those two numbers - I have been pouring myself into my top secret vintage plans, which, I'm thrilled to say, I will be revealing here tomorrow morning.
Long hours and exciting days do not stop once I've unveiled all (not by any stretch of the imagination), but I will at least be able to exhale a bit and learn to weave the activities of this new part of my life, with my usual going on, be they online or off.

In the midst of an action packed weekend, Tony and I took a brief sojourn of sorts up to Kelowna on this past Saturday and visited a gorgeous, expansive local woodland park (part of which, a ways off from where we were on Saturday, includes the area where we shot 2012's Canada Day vintage outfit post) to simply unwind and fill our lungs with a bevy of fresh air, between bursts of chilly rain showers, before heading home for a quick supper and some very much needed sleep.
Due to how busy I've been lately, I've had to scale back on the number of outfit posts I've been doing, as well as the amount of new sponsors I've been partnering with in a product review blog post capacity. A few though, that were just too marvelous not to share with all of you asap have made the cut though, and one that I'm especially thrilled to share with you about here today is Sourpuss Clothing.
Founded in 2001, Sourpuss Clothing has grown into one of the world's best known and most adored sources for rockabilly, pin-up style, and vintage inspired fashions. Their offerings, for both men and women (as well as kids and houseware items), are diverse, vibrant, well made, and seriously fun. I was thrilled when Sourpuss Clothing got in touch and wanted to know if we could collaborate. My personal style typically falls more in line with traditional vintage, but sometimes - interestingly, more frequently as I get older - I feel pulled towards the rockabilly side of things, so I was more than happy to receive and test drive some of Sourpuss Clothing's awesome items.
Sourpuss Clothing's products (which include garments, handbags, jewelry, accessories and houseware items) can be found in bricks and mortar retailers and online shops the world over, including - but certainly not limited to - in the USA, where the brand hails from. For those who don't live nearby to a shop that carries their offerings and/or prefer to shop online from the comfort of your own home, Sourpuss has a rocking website that is chock-a-block full of their seriously cool products that speak instantly to fans of rockabilly, pin-up, old punk kitschy, tiki, retro monsters, and vintage styles.
In addition to carrying a wide selection of their own house line of products, Sourpuss Clothing's website features items from many other brands with similar aesthetics, such as Hell Bunny, Lux De Ville, Kreepsville 666, Iron Fist, and King Kerosin, Lucky 13, Fred Perry, and Lonsdale, amongst others, so one is spoiled for choice (I dare you to visit their site and not feel compelled to create mile long wishlist, a feature that I'm happy to say is built in, should you feel the urge to do just that) and can easily see how Sourpuss has grown into the wonderful alternative clothing powerhouse that they are today.

When discussing partnering together, I suggested the idea of me putting together a colour coordinated outfit to the lovely folks at Sourpuss Clothing and they were on board with that idea, very kindly letting me handpick a selection of pieces that I felt would all work together splendidly in the same look. The photos you see here today feature all of the beautiful pieces that I received from Sourpuss Clothing.

My items were shipped quickly, arrived in a flash from the other side of the world, and were loving packaged, with each piece being individually wrapped in secure plastic, and the whole kit and caboodle being swaddled in tissue paper printed with Sourpuss Clothing's eye-catching skull and crossbones logo. As such, they reached me here on the Pacific coast of Canada in as pristine condition as had I purchased them in person. Each fit true to size and is very well made. I was struck, in particular, but the quality and sense of durability of both the Anchored Cardigan and Pinstripe Backseat Baby Purse.

I'd been jonesing for a more rockabilly style purse for a few years now and this black, teal and silver stunner delivered there big time! Ditto for the cardigan, which toes the line between rockabilly and more traditional vintage perfectly. I could just as easily picture styling it as I've done here today as with everything from a classic 1950s shirtwaist dress or circle skirt to a pair of curving hug capri pants or even my beloved Freddies of Pinewood jeans. It is a soft (72% viscose, 28% nylon), comfortable, quality made nautical themed cardigan that I absolutely, completely adore.

