May 24, 2014

It's yard sale day!!!

Not only in front yards, driveways, garages and back lawns the world over, but this week, I'm turning the tables (quite literally) and am on the selling side of things for a fabulously fun change.

Earlier this year my parents, Tony and I all decided that we should have a collective garage sale, so after a few weeks of having to bump the date of our sale up due to weather, holidays (like Easter and Victoria Day), and various other reasons, unless the mother of all storms hits, in three hours time precisely, our sale will commence.

{The sun is shining in abundance, the grass is gloriously green, and the tables are being set up as we speak for today's exciting yard sale. If you happen to live in, or passing through, the Penticton area, why not pop on by say hello. Image source.}

It's been almost ten full years since the last time I held a yard sale and that one was a dozy, as I was selling off darn near everything I owned because I was moving to Ireland after our wedding, which happened a couple of weeks later, and couldn't bring most of my worldly possessions with me aboard. Nothing quite that grand or necessitated by circumstance here today, but we've still got plenty of treasures and great buys all the same.

Though I know it's fairly unlikely, as I don't have many local readers, I figured there was no harm in using this post as an opportunity to cordially invite one and all to come check out our multi-family yard sale today (some of my parent's neighbours are adding items to the sale as well, so three households will be represented). It's on from 8am to 3pm PST and you can find the address and further details here.

Not only am I psyched about this sale because it's my first in ages (I should mention, I adore holding garage sales every bit as much as I do going to them), but it's the first that Tony has ever had, as they're nearly unheard of in his native Italy.

I don't have any illusions of grandeur here when it comes to profits. Making anything above $100 would be super swell, $200 or more an I'll be giddy as our Annie when you tell her she's going to the dog park. I don't foresee more than that, just based on how the items are priced, but you never know! I'll be sure to report back here in a future post as to how much Tony and I cleared in the end.

I'd love to chat more, my sweet dears, but I've got tables to load with items and a long, fabulously fun day of selling ahead of me so I'll bid you adieu for now and in doing so wish you each a weekend that is busting with fun and enjoyment, whether yard sales are involved or not for you, too! :)

*PS* As I know some of you will be curious, no, I'm not selling many vintage items at our garage sale today. The spotlight is on high quality, lovely modern items that we no longer want, need or have room for. Most of the vintage pieces that I have available to buy are either already in or destined for my Etsy shop, or will be sold at various flea markets and local antiques & collectibles shows that I hope to attend later this year.


  1. I just visited your shop again. BOOKS! HATS! Ok, I'm yours. I'm not much for jewelry, but books and hats! Hook, line, and sinker. I'm interested in what other books and pieces of ephemera you have. :)

    1. Thank you very much, darling gal, there are lots more of both coming down the pipeline. Are you into gardening? I recently picked up a couple of seriously cool (one British from the 1930s, the other Canadian from the 40s) gardening related books (the Canadian one is more like a good sized booklets) that I think any vintage loving gardener would flip for. More hats will be part of the next photo shoot I do and I'm constantly on the prowl for them now while sourcing. They're an accessory that is so near and dear to my heart, so there was no way I couldn't sell them in my vintage shop! :)

      Thank you for the great comment and your beautiful support of my shop, dear gal!
      ♥ Jessica

  2. Hi Jessica! You must have energy to spare if you're having a garage sale:-) I'm just now getting back to my blog-reading after a long time away so I send a very belated congratulations on your etsy store and I was heartsick to read that you've encountered some painful negativity. Chalk it up to the culture of business and keep moving forward. I send continued best wishes for a successful sale today and everyday in your new shop!

  3. Hmm... with the airfare, taxi-ride and hotel-room charges, I probably won't be saving any money at your yard-sale... but it would be fun to visit you!

  4. good luck with your sale!

    retro rover

  5. best of luck and congrats on your sale, dear. i can only dream of visiting your sale, how delightful that sounds right now, i so wish i could be there!!

  6. I would have a yard sale before we move--but I don't have access to any really good locations and I know it's quite a bit of work!! Hope you guys sell plenty!

  7. Hello lovely Jessica! I'm sure you have mentioned it before and I just didn't catch it- but I didn't know you lived in Ireland! I'm jealous, yet thrilled! It's still a dream of mine to go, and I still have relatives there:)

  8. Good luck on your yard sale, I hope it was a great success!

  9. I would Love to Come and say Hi !
    If I could just pop off like this , its true that I would.
    But i am so far From you ... And I found another Way to have a look at What your selling ;)
    Thank you so much for the order !
    I just read your little note you added back and it made me so happy that my order pleased you !
    Looking forward to see it,
    Good Luck for this yard sale work ! I , too cant remember the last Time I've done it. With my Mom for sûre but that s all !

    Love From Paris,

  10. Oh I would love to come to your garage sale just to say "Hi". I'd bring you a coffee and donut. I suppose MI is too far to travel.

  11. good luck on your yard sale. my dear! today was the perfect weather for having a stroll over some flea markets here in berlin ...

    thanks for your lovely mail and amazing offer. i will try die answer tonight ... after finishing the taxes for 2013. i haave tuto turn them in the upcoming week. phew. always late with this. ;)

  12. That's sounds exciting! I wish I could go to your yard sale. In my country we don't have such thing. Have a happy weekend my dear friend! :)

    Miss Beta

  13. So, how did it go? And what did your hubby think, being his first garage sale?

    I hope it was great!! :)


  14. This would be so lovely - to see at least one garage sale.
    But, I never did.
    We don't have them here. It would have be so nice to be able to browse, look, touch and feel all those lives (let's face it: most of us love vintage things, because they have lives behind them).

    I hope you'll have a GREAT day.. and do tell us all about it later.


  15. I hope it goes well.

  16. I hope your sale went well and that you enjoyed yourself!

  17. I hope you had a good turnout!

  18. I wish you all the luck with your sale. I have tried a yard sale before and all I made was $6. It was hilarious after the fact, but really annoying during. I'm sure yours will excel, even if it isn't a fortune.

  19. I love yard sales- so much fun! All the best with it!

  20. You, my dear Jessica, are indeed a very busy gal. I already read about the wonderful outcome of this sale, and what a great profit you have made. What a delight that you and Tony had the pleasure of doing this together. Good for you!

    Garage sales can be a lot of fun, although I have not held one for years. I always love to find great deals at garage sales, so when I do hold one, I take great pleasure in seeing the delight of those who visit my sale and find something they love at a winning price.

    Some of my most treasured items are from garage sales. And one of the nicest things about buying items at garage sales is that I have no large investment in it; so, when it is time for me to let it go, I am happy to pass it along to the next person for the same price, or less, that I paid for it. That way I get the pleasure of owning it for nearly nothing, and the next person experiences the same joy I had when I bought it.


  21. It surely was a nice day,Jessica! We don't have garage sales in Italy.I think it must require a lot of job, but it also must be a great satisfaction when you sell an item!