September 4, 2011

A white and red vintage inspired bathroom that's anything but dull

Day 247 of Vintage 365


Much as I do not consider myself a minimalist when it comes to home decor, there is much to be said for understatedly simplicity, for letting a handful of key pieces shine on their own and work in delightful harmony to create a room that is deeply pretty.

Most bathrooms veer on the small side, thus meaning that cramming them up to the rafters can create a stifling look and feel with very little appeal. A glaring colour palette can be tricky to pull off, too (much as I do, admittedly, love vintage pink bathrooms). When putting together a beautiful powder room you want to strive for the right balance between function and style, elegance and practicality.

To my mind, the charmingly lovely vintage inspired loo below nails that criteria smack dab on the head.


Hailing from online UK decor site House to Home (soooo worth bookmarking, if you haven't already), this fresh, elegantly arranged bathroom is big on style, but spared from looking even the slightest bit crowded.

Channelling a distinctly vintage vibe with its stately claw foot tub, antique chair, old-fashioned style toilet (note that the tank is elevated from the seat portion), playfully shaped mirrors, glistening chandelier, and vibrant red floral fabrics, this room is a winner from start to finish.

Using basic, neutral colours and engaging touches (like the white towel rack and toilet paper holder), this classy washroom provides oodles of vintage inspiration for those looking to update their own loos in very, very lovely vintage style.

Few things beat a long soak in a claw foot tub, nor how enjoyable it is to see one of these throwbacks to the past each time you enter a bathroom, so for me that - plus the gorgeous floral print fabrics - are what adheres this room to my decor inspiration board the most.

A timeless palette, clean lines and great details all add up to a room that's anything must boring and about a million miles away from minimalistic!

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  1. I LOVE this bathroom, but it's huge compared to my tiny bathroom. Red and white does look chic.