August 2, 2009

Pretty Link Roundup {August 2, 2009}

Happy Sunday to one and all, how are you each on this second day in August? It's been an interesting weekend so far here, which kicked off with at least one (possibly more) of our fuses blowing quite entirely out of the blue (in other words abhorrent amounts of power were not being consumed at the time) late Friday night.

As we live in an apartment with, what’s I’ll tactfully call “less than stellar” maintenance, we were told that the problem couldn’t get fixed until at least mid-week, partially because they were entirely out of replacement fuses. Fortunately while two rooms and portions of others in our unit are currently without power, the fridge and stove are working, so we didn’t have to do a mad dash to buy pounds of ice in a futile attempt to keep our food from spoiling. Hopefully the issue will get fixed this week, as it rather nice to have all the rooms in your home illuminated and ready to power your electronics (including your computer!).

{While our building hails from around 1970, I could sure use some fuses at the moment whether they’re vintage, retro or modern, just so long as they fit and work! Image via HA! Designs – artbyheather’s Flickr stream.}

Aside from that, things are quite their usual selves, I’m happy to report. As you may recall, I missed compiling a weekly roundup up last weekend due to extenuating medical circumstances, and as a result pledged an even larger number of links this week. Keeping my word was a snap, as there is rarely a shortage of interesting articles to be found each week in the vintage blopsphere.

Below you’ll find posts on everything from what’s recommended if you want to get into being a pin-up model to an ode to the timelessly wonderful shirtwaist dress, plus many other fantastic topics! The video clip in the spotlight this week is a terrific how-to segment featuring step-by-step instructions for creating a beautiful vintage style starburst mirror. Enjoy these links, everyone, and be sure to share any of your favourite recent posts with me in the comment section, if you like.

♥ ♥ ♥

* Oh Nancy Drew, how I love you: Jessica over at The Cat’s Pajamas put together a truly stellar, image filed post that pays tribute to her love of one of my all-time favourite childhood series of books: Nancy Drew Mystery Stories. My mother had tons of 1950s and 60s Nancy Drew titles from her childhood, which I lapped up with intrigue and gusto as a youngster. This post brought back many lovely memories and also reminded me to keep my eyes peeled for Nancy Drew books while I’m out thrifting.

* The Lucy Fashion Chronicles 2: I love Lucy fan - and expert on the show’s wardrobe – Miss Red Lips presents the second in her ongoing series of posts about the beautiful, often very “real world” fashions that Lucille Ball sported on this classic TV sitcom.

* Cutting Your Own Bettie Bangs: The Bettie Page style of bangs has become synonymous with rockabilly culture, pinup models and vintage loving gals everywhere, yet it can be a style that’s tricky to get right (especially if your stylist has no experience with this type of fringe). If you’ve wanted to try your hand at giving yourself Bettie Bangs, be sure to swing by and bookmark this thorough, extremely handy how-to from the Lisa Freemont Pages.

* Operation Petticoat: Can’t find the right size or style petticoat that you’re looking for? No worries, Sew Retro gives you step-by-step instructions on sewing a petticoat of your own.

* Vintage shopping expert tips: Queens of Vintage present five handy tips for getting the most out of your vintage shopping experience.

* How do I get into Pin-up?: Helen from the Pin-Up Parade offer up some insightful, straightforward advice on the steps one should take if they are serious about getting into pinup modeling. All the while reminder readers that extremely few woman make a full time career out of this type of modeling, and that if you’re interested, it is best viewed as a hobby you truly love, not a million dollar job.

* Botanical Gardens: I just discovered this site a few days ago but am already smitten with it. This blog is clearly helmed by someone with passion for vintage fashion and photography, as evident by the photos of a charming young couple sporting 1920s and 30s looks, such as the ones in this shoot entitled “Botanical Gardens”, which somehow reminds me subtly of the 1937 book Out of Africa.

* A vintage swimwear guide: A suit for all body types: Another entry from Queen’s of Vintage this week, this one focused on finding vintage swimwear to suit a variety of different body types. It’s certainly handy for those may still be searching for the perfect style of swimwear to don before summer comes to a close.

* The quintessential shirtwaist dress: Vintage fashion guru Casey takes a look at one of the most time-honoured and versatile ladies wear pieces to ever be invented, the shirtwaist dress, in this lovely image bedecked post.

* Inspiration: redheads: Being of the ginger ranks myself, I couldn't possibly pass up the chance to share a post about redheads as sources of beauty and fashion inspiration! :)

* Something to look forward to I never knew existed: To say my heart skipped a beat when I read this post would be an understatement. Once I’d picked by jaw up off the ground, I knew I’d found a future dream trip! What got my motor running so? Turns out that each year a vintage music, dance and Hawaiian beach party themed festival is held in Senigallia, Italy. While I’d never heard of this event before, it’s clearly very popular and attracts a wide audience from around the world, including a certain Ms. Dita! (For more info be sure to check out a post on the wonderful blog Greetz from Tiz, as well.)