Tucked under by Anchored Cardigan is a Sourpuss Vixen Vintage White Top, which is such a fabulous layering or stand alone piece. It features ruching across the bust (and a little on the torso), delicate ruffled trim, a sweetheart neckline, capped sleeve, and stretchy (95% rayon, 5% spandex) fabric. Comfortable and alluring alike as the day is long, I know that this endlessly versatile white top will see a ton of play in my wardrobe, especially during the sizzlingly hot late spring and summer months we're entering into now.

On my wrist, the black bangle also comes from Sourpuss and is their wonderfully fun Black Tiki Bracelet. I fell for this vintage inspired piece of jewelry the moment I saw it because it reminded me of many a classic carved Bakelite bangle at a massive fraction of the price of what those usually fetch. In fact, this simultaneously cute and chic bangle is currently on sale for just $4.00 (US). Much like the Vixen Vintage Top, I’m certain that this is another piece I'll turn to often because of just how very many outfits it will work splendidly with.

Typically when I come across metal earrings, online or off, I know that - no matter how fabulous looking they may be - for sake for my nickel allergy, I have to avoid them something fierce. You can imagine my genuine delight then when I saw that some of Sourpuss Clothing's earring offerings were listed as being nickel-free. To coordinate with the Anchored Cardigan, I opted for a pair of dainty little gun metal coloured anchor earrings, which I'm pleased as punch to say are indeed nickel-free (I would have gotten an allergic reaction within an hour or two at the most had they contained nickel, which I did not in this case).

I love the versatility of these sweet little anchor earrings. One can dress them up or down, use them as the sole nautical (or old school tattoo inspired) element of their look or as the finishing touch on an ensemble, such as mine here, that is heavily influenced by the vintage sea. They're also light as a feather, which is perfect for those who aren't wild about heavy earrings.

Tied to the handle of my Pinstripe Backset Baby Purse one finds Sourpuss Clothing's Octopus Rosie Square Scarf, a whimsical, nautical inspired piece featuring a sea of black and white octopuses on a beautiful aqua background that is all kinds of adorable!

This 21 inch x 21 inch square scarf is made from 100% polyester and is both soft and study. I've worn it in my hair a few times since it arrived, but for the day of our shoot, opted to jauntily tie it around the handle of my handbag instead, as I had two gorgeous hair flowers, also both from Sourpuss in my hair. The Aqua Rose Hair Clip and Teal Rose Hair Clip both go marvelously with the Anchored Cardigan and teal hued purse, and are the perfect finishing touches on this vintage meets rockabilly nautical inspired outfit.

To round off the ensemble, I turned to my trusty 1950s black velvet pencil skirt, a pair of grey tights (it was fairly chilly that day), two more plastic bangle bracelets (one white, one teal), and my often worn faux suede 40s style black heels with their classic bows on the vamps. Each piece that I very kindly received from Sourpuss Clothing was a joy to style and as I was doing so, I was already thinking of other items in my closet that they would would smashing with, so it's a safe bet to say you'll be seeing each of these pieces again in future outfit posts.

I really want to thank Sourpuss Clothing for their generosity and desire to team up with me for this fabulous multi-item product review and outfit post. I had a wonderful, hassle-free time corresponding with them and feel that their customer service is on par with the best I've yet to encounter online. I genuinely love and objectively have nothing but positive things to say about all of the Sourpuss Clothing I received. Their pieces are reasonably priced, comfortable, good quality, and such a smile-inducing blast to wear.

Should you be hankering for some stellar Sourpuss Clothing offerings of your own, head on over to their website, where you can currently save 10% off all orders of any size when you use coupon code CHRONIC at checkout between May 5th and August 5, 2014. (Note, this coupon code is not valid on gift certificates and cannot be combined with other offers.)

It's hard to believe that by this time tomorrow, by ultra secret plans will be revealed at long last. I'm so looking forward to it and can't wait to let all of you know what I've been so very busy with lately. Join me in watching the ticker on the right hand sidebar here as it counts down these final hours and minutes until that happens, and in my excitement about my big news, which is beyond worth all of the time and energy I've been pouring into it.

