September 2, 2011

Gorgeous vintage inspired flower headbands for children

Day 245 of Vintage 365


Lacking the blessing of any children of my own at this stage in my life - and not having any precious little nieces or nephews, or godchildren - I don't get to many occasions these days to dress kids. That doesn't stop me from swooning when I see adorable, beautiful, or otherwise intriguing kids clothes. After all, it's never too soon to bookmark favourite sites and sellers for future reference!

Like many people, I'm a sucker for a cute child – pair said youngster with lovely clothing - and I pretty much go weak in the knees and want to dress them up from sunrise to sunset. One of my favourite trends in kid's accessories (a spill over from their popularity amongst adults, too)  in the last few years has been fabulously gorgeous (fabric) flower adorned headbands.

While cruising etsy recently, I chanced upon an especially adorable photo of a darling child sporting a glamorously wonderful white floral headband. I love the styling of this shot from. From the looped 1920s-esque pearl necklaces that call to mind a pint sized flapper, to the gorgeous pale hued flower and feather headband.


Seriously, how darling is this little girl and her awesome vintage inspired headband? It features two rolled cream roses, a frayed chiffon flower, white feathers, a glistening rhinestone piece, and a tiny piece of veiling peaking out in the front. So charming, so timelessly sweet!

This headband (which is available for $20.00 from etsy seller Nana Rose Designs) would be perfect for any special little girl in your life.

With it's soft colour, elegant textures, and shabby chic vibe, I could see this working so fantastically for a wedding, christening, birthday party, Christmas, a family photo shoot - or really any day when you want your special little one to be especially sweetly accessorized.

For those like me, who don't have any kids to dress yet, this Nana Rose Designs also offers all of their enchanting fascinator style headbands in adult sizes, too. But for the ultimate cuteness factor, you just can't beat these precious hair toppers for all the cutie pies in your life! Smile