* How to get luminous skin - the vintage way: The ever-gorgeous and knowledgable expert on vintage style and beauty Fleur de Guerre, takes us through her daily skincare routine – which is filled with wonderful, old fashioned products – in this thoroughly well-written post.

* Vintage Hollywood Magazine Covers: Aileen shares a well-culled collection of absolutely lovely silent film era Hollywood magazine covers.

* Besame Mucho: Vintage Beauty with Besame Cosmetics: Via the Debutant Clothing blog I discovered a terrific article that Sandra recently held with CEO and president of Besame Cosmetics, Gabriela Hernandez. For those who may not be familiar with Besame products yet, they're a fabulous make-up company that creates a wealth of cosmetics that have been deeply influenced by vintage make-up and packaging design.

* Summer Suiting: Millie Motts has a nice little post comprised of black and white fashion magazine pages about yesteryear mens summertime suits.

* Red Lipsticks: Handy, easy to remember tips and tricks to getting your red lip stick look just right, from the pages of Mademoiselle Guillotine’s blog.

* How to carry a purse and wear gloves like a lady: Scans from a 1968 etiquette book reveal the secrets behind how a lady should sport gloves and carry her handbag, in this post from Couture Allure. (Be sure to check out some of her other recent posts as well, as she’s scanned various other pages from the same book as well. And for even more fantastic glove etiquette tips, be sure to pop by this lovely post on Rosina Lee’s blog.)

* Fashion Photography 1920 – Edward Steichen: A strikingly elegant, artistic array of 1920s Edward Steichen photographs compose this gorgeous, image laden post from Glamour Daze.

* Collectors Weekly: This site recently came to my attention and I thought it was definitely worth mentioning as it features an array articles on various topics pertaining to vintage fashion.

This week the video taking centre stage revolves around a super handy tutorial from Thread Banger on how to make your own 1950s style starburst mirror. I was impressed with how incredibly easy this clip makes crafting one of these iconic home decor elements look, and must say that I’d love to give creating one a try myself someday.

{Atomic Starburst Mirror, 50s Decor it Yourself}

It’s currently nearing mid-afternoon and the while the temperature has put on the breaks a smidge and the sky is veering more towards faded grey denim than sparkling blue and sunny, it’s still very much summer here! (Just ask my precious little cat Stella, who’s taken to lounging on the bathroom tiles and in the tub so that her flurry body can lay atop something cool to the touch.)

I’ve got oodles of laundry to fold this afternoon, emails to catch up on, letters to write (I adore – and have never stopped – penning good old fashioned “snail” mail), and several days worth of blog feeds to dive into before I whip up a lovely Sunday supper this evening. What plans are on your agenda today – and this for the coming week, sweet dears?

{A casually dressed young woman, who was training to be a pilot at the time in the Women's Flying Training Detachment, writes a letter home in this 1943 Life Magazine photo.}

However you spend your Sunday, I truly hope it’s a relaxing, joyful one for you!


  1. So many great links to check! I'm enjoying your blog :-)

  2. How annoying about the power - as soon as I read that I thought 'what about the fridge??'. I'm glad that didn't get cut, I think you would have been throwing away a lot of food. Thanks for the links too, ever so helpful :)

  3. adore your post,I haven;t cut my own hair since I was 3, so home cut Bettie Bangs are out for me xx

  4. love ur blog & thanx 4 ur visit & comment today! **p.s sucha happy place to visit on a sunday evening xoxo

  5. Oh, what a drag about the fuses blowing..the 1950's home that we sold last summer had a periodic 30amp fuse to blow. I kept a bag of them handy to replace when it would is everyone else in the building having the same issues or just you?

    I love all the articles you've posted..I'll take the time to go through them..they are always an interesting read!

    Have a great week and hope those blown fuses *are just blown fuses*...if you know what I mean...don't need a major wiring issue on your hands!

    See ya,

  6. Dear Jessica,
    How very annoying about the fuses blowing! When we lived in LA we used to get frequent outages (mainly in the winter months) caused by wind & torrential rain tearing down overhead power cables! So I can really sympathize at the huge inconvenience!

    Loved all the links above - so interesting & useful, will go & check them out right now!

    So glad you enjoyed all the fun of the party over at my place. Both of us are always so pleased to welcome you there as one of our dearest blogpals!xx

    Hope you've had a wonderful weekend (despite those fuses!)

    xxxNora & Lola:)
    PS Congrats on the correct competition answer! Hopefully you'll have better luck next time with the random draw!