As I foresee another 24+ hour day on the horizon today, I'll wrap up here for now, but not before sincerely thanking all of you for your support, encouragement and understanding (including about the fact that I haven't been online as much as usual lately) as I've been plugging away so diligently at my secret plans these days. It means more to me than I can put into words and has truly helped make these past few weeks a lot more enjoyable and easier to get through for me.

Until tomorrow, my darlings! :)


  1. Black and blue is one of my favorite color combinations of all time. You look fantastic. I particularly like the way you knotted the cardigan - I do it all the time with button-down shirts, but it never occurred to me to try it with a sweater. Super cute purse, too!

  2. I love that shade of blue. The cardigan and bag are my favourites!

  3. I love your outfit, it's a favourite colour of mine and am waiting with baited breath for tomorrow!

  4. This is such a well coordinated outfit, and the setting is lovely. Cannot wait to see what you announcement is. Best of luck xxx

  5. Awesome colour combination! I love nautical items, that cardi is marvellous! :)

  6. I love all of the teal blue shades in this outfit, especially the flowers in your hair!

  7. i missed your outfit posts!
    but this lovely and fun look made it worth the waiting :-)
    you picked such cool items from the sourpuss. love that nautical theme in an unusual color (for the blue/white/red of navy style)....
    only 21 hours!!!!!!

  8. Yay! One more day until the big reveal! Great outfit you put together! I would love to try it with jeans. I definitely need to visit Sourpuss soon!
    L A
    . RAVISHING on Bloglovin’ here.

  9. Oh, I can´t wait to read about the top secret vintage plans :). I like this outfit very much, it´s very fresh and cheerful :)

  10. Perfect outfit, you look stunning! <3
    Love the colors, the nautic style. Black & Blue is just one of my fav combination ever. Can't wait to see your top secret vintage plans!

    Have a great week! ^^

  11. The combination of black and teal has always been a favorite of mine, lending itself to a 'retro' feel of diners and such! I absolutely am smitten with that sweet bag and adding a scarf to it was such a nice touch! I've never tied up a cardigan, but it looks so fun that I might have to give it a try soon, it looks so great like that! Can't wait to hear about your reveal tomorrow :) Sounds very exciting.

  12. Looking forward to this top secret reveal. :D
    And I definitely love that cardigan. I adore anchors. I adore cardigans. I adore that amazing shade of blue. What's not to love? I probably shouldn't buy another cardigan though, especially since we're coming into the summer sweltering season. sigh. hahaha

  13. Beautiful outfit, that colour looks fabulous on you; that first pic is a stunner.
    Funnily enough, earlier today I found myself getting quite excited when I realised it is the big reveal tomorrow!

  14. Love it all, but especially the cardigan and the bag! Turqoise is one of my favorite colors and it looks great on you!

  15. wonderful photography <3
    I wish I could make so wonderful photos,too :)

  16. Oh so many treats from them! I love all of the pieces of this outfit, but the purse is my absolute favorite! I've heard of Sourpuss, but haven't spent much time on their website...either because nothing caught my eye or EVERYTHING caught my eye and I needed to close the window or else I was going to be in trouble! And I can't remember which!

    And how nice of them to offer a coupon code! May have to re-check them out!

    I can't wait until your top secret plans are revealed!


  17. Your outfit looks so cute on you! And you have done a wonderful job in peaking my interest about your big announcement. I can't wait to stop by tomorrow and hear your big news!


  18. I love that blue! You are amazing! So proud of the work you are doing! Yayayayyyyy xox

  19. almost can't wait till tomorrow .... but you look super proud and happy ...if it comes from the vintage plans or the beautiful turquoise of the cardigan ...

  20. Its beautiful and expertly detailed outfit! Just like all of your marvelous looks

    retro rover

  21. You look so gorgeous! Seriously, that teal color is divine on you. I'm in the market for a new cardigan (or two, you can never really have too many), so I might have to check these guys out.
    I'm really excited to see what you have in store with this "secret project." I'm sure it's something fabulous.

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  27. I, too, love the colour combination here! It's unfailingly fresh. The nautical theme is perfect, right down to the adorable earrings. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings, too!

