September 9, 2011

The prettiest 1950s sewing machine I've ever seen

Day 252 of Vintage 365


In celebration of the fact that September is National Sewing Month (really, I like to think of it as full-blown International Sewing Month, as sewing is a universal activity and love!), I thought it would be fun to try and devote a post a week (roughly) to things that are both vintage and sewing related.

As I'm by no means a sewing expert myself (hem a skirt, make a simple pair of lounge pants, sure - sew an evening gown without batting an eye, not so much!) and haven't owned or had regular access to a sewing machine in about a decade, I likely won't be instructing you on any projects this month.

Instead we'll dig through (mid-twentieth century) history for some delight vintage sewing topics that you can enjoy all month long and well beyond!

I, for one, know that I'd just about melt faster than a crayon in Death Valley were I to come across the incredibly pretty pink 1950s Singer sewing machine in today's post.

While the colour of a device rarely has any impact on how well it will preform, when I gaze (longingly) at this machine, I  imagine my own output being so productive I'd quickly run out of places to stash my newly sewn creations.


Delightful - that was the first word I thought of when I came across this ad on saltycotton's fantastic Flickr stream, flat out delightful. Just look at it, glistening in its perfectly dusty rose hued pink, boasting 101 stitch variations, and being quite possibly the prettiest (non-antique) Singer sewing machine I've ever seen.

Why did Singer stop making pink sewing machines? Sure there's been other colours over the years, both before and after, but these days it's rare to find a real, take charge sort of sewing machine (as opposed to a cute, lightweight plastic one, of possibly unreliable quality) that isn't white.

I adore the idea of one's sewing machine doubling as a fashionable home decor piece when not in use, it's charming pink exterior beckoning you to sit down and whip up an apron, circle skirt, wedding dress - anything.

Yet it's not just the wonderful pink sewing machine itself I adore about this vintage Singer ad, there's also the fashionably resplendent outfits the three women and one little girl are sporting, as well as the classic 1950s pink wall colour and wonderful rotary phones they're all chatting away on (no doubt telling everyone they know about their gorgeous new pink Singer!).

In honour of National Sewing Month, I vow (never before knowing that such a marvelous thing as a pink vintage sewing machine existed) to henceforth keep my eyes peeled at every garage sale, thrift shop, flea market, and second hand store I go to, hoping that perhaps the gods of sewing will smile upon me and lead me to find one of these beauties, still in good working order, to take home and finally remedy my lack of a sewing machine situation! Smile


  1. Hello-I've recently discovered your blog and it's great! I do love the pink singer as well and love the vintage ad. Good luck on your search to find your own pink machine!

  2. This is a Singer 306 and it is actually tan. Also came in black and green. No pink though. I find the ad to be misleading as well.

    1. Hi there, thank you for commenting on this post. It's always fun when folks do so on older ones here. I appreciate that further information regarding the colour. Good to know for sure!

      ♥ Jessica