July 23, 2011

A return to daily Vintage 365 blogging

Day 204 of Vintage 365


Tossing and turning were rampant as I debated earlier this week whether or not to return to daily blogging again. The most recent medical procedure I underwent (on July 8th) left me battling some unpleasant side effects, which I'd been spared from the other two I had back in June. I have not returned to the state where my health was prior to these three procedures and can only hope that as the summer rolls on, I eventually will.

In a way, I almost feel like if I were to do another "Vintage 365 group post", it would be even more justified now then at almost any point in the past six weeks, however I miss blogging. A lot.

In the wake of the events that have transpired lately, some well meaning folks have suggested that perhaps I should step back for blogging or part ways with the 365 project. Such comments were made from a place of care and concern, by those who know me best and have watched me do daily battle with my health problems for years now. However - while I know that I'm usually little more than a moment away from suddenly not being able to blog - for the time being, I'm far from throwing in the towel on either CV in general or the 365 project.

I don't know what tomorrow will bring - none of us truly do - but, right here and now, I know that I've been desperately missing blogging and am very glad to be able to resume adding posts on a daily basis.

I may, before 2011 is done and over, need to (due to my health) put together round-up 365 posts again, but as always we'll just take things one day at a time and enjoy life in the moment.

Indeed, isn't the whole season of effervescent sunshine, stunning verdant landscapes, electric warm night and fabulous seasonal eats supposed to be about enjoyment?

Sure the daily grind and demands of life may mean that you can't run barefoot through the grass, hopping too and fro over a sprinkler any time the urge strikes or ride your bike around town with your friends for hours, stopping for a cold soda pop at the corner store as the sun beats down your neck, like we used to do as kids, but even the busiest or most stress laden of us can find ways to extract fun and happiness from this splendid season.

{Then as now, always and forever, summer is at its finest when we embrace it with open arms and the wide-eyed wonder of a child. Vintage photograph via Paper Dolls for Boys.}


Summer is a season that is grand in scope, but built of simple pleasures. I'd love nothing more than be able to hit the open road and travel this month, but that's simply not feasible for me right now. Instead of bemoaning this fact, I need only catch the scent of a summer rain shower, watch roses swaying in the breeze, bite into a silky, juicy peach, or stand in a ray of sunlight and feel the very essence of serenity bathing over me to discover the power and possibility that summer holds.

It will be winter far too quickly, Canada being as fond of the frosty season as it is. Yet for now, no matter how I'm feeling or what I think it might be nice to be doing, I am content with the timeless, alluring, almost whimsical components that make summer the unmatched pleasure of life that it is.

I'm very happy to be blogging again, my sweet friends, and hope that no matter what's transpiring in your world right now, you're able to bask in the beauty and magic that is summer.


  1. You know, you can always focus on 365 posts, even if it takes a little more than a year. I love your blog so it doesn't matter to me when you do it.

  2. Glad to have you back on a daily basis and belated birthday wishes to you.

  3. Only extending best wishes Jess...love your blog

  4. It's always wonderful to see your posts, whenever you can manage them.