September 10, 2011

Autumn means it's time for the return of glamorous eveningwear

Day 253 of Vintage 365


There's something about even the slightest dip in temperate, the promise of cooler nights, and the return of breezes with bite, that makes me suddenly want to dress up. Not in a Halloween costume, that will come in a few weeks time. No, I mean really gussy myself up for an evening out on the town.

During the dog days of summer, especially for those who live in especially humid and/or warm climates, it can be tricky to work up the energy - or have a justifiable reason - to pull out all the stops and look worthy of 1940s or 50s night at the Oscars. Summer's stifling heat alone can make wearing certain fabrics and garments just plane impractical.

Of course many of us look picture worthy all summer long, but the fashions we sport are often of a more playful, casual nature, than the serious business of a fall or winter weight cocktail dress or evening gown.

It's not just the garments themselves though either. Who hasn't carefully applied a full face of make-up on a sticky July night only to see half of it melt off before you've even reached your destination? (Sure, waterproof cosmetics can help with this, but humidity and heat have a rather uncanny ability to undo even the most polished of looks!). Hair, too, can go from fabulous to flat, drop-dead gorgeous to droopy, under the powerful hands of summer's heat.

Come the return of autumn though, when most of us are treated to cooler days - and definitely nights - it's all I can do not to slip into a tulle or satin gown for even the most mundane of daily chores.

Free at last to breathe again after a sweltering summer, a certain charged energy fills my spirit, as a nippy wind rustles through the leaves. I know it's time to introduce my winter wraps, ankle length dresses, close-toed shoes, and heavier weight garments back into my closet. I'll miss my lovely sundresses for sure, but they've had their spin this year and it's high time other items in my wardrobe got their turn again, too.

Helping to fuel the fires of my desire to go full-on glamorous is a charming two and a half minute video clip from Youtube poster Glamour Daze that I watched recently for the first time. Featuring an array of delightfully charming 1940s eveningwear fashions, this lovely video is sure to put you in the mood for night time glamour, too.


Whether you fall hard for forties looks like these, prefer slinky 1930s styles or (as I tend to) go gaga over the structured formalwear frocks of the 50s, there's a fancy vintage dress out there for everyone.

While, for most of us, life doesn't require such fancy looks too often, it does sometimes present us with opportunities to really, properly dress up. From nights at the opera or theater to evening weddings, charity galas to good old fashioned formal dances - even date nights can turn in reasons to really, truly look glamorous from well-coifed head to beautiful shoe.

Hopefully, as fall draws ever nearer, we'll all get at least a chance or two this season to take a page from today's wonderful 1940s eveningwear clip and belle of the ball in stunning vintage glamour.

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  1. Fabulous - I loved the evening dress with the co-ordinating hoodie! brilliant!