September 6, 2011

School is now in session

Day 249 of Vintage 365


"The object of education is to prepare the young to

educate themselves throughout their lives." ~ Robert Maynard Hutchins

{Endearingly sweet 1950s first day of school image via paul.malon on Flickr.}


As discussed in yesterday's Labour Day post, it's scarcely a secret that today can be a very busy and harried one for many. Whether you have little ones to get off to their first day of school or are taking up a desk seat yourself, for those starting a new school year today, it's can be a massively action packed twenty-four hours.

Therefore this post isn't going to be a lengthy one. You've already got oodles to see and do today, and I don't want to take up much of your time.

In the spirit of charming vintage art and the act of new school years commencing everywhere, I hope that you'll spare a moment though to enjoy this tug-at-your-heartstrings 1950s illustration of a youngster's first day of school, and the insightful quote about education which comes by way of a former Dean at Yale Law.

To all those who are - of have loved ones who're - heading back to class today, I wish you a happy, fulfilling, fun, completely fantastic school year!


  1. This image reminds me of when I was a beginning school teacher and was assigned to teach First Grade. For the most part, it was the mothers who were trying to be brave while their children raced into the classroom to start their new adventure.

    I did have one girl, though, who was so traumatized by having to go to a new school that she walked home at lunch on the first day. I thought for sure I'd be fired (although, it really was the lunch ladies who should have been keeping tabs on her, no?). Fortunately, she only lived a few doors down from the school and her mother brought her back after giving her lunch and was quite understanding.