September 15, 2011

Delightful, newly rereleased Archie comic books from the 40s and 50s

Day 258 of Vintage 365


Though what exactly the specs of the assignment were escape me all these years later, I have a distinct memory of writing a paper for my tenth grade English class in which I compared the various cliques of students (without naming specific names) in my school with the beloved characters in Archie comic books.

As I read my paper aloud, standing up in front of the blackboard, I got the distinct feeling that most of my classmates could not have been less interested in the topic of Archie comics. That didn't matter one ounce to me - I'd known full well going into it that most of them wouldn't share my passion for discussing this classic comic book mainstay.

This paper was more for myself (and my teacher - shout out to Mrs. Glibbery), a lifelong fan of Archie comics, especially the older ones my parents had held onto from their childhood, than my Generation Y peers.

Though it's now been quite a few years since I last caught up with Betty, Veronica, Archie and the rest of the Riverdale gang, it's impossible for me to look back on my childhood and not think of the long road trips, toasty summer afternoon's in our ramshackle backyard tree house, and flashlight lit evenings spent reading various Archie comics (I especially liked the, back in the early 90s, beefy double digests).

I'm by no means alone in this regard. Archie comics have been a part of many people's childhoods since they first burst on the scene in early 1950s. My grandparents, my parents and I all all have our own memories of the cast of characters - from cheeseburger crazed Jughead to spoiled heiress Veronica - that made up Archie comics.

I recall how when I read Archies as a six and seven year old, the teenagers these comics depicted seemed to worldly and grown-up, it was hard to imagine myself ever being the same age as them – but of course I got there faster than I could blink. And in part that's what my high school English paper was marking, that I had reached the same age as the comic book characters I'd loving read as a youngster.

There's something really special about the fact that Archie and his pals are still going strong more seven decades onward - especially in the face of the digital era. Fun as the Archie I remember from the 80s and 90s was, it's impossible for me not to have a soft spot in my heart for the early days of this wonderful comic series.

Imagine my delight then when I recently discovered that hardcover editions of classic, vintage Archie comic books are now being rereleased for lifelong fans like me, as well as a whole new generation of youngsters, to enjoy.


So far I've found five books of vintage Archie comics which have either just been released or are slated to come out very soon. These include Archie Americana Volume 1: The '40s, Archie Americana Volume 2: The '50s, Archie Christmas Classics, Archie: The Best of Harry Lucey Volume 1, and Archie: The Best of Samm Schwartz Volume 1 (all of which you can pick up on Amazon).

Each hardcover book weighs in with about 200 pages of delightful vintage Archie goodness, that is sure to enchant and entertain Riverdale High enthusiasts of all ages.

Whether you read them for the charming stories and beloved plots (oh, Archie, when will you wake up and see Betty is the best choice!), the terrific old school comic book artwork, or even the vintage fashions the characters sported back in the 40s and 50s, these classic comic books are a fabulous blast from the past that is sure to bring many happy memories of your youth rushing back faster than Moose when he spots Reggie talking to Midge! Smile


  1. Oh how I loved Archie! On Sat. my girlfriend and I would go to the drugstore(small town name for a place to get medicine and eat!) and we would have our cheeseburger, chips, soda Reese cup for dessert and the newest Archie comic book we could fine. I especially loved, Betty and Veronica, Laugh and Pep. I still have some that I pick up and read occasionally! I am 55 and won't ever outgrow Archie :)

  2. Oh Jessica, how I love reading you wonderful posts. Each and every one stirs another wonderful memory of my childhood/youth. I absolutely loved Archie comics too but didn't realise that they had been re-released. This post takes me right back to wonderful times where life was so much simpler and being a teenager was all about just having fun.
    Thank you, you have an amazing insight into times past.