July 1, 2011

The next three week's worth of Vintage 365 posts

Hello, my sweet dears, happiest ongoing Canada Day wishes to you each!

As you may have read in this morning's post (which was my first in three weeks), while the medical work I had done in June is now behind me (phew!), and the two procedures I had went smoothly enough (again, phew!), I'm taking longer than initially (or perhaps or accurately, optimistically!) anticipated to recoup from them (though on the tail of the first two, I've been scheduled for a third, on July 8th, so the process of recovering may continue to take longer than previously thought).

As a result, despite July being one of my absolute favourite months of the year (for a plethora of reasons beyond the fact that it houses my birthday), it looks like in order to keep up with 2011's Vintage 365 project, another round-up post is is order.

My health is very unpredictable at the best of times, so it's tricky for me to gauge just how far in advance such an entry needs to cover, but as we went with three weeks last time, that seemed like a pretty realistic period of time to cover again today.

Just as last time, I sincerely apologize to all those who have been checking in often (or daily!) for the Vintage 365 posts this year. I've adored brining you this daily series and hope that it won't be too much longer until I'm feeling well enough to return to posting daily.

I wholeheartedly appreciate your understanding regarding this matter, and hope that you absolutely enjoy the wonderfully fun array of vintage topics below.

Without further ado, my I present the next twenty-two instalments of the Vintage 365 project.

July 1 ~ Day 182: In the spirit of Canada's Birthday, today's find simply had to feature the colours of the Canadian flag (red and white) and be perfect for this toasty time of year.

Hitting both of those targets spot on, the gingham print, halter neck Picnic Paradise top is sure to catch the eye of many a vintage fashionista. Sporting adorable red piping and a figure flattering front tie at the waist, this darling shirt would look fabulous with everything from skin-tight vintage capri pants to prim and proper pencil skirts.

Currently on sale for $29.99, and available (at the time of writing) in ladies sizes small, medium and large, this country chic, super summer appropriate vintage inspired top is too sweet to pass up!


July 2 ~ Day 183: One fascinating fact about today (July 2nd) is that it's the midpoint of the year, with 182 days falling on either side of it. From this day onwards we speed ever closer to 2012 (I know, how can that possibly be? We're we just giving a spirited rendition of Auld Lang Syne are all and enthusiastically blowing noise makers?!).

Another, entirely unrelated, fun fact about today is that it's the date on which, back in 1962, the first Walmart opened its doors in Rogers, Arkansas.

While founder Sam Walton (so hence the "Wal" in "Walmart") probably never imagined just how massive an empire that first little store would spawn in the ensuing decades, it's undeniable today that Walmart (whether you love it, hate it, or fall somewhere in the middle) is as much a part of the North American landscape as the golden arches of McDonalds and the mermaid adorned Starbucks' sign.

With their high volume, low price approach to business, Walmart appears to have been popular from the very get-go, if this 1962 photo of crowds eagerly queuing up for the opening for the first store is any indication.


July 3 ~ Day 184: Though Betty Crocker wasn't a real woman (indeed, this fictional cookery guru was portrayed - both on the radio and in person - by many women over the years), one can't help but believe through and through, that the elegant woman presenting the commercial for Betty Crocker cake mix in today’s entree isn’t really the lady whose name graced millions of baking mix boxes.

Let the hustle and bustle of the modern world drift away for a minute as you escape into the inviting world of the 1950s, where products like packaged dessert mixes were new and exciting, something tasty was always in the oven, and every TV set was a black and white one, care of this endearing General Mills Betty Crocker cake mix commercial.


July 4 ~ Day 185: Because, I firmly believe, that the heat shouldn't be the only thing that has you swooning this month, may I present a rather gorgeous Enna Jeticks ladies shoe ad from 1953.

Featuring five styles that are equally functional and fabulously pretty, these elegant shoes (each pair of which would work wonderfully with summertime outfits, especially the peep-toe and sling back styles) with their cute and clever name, are definitely worth getting a little weak in the knees for - and then trying to hunt down in vintage shops, or at the very least draw scores of stylish footwear inspiration from for the next time you go vintage shoe shopping.


