July 26, 2011

Classically beautiful, sweetly elegant vintage style bedroom

Day 207 of Vintage 365


Perhaps its the wearing of breezy linen, the gentle tones of a sandy beach, or pale wicker deck furniture, but there's definitely something about summer that makes it perfectly suited to soft colours.

There can be a fine line between looking like a candy store and injecting ladylike light hues into your home decor though. Starting with a neutral base in a colour like white, grey or cream and then building up the palette of pale hues is often the best way to go about filling you abode with soothing, refreshing pale shades.

Instantly looking sophisticated, this charming bedroom (which comes by way of UK decor site House to Home) is girly, but in no way little girlish. It’s stylish, and instantly telegraphs a strong vibe of elegance that makes it truly timeless in so many ways.


From the stately paneled wardrobe cabinets to the swooping headboard, the shabby chic bedding and curtains to the wonderful little bench loveseat at the foot of the bed, everything in this room works together in perfect harmony to create a stellar old school vibe that is positively gorgeous.

With elements of the room - like dark wood ceiling beams and an aged brass chandelier - that feel quite antique, and others that are more mid-twentieth century (the sparkly decorative throw pillow, for example), this is the kind of softly hued boudoir that will always look wonderful.

Ripe with inspiration, pale summery hues, and fantastic little details that up a room's appeal from nice to absolutely marvelous, this terrific vintage styled bedroom is like a breath of fresh air that many of our homes could definitely use this summer – and well beyond.


  1. oh, that's so lovely! I really want a girly pink bedroom but I know all of that pink and frilliness would give my husband insomnia! :(

  2. omg that is absoloutly beautiful ilove the floral detail on the wardrobes and the idea of build in vintage wardrobes :)