July 30, 2011

A sunny, gorgeous vintage inspired summer wedding

Day 211 of Vintage 365


Weddings make me happy, very happy. It's tricky to explain precisely, but easy to understand. There's something about the inherent sense of possibility that the union of two people brings to life that sets a smile on my face.

Looking back over my 27 years of life, I haven't actually had the pleasure of attending all that many weddings (I'd estimate 8-10; only one of which I've been in the bridal party, and that was my aunt Lori's wedding where I had the honour of being the flower girl at the tender age of three), but I've been going weak in the knees over images of them since I old enough to deck my Barbie doll out in a bridal gown.

In the past few years wedding have morphed into stunning, creative, imaginative events (in a way that, I’d say, far fewer did before), many of which are sublimely photographed. I adore seeing other peoples' special day, peeping in with great interest at the colour palettes, flowers, attire, cake, and myriad details that the couple carefully hand selected to create the wedding of their dreams.

Recently while perusing the pages of the stellar blog Green Wedding Shoes, I came upon a whimsical, sun-smooched series of wedding photos that featured a country chic vintage theme. There's a simple, down-home elegance to these photographs that makes this gorgeous, timeless wedding a true treat for the eyes.

{Images by photographer Carlie Statsky; click here to see this whole series of vintage summer wedding shots over at Green Wedding Shoes.}


While extravagant wedding can be wonderful, it's hard not to have a soft spot in your heart for martial days that are simpler, easier to picture yourself at, and laden with beautiful touches that help turn them into timelessly lovely celebrations of a couple's commitment to one another.

This serene, enchantingly pretty series of vintage inspired wedding photos took my breath away. While not absolutely ever element is strictly vintage (the gals are sporting cowboy boots, for example, something that few vintage brides would have ever worn), there are scores of vintage touches running through most of these photos, such as the newsboy caps and suspenders of the men, the old school bicycles, and classic tea party style wedding day spread of sweet treats.

Whether you're planning your own nuptials or simply enjoy, as I do, being a voyeur of matrimony day images, this enchantingly sweet series of summer wedding photos are sure to make you smile and reflect on the wonder and bliss that weddings are composed of.

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  1. I like you loooove looking at wedding photos too! We plan to get married end of next year, I love to imagine what our wedding will be like :) and love to see how different and individual each wedding is. Hope you are well Jessica.