  28. Beautiful! Love the mix of black and blue :)

  29. O, my, I do love that turquoise against your skin, it really suits you!
    Y'know, I haven't ever really looked at the reproductions brands properly. Mostly, I think, because I sew and could maybe make them myself?? Not really sure, but after seeing some Retrospect (Australian) frocks up close the other day and seeing you in this fantastic outfit, I may have to have a very good look indeed! All these details are so pretty, and that HANDBAG!!!! The cardigan, too, is making me rather covetous!
    And then you go and tease with your "top secret vintage plans"..........le sigh!!

  30. You suit the blue wonderfully Jessica!
    Absolutely stunning as always, what a lovely outfit combo. And drooling over the sourpuss handbag, very nice.
    Sarah @ Top Notch Foxy xxx

  31. i love it, Jessica! the colors of blue and black are stunning against an awaking backdrop of spring softness.
    loving the nautical vibes. my subconcious mind has been drawn to that and i find myself acting upon the impulses to wear it.
    CAN NOT WAIT for your new plans!!!! i'm so excited!!!

  32. I adore the color combo here! The purse is so cute. Such a great retro design. I'm so excited to see what your announcement is tomorrow, too!


  33. Such an amazing purse! I just love it, it looks like a vintage car in bag form

  34. Hi Jessica,
    I think it is such a good idea to do partering if you can choose the matching colors... You have your strong personality and it is great that you are not wearing clothes as a fake mannequin in a shop.
    I think you did the right thing matching these colors they are lovely together. And really rockabilly for once !
    It's funny how a photoshoot and Stylism can change us , even not everyone will see the difference, I think we do inside the retro move ;)
    I don't know how to consider this color , teal maybe ?
    Well it's perfectly matching your hair you look fabulous.
    Have a nice week,
    Love from Paris.


  35. You are looking ravishingly rockabilly and I adore all of those turquoise tones. Sourpuss is a great fun brand and I foresee that handbag in my collection before long. Good luck with your big surprise. XXX

  36. You look adorable, I love all of the anchor motifs.
    I am SO excited to hear about your big news!!!!

  37. I love this look on you. A great day to day outfit, but wow, that blue really POPS on you! xx

  38. I have been ogling over their clothing {as well as blame betty and collectif} for quite some time. I would love to have one of their purses. So cool how they were able to emulate a classic car vibe into them. I adore classic cars so how cool would it be to strut around at a car show with one of those bags on your arm!

    1. I swoon and daydream about the offerings from both of those wonderful brands myself, too. I own one Hell Bunny dress that I bought at Blame Betty's delightful bricks and mortar store last year on our travels to Calgary, but so far that's my only purchase from either. They do put out some good sales periodically, so perhaps when the next one rolls around I could invest in a second piece from them.

      This purse is fabulous! It's solid, gorgeous and roomy and unlike any other that I currently own. I could barely walk five feet anywhere that day without someone stopping to kindly comment on it (guys and gals alike!). I think it's very much worth the sticker price that SPC is asking and would have no hesitation to buy a bag from them in the future. For now though, I'm just going to sport this beauty day in and day out - it suits summer so fabulously well!!! :)

      Big hugs & many heartfelt thanks for all of your wonderful recent blog comments,
      ♥ Jessica

  39. You are the Queen of the style! You look fabulous, and I agree that incorporating few rockabilly items looks great. I have a suggestion for you, how about stating if your sponsors ship US and/or European? Many US shops also have a European base, which makes it both easier and cheaper for your European fans. :)

    1. *Blush* thank you very much, dear Sanne, you are always the epitome of sweet and kind to me. For sure, that's something I'll try to remember to include in future sponsor spotlight and (sponsored) outfit posts. Thank you for the terrific suggest - and a huge, heartfelt thanks as well for all of your comments this weekend. I'm really behind the blogs I follow this month because of everything related to getting my shop going, so I can relate to when you said you were behind a bit yourself. Hopefully next month, at least once we get back from Vancouver, I'll be able to return to more of my usual online ebb and flow.

      Huge hugs,
      ♥ Jessica