  7. I just got home from doing some shopping with my mom and sis. Of course it decided to pour down rain while we were out. Take care. Cheers!

  8. Lovely blog, I am glad to have stumbled upon your page :)
    Off to read some more...

  9. Blown hiss!

    I always love visiting you, Jessica! I always leave feeling such joy:)

    I am off to check out all of your wonderful links! I can't wait to check out the shirtwaist dress link!

  10. what a great post, as always..hope you get that electrical problem fixed asap! I'll make sure to visit the lovely linkup of blogs you compiled, you have the best of taste :-) I'm on a bit of a blog Vacation, but will be back soon :) xoxo

  11. Another fabulous post! Every link is wonderful. You always find such fun new blogs for me to follow :)

  12. Fab links, thanks will be checking them out.

    Have a lovely day, hope the fuse problem gets sorted.


  13. fabulous post !
    The links are so nice !

  14. Gosh, look at all those wonderful links! Thanks. =D I especially like the Italian festival!!
    -Andi x

  15. Jessica, this is possibly the best, most informational (is that a word? lol) post on blogger! So full of information! Oh, how I love your blog. (and oh, how I wish I could go to the Summer Jamboree in Italy!)

    <3 Gina

  16. WOW I'll certainly have to try that starburst mirror make! Excellent links dear :))

  17. @ AlicePleasance, thank you so very much, sweet heart!

    @ Pretty Little Pictures, I'm soooo glad, too! At our old place we actually had the fridge die out the blue (it was ancient - but not in a pretty, vintage sort of way, I assure you) literally a day or two after a really big grocery shopping trip. Our landlord didn't get someone in to fix it quick enough and we ended up throwing out a disturbing amount of food. That experience bothered me a lot (I loath wasting food or money) and as such I think I've become a little paranoid of having fridges die or the power going out for too long. Luckily though, crisis was averted in this case!

    @ MissMatilda, thank you very much, honey! I gave myself a haircut as a child, too. My parents were out and had left us with a sitter (minder) and for some reason I got it in my head that I wanted short hair (I don't believe I was influenced by the babysitter, she had long brunette hair). Needless to say my folks were not happy campers when they got home, but at least I'd had the good sense not to get too scissor happy, just a bit of a trim really. Still, it by and large was enough to put me off cutting my own hair again ;D

    @ Lagelle, thank you very much, my dear! I positively adore your blog, too! (To anyone reading this, run - don't walk! - over to Lagelle's fantastic vintage fashion blog and check it out on the double!)

    @ Queen of Dreamz, thank you very much for your sweet and wise words. As far as I know we're the only ones who have been affected. Hoping ever so much the the problem gets fixed before the week is up. It is rather nice to have all one's lights and electricity working ;)

    @ Nora & Lola, hi there you lovely blogging duo you! Oh my, yes, I've heard about the power woes in LA before, that sounds rough! I hope that since moving abroad you've not encountered such troubles. I did have a splendid weekend, despite the fuses, thank you!

    @ Keith, were you out thrift shopping per chance? :D (Sorry, can't help but ask, it is my favourite type of shopping after all.) Rain sounds lovely, but if you're not in the mood for it, I fully understand what a drag it can be. Hope things brighten up for you as the week progresses.

    @ Berline Deluxxe, thank you very much, honey! I'm so delighted you stumbled my way, it brought me over to your fantastic site (which I've added to my blog roll). Thank you so much for visiting and commenting!

    @ Bee and Rose, you are too kind, thank you very much for your lovely comment, my dear! (Hee-hee, your "boo" made me smile, thanks!)

    @ Gypsy, thank you, sweetums, I really hope so, too! No worries in the absolute least, you take all the time in the world you need off. Every soul requires a break now and then. Thinking of you and sending a billion hugs your way!

    @ Amanda, Dustjacket Attic & St├ęphanie, awwww, thank you so very much, sweet dears! I'm so happy to know you enjoy checking out the blogs I feature in my links, that's such a big part of why I put together a weekly link post (I want to expose as many terrific, vintage/fashion/craft/indie related blogs as possible to my wonderful readers).

    @ Andi, thank you very much, darling! If it's possible to have a crush on an event, I have one on that festival now. I truly hope that I'll be able to get to it one year.

    @ Gina, you are just too sweet for words, thank you, hon! (Informational is definitely a word, but even if it wasn't, don't worry, I make up words all the time, life is even more fun that way, I think :D)

    @ Angel_Emz95, thank you very much, sweetie! So fantastic to hear from you again. If you make one of those mirrors, I would love to see it!

    Thank you all very, very much for your fantastic comments! It is such a sincere joy to chat with each of you!
    ♥ Jessica