July 5 ~ Day 186: As a paper crafter and a diehard vintage fan, I'm always on the prowl for products to use on my scrapbook pages and cards that instantly invoke  delightful old school charm. One recent line from the brand Crate Paper, called Emma's Shoppe, fits that bill to an absolute tee!

Bursting with soft, beautifully aged hues (think gentle pinks, grassy greens, sharp turquoises, and soft mustard yellows) and delightful vintage inspired images (like old fashioned baby buggies, doilies, children's toys, and paper dolls), this marvelous collection is bound to quickly win over tons of hearts!

Whether you like to make your own home decor, cards, scrapbook pages, ATCs, mixed media creations, or other paper related projects, the Emma's Shoppe collection (some of which I picked up, and must say, is even more precious and delightful in person), is a fabulous way to inject darling vintage charm into your summertime crafting adventures.


July 6 ~ Day 187: Today is a particularly special date to me because it's the day on which, back in 2004, my darling husband proposed to me - at, may I add, no less than just about the most romantic setting one could possible envision, a stunning Irish castle.

In a nod to the fact that my DH is Italian, born and breed, and the splendid setting of where he proposed (over a candlelit meal), this hearty Irish-Italian Spaghetti recipe embraces elements of both cultures for a stick-to-your-ribs pasta meal that is sure to please fans of both cuisines alike.


July 7 ~ Day 188: For those of us who live in climates that are snowy (or at least chilly!) most of the year and who lack their own backyard pool, summer can mean the return to swimming trips at the lake, river or ocean once more (and indeed, when I was growing up, there were truly few things I adored more about this already awesome season!).

Whether you prefer to get your toes went while sitting on an aged wooden waft or the side of a glitzy resort pool, stylish vintage swimwear is a must for all those who enjoy a good summertime dip.

For oodles of old school bathing suit inspiration to help you look your most enchanting this summer, be sure to devote a couple of minutes to this thoroughly lovely full colour video clip of 1930s swimwear (the styles of which will have you pining for a vintage bathing suit and a good splash in the water, for sure!).


July 8 ~ Day 189: Anytime a room comes complete with generously sized roses adorning the ceiling, there's a very decent chance I'm going to love it!

This ultra feminine bedroom from the forties not only has flowers on the ceiling, it's bubbling over with blooms scattered across the room (on the tiles, curtains, and cabinetry), all set against a captivating pink, green and black colour palette.

While this certainly isn't a room for those who lean towards minimalist or subdued decor, if vibrant rooms bedecked with gardens worth of roses set your heart aflutter, than this pretty 1940s bedroom might just be up your ally, too (seriously, how could you not love roses on the ceiling?! Smile ).


July 9 ~ Day 190: South of the equator, the seasons are reversed, which means, as we're perspiring our hearts out up here on this side of the globe, those down under are contending with winter (hmmmm, how about a weather exchange program for a few days? :D).

Likewise, their spring is our fall and vice versa. This means that if you're looking for vintage summertime fashion inspiration in the dead of a (north of the equator) winter, our fine friends in Australia are a great source.

To celebrate the fact that today is the Constitution Day in Australia (which, while not a public holiday, is still an important date that's worth noting), why not garner some warmer weather sartorial inspiration from the October 1961 cover of Australian Home Journal.

Here we see two women and a young lady decked out in elegant everyday attire that would work splendidly (thanks to the shorter sleeves and hemlines) for those of on this side of the equator right now.


July 10 ~ Day 191: While you'll find a few more candles on my cake (a dizzying 27, to be exact), I share Shirley's wide-eyed excitement for birthdays (as seen in the adorable photograph of her below), no matter how old I get (and, goodness, does 27 seem like I'm getting on in age! Long gone are the jaunty teen years, looming ever nearer are my thirties!).

