July 24, 2011

Isn't it high time you went on a picnic?

Day 205 of Vintage 365


There was a sense of contentment that washed over me yesterday, stemming from the fact that the Vintage 365 project had retuned to its usual daily occurrence once more. I'm comforted by this feeling and believe that it will help fuel my blogging fires in the coming weeks (as goodness knows, I have the energy levels of a comatose slug right now Winking smile).

As well, in writing Saturday's post, I couldn't help but be reminded of the myriad reasons why I adore summer, hold it dear to my heart, often wish it would linger on until the end of time. It's far too easy to gripe about the heat (which, yes, for most of us summer does deliver in spades) instead of stopping to find pleasure in the bounty of wonderful points this season holds.

Without a doubt, one of the most delightful things to do when the dog days of summer are upon us is go on a picnic. Whether in your backyard or a hundred miles from home, a picnic - teaming with scrumptious foods, cool beverages, and a few simple ways to pass the time (vintage novels, kites, perhaps a croquet set) is a resplendently lovely way to devote your time.

Sundays, primed for relaxation by their very tranquil nature, are an ideal day in which to indulge in the splendours of a summertime picnic.

{While a trip to Grand Canyon and a feast overlooking its breathtaking views might not be the cards, there are countless other beautiful spots of all sizes that can make for a fabulous picnic destinations. Vintage National Geographic image via the owls go on Flick.}


Regardless of if you're more of a beach bunny or a lush green field loving gal, prefer the companionship of just one special soul or a team's worth of friends, pack lavish spreads or just tote along a few simple, hearty foods, a picnic can be tailored to your specs however you fancy.

For those, like myself, who live in a home that lacks a yard you can call your own (fellow apartment dwellers raise your hands), escaping for a few hours to a verdant park, sandy shoreline, or shady wood can feel like manna from heaven for our parched souls.

Even if you have a yard of your own in which to spread out out a checkered blanket, a change of scenery and the opportunity to eat while the golden sun dances across your skin can often be precisely what the doctor ordered.

Treat yourself to an afternoon outdoors, forget the hustle and bustle of this crazy electronic era we're living in and reconnect with with al fresco eating.

Create your own enjoyment, bring friends, let the kids have a second helping of dessert, slip your sandals off and tickle your toes with wispy blades of grass, wear your favourite vintage sundress in the whole wide world - and above all else, have fun! After all, that’s what picnics – and summer its very self – were designed for.


  1. What a lovely picture, thanks for sharing. I think if I had a picnic at Grand Canyon I would be worried about falling over the edge, being the klutz that I am ;) Hope you're enjoying the lovely summer weather!

  2. What a good reminder to go on a picnic, Jessica! So very happy to see you back here and of course sending lots of love and merry wishes to you for a wonderful summer Sunday. hugs – g

  3. "a change of scenery and the opportunity to eat while the golden sun dances across your skin can often be precisely what the doctor ordered."

    We have a crazy yard that is not conducive to spreading out a blanket but you've inspired me to set up a table outside and eat dinner al fresco tonight! Thank you!

  4. Love the blog! There wouldn't be anything better than a picnic at the Grand Canyon. The quality of these old photographs are amazing.