July 25, 2011

These beautiful 1940s inspired shoes were made for dancing

Day 206 of Vintage 365


It's interesting, you know, there's something about summertime that sets my soul in the mood for dancing. Perhaps the inherent sensuality of a hot night, the sweet caress of a satin breeze, the fact that you're already perspiring, so why not work up even more of a sweat.

Maybe it's the airy dresses, breezy vintage skirts, hair pulled up and off your face to keep it from being plastered to your neck. It could even be the fact that come summertime, it's often hard to stay still - your body seems to be itching to make the very most of every warm moment of this marvelous season.

If your toes have a hard time staying still this time of year, then chances are you're a fan of good old-fashioned swing and jive dancing. While I don't profess to be overly skilled in this arena myself, I have cut a few rugs in my time - and definitely know what kind of attire to sport for a night spent dancing until the sun rises.

They may not be suede, but these splendidly pretty blue, t-strap shoes are more than worthy of a song of their own - and are precisely the kind of beautiful, yet functional, footwear swing dancers of days gone by and this era alike alike are bound to find themselves drawn to.


Styled after classic 1940s footwear, these elegant teal hued pumps feature a walkable (and danceable!) 3.25" heel (including the 1/2" inch platform sole), Maryjane style T-straps, lovely cut-out details, and a sling back that will go a long way towards keeping your tootsies from overheating during this sweltering time of year.

Available from Plasticland.com (for $59.00), these sweet and sassy vintage inspired swing dance shoes (which come in modern ladies sizes 5-10) are equal parts girl-next-door and pin-up vixen.  Their pretty colour is eye-catching, but far from glaring and would work (nearly as well as a neutral) with a wide range of colours in your wardrobe (think black, brown, grey, blue, burgundy, eggplant, cream, and white to name but a few).

Perhaps, for the sake of my wallet, it's a good thing that I'm not feeling well enough to hit the dance floor this summer, because if I was, I'd be mighty tempted to slip on a pair of these fabulous old school style dance shoes and jitterbug with the best of them! Smile


  1. I have a pair in red and they are truly comfortable. Unfortunately, I went out dancing in them and the strap from the inside popped out! Thankfully it didn't rip off and it will be an easy fix for the cobbler. I feel like my pair was faulty though because when I first bought them, the base of the heel made a clicking sound.

  2. Lovely vintage inspiration. The color is a knock-out. Imagine the 1940s suit (and hat) to match!