As the 10th falls on a Sunday this year, it means that my sweet husband will be home, able to spend the whole day with me. Though, writing this post ten days in advance, I'm not sure what sort of activities my birthday will include, I know that my hubby - bless his entirely dear heart - will help make is shine even more than the flames on my cake, as he so thoughtfully does each year.

{Darling Shirley Temple birthday cake photo via Songs I Sing.}

July 11 ~ Day 192: First released by Bobby Day in 1958, Rockin' Robin is one of those splendidly toe-tapping classic rock songs that can't help but put a smile on your face every time you here it.

Rockin’ Robin is also one of the first 1950s songs I remember listening to (and falling in love with) as a youngster. To this day I still enjoy belting out the words ("he rocks in the tree tops all a dayyyy long!") and imagining I'm at a good ol' fashioned sock hop, especially during these wonderfully fun summer days when something about the season just makes you want to sing and dance.


July 12 ~ Day 193: I'm a fan of clocks, practical yet often visually gorgeous objects that they are, especially those with a distinctly vintage feel to them. Recently on ModCloth I spied a splendidly cheerful aqua hued clock featuring a clean white face with timeless typography, darling sky blue hands, and easy to read hour numbers that really caught my eye.

I could easily see this fun, entirely cute (yet classy enough to work equally well at home or the office) 1950s inspired clock (which retails for $39.99) working with a myriad of other colours (think peppy pinks, sunny yellows, warm reds, crisp blacks, soft greys and sweet peaches, to name but a few) and in everyplace from the kitchen to a dorm room, bedroom to home library, ensuring that your walls would be beautifully adorned and you'd slash your chances of being late all in one fell swoop.


July 13 ~ Day 194: Help chase off the pesky heat with three wonderfully refreshing summer drink recipes from the 1950s. These classic beverages (citrus sunshine punch, old-time lemonade, and limeade) - all of which are child-friendly and call for very commonplace ingredients – are sweet and satisfying, every bit as timelessly spot on today as they were over fifty years ago.


July 14 ~ Day 195: Equal parts chic and fun, this fun little vintage Catalina women's clothing ad boasts a slogan that we should all adhere to during the summer: Play it cool!

From the splendidly inviting slices of watermelon these three gals are nibbling on to the playful, casual summer ensembles (don't you just love that breezy sundress?), this great ad brigs stylish July inspiration your way in spades!

July 15 ~ Day 196: Vintage compacts can be utterly stunning little works of art. From ornately decorated examples crafted from precious metals and stones to more "everyday", but no less lovely, versions, powder cases from days gone by can make for fabulous additions to your vanity and make-up bag alike.

Oftentimes fans of these handy items wonder about how to go about refilling them, especially if they're new to collecting old school powder cases. Fear not, this useful how-to post from the blog The Powder Compact Diaries guides you through the steps to take if you want to replace or refill the powder in your vintage compact.

July 16 ~ Day 197: Channelling a vibe that reminds me a bit of the slumber party in Grease, this perfectly darling two piece pajama set is just the ticket to help make getting through even the toastiest of summer nights more bearable.

Featuring short-shorts and darling bow bedecked, tank top style shirt, and a super sweet pink polka dot pattern, these cute, entirely girly jammies (which are available for $85.00 Australian from online retailer Hot Couture) have a seriously great vintage vibe to them - and would definitely be what I'd want to sport if I was holding a vintage themed sleepover of my own this season.

July 17 ~ Day 198: There's a reason he was dubbed the King, just look at the mischievous eyes and that flirty meets devil-may care expression in this fabulous Elvis photo.

Awww, Mr. Presley, you'll always be one of the coolest musicians to see us through these hot-as-a-griddle dog days (or should I say, hound dog days :) ) of summer.


July 18 ~ Day 199: Don a pair of Mickey ears today because it's time to celebrate the fact that on this date back in 1955, the first Disneyland theme park opened in Anaheim, California.

While we don't have a time machine to zip back to the fifties and attend the park in person, this entertaining series (a blend of both colour and B&W images) of vintage Disneyland photos from the 1950s and 60s is the next best thing (or perhaps even better, this way you get to skip the mile-long lines! Open-mouthed smile).


July 19 ~ Day 200: Thorough round-up lists of online links for a particular topic can be super finds. They can save you hours (or days!) of searching for numerous sites on a certain topic yourself and are just the thing to bookmark for future reference.

If you're a fan of vintage sewing patterns (and who isn't?!), then this wonderful list of websites that sell (or have information pertaining to) vintage sewing patterns will definitely tickle your fancy. Some links are geared towards more modern styles, but there are quite a few sites that deal with old school sewing ideas and patterns, all corralled into one handy-dandy spot.


July 20 ~ Day 201: In a season rich in incredible fruits - many of which are at their peak right now - it's hard to pick a favourite, but many-a-day I can't help but veer towards cherries, calling to mind as they do, so many charming childhood memories of days spent picking them from trees in my neighbourhood.

No matter what your favourite summertime fruit is (watermelon, peaches, nectarines, berries, etc), chances are you like cherries, all the more so if they're whipped into a scrumptious dessert. Classic as a Fred Astaire film and every bit as fun, a good cherry pie is a treat that's not to be scoffed at.

Bursting with juicy dark red fruit, sugar and just a dash of spice, this picture perfect cherry pie recipe from the 1950s is a tried-and-true standard that deserves a spot in your cookbook - and on your summertime table!


July 21 ~ Day 202:I'm somewhat selective about the decorative objects I display around my home. I like them to have an antique or vintage (or at the very least strikingly timeless quality) and not be too flashy (generally speaking), which is why I fell hard for this elegantly lovely pair of 1920s bathing figures from Plasticland (where the pair retails for $30.00).

Crafted from cast resin, hand painted in gorgeous shades that instantly telegraph an aged look, and distressed to further add the appearance of being weathered by the years, this pair of (6.5" tall) summertime beauties would be exactly the kind of decorative object I'd gravitate towards (as I'd imagine many of you would, too!).


July 22 ~ Day 203: Tumblr is one of those addictive sites that, if I were able to spend more time online, I could very easily seeing myself devoting a lot of time at (in many ways it's akin to StumbleUpon, which, a few years back, was one of my biggest online haunts). The sheer volume of diverse images Tumblr teams with is positively addictive!

Amongst that vast array are oodles of vintage finds, some of which can be seen in one the marvellously fun Tumblr account The Golden Age of Hollywood.

This charmingly fun page is chocked full of tiny (think one or two second) vintage movie and television clips, often paired with the respective quotes from those very films and shows (that the actor/actress in the clip/image said) .

The Golden Age of Hollywood is a positively enjoyable, entirely neat site that's worth bookmarking or following, no matter if you're a hard core Tumblr user or a casual visitor.

♥ ♥ ♥


By the time the days that this post covers have wrapped up, we'll be well into the scorching, sun-drenched, often delightfully pretty hours of late July. A time for drinks as cold as Antarctic ice, the lightest, most beguiling of vintage sundresses, and as many escapes to cooler spots (breezy beaches, picnics under shady trees) as we can possibly muster.

I hope very much that come July 23rd, daily Vintage 365 posting can resume again, but just as with June's post, we'll take each day as it comes and keep our fingers crossed for the best later on this month.

As we embrace July and celebrate the many splendours of summer, you are each in my thoughts and heart - and I'm wishing you all a month that sparkles with good times, great summer weather, and tons of happiness!!!


  1. Hi Jessica, thanks for all of the lovely posts. My thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery and good health in the future.

  2. Those 1920's bathing beauties figurines really are something special. Glad you shared them. I do hope your health improves soon.

  3. Hi Jessica! I love your vintage blog and all of your wonderful inspiration here! Wow! That photo of Shirley Temple is awesome! My mom absolutely loved her and has a blue cup and saucer with her picture on it! Such a treasure!

  4. Wow, amazing post! Thanks for all the interesting facts, it was a great read! Wishing you all the best in health & life xoxo

  5. Hope you are healing fast and are getting properly pampered in the process. Great post!!