August 7, 2009

Five For Friday {August 7, 2009}

...The first week of August rolls to a close, summer still blaring, the heat very much at our heels. Time for bright, joyful, carefree moments and a generous dose of something sweet and beautiful, whether it’s edible or not...

{To banish the drying effects of sun, saltwater and air conditioning on your lips}

{A lush balm in a preciously pretty vintage inspired tin, perfect worn alone or as a moisturizing gloss of sorts over your favourite lipstick. Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm, $7.00 (US) from Sephora.}

{To wear to any – and all – occasions that call for utter fabulousness!}

{Each week I encounter a slew of vintage items that my make heart swoon, many I would love to own but simply admire from afar because they’re not the right size or infinitely beyond the scoop of my budget. This is a dress that if it was my size, I would really and truly snap up in a heartbeat and happily buy nothing else for the rest of month because of. $85.00 (US) from etsy seller Fab Gabs Vintage.}

{To capture the splendour of summer blooms in a china cabinet all year long}

{Cindy from My Romantic Home has a house and trove of incredible, gorgeous, often vintage and antique items the likes of which many of us can only dream about. Her blog and house are perpetual sources of sublime inspiration for me, and the moment I spotted this beloved chintz tea cup of hers in a recent post, I knew I had to share a photo of it with you. If you’re on the prowl for similar pieces be sure to check out etsy, estate sales, antiques markets and shops, eBay, plus your relatives' china cabinets. For something soothing, but still very summery to enjoy in your favourite tea cup, why not try a lovely caffeine-free tea blend full of fruit flavours, such as “Angel’s Kiss” from Vintage Tea.}

{To recapture the spirit of top 40 lists past in the most glamorous – and adorable – way imaginable!}

{Quite possibly the most awesome looking vintage inspired modern radio of all time! Available in a host of lovely colours (including the pastel pink model above), the Roberts R250 radio (which can run on batteries or an adapter) would add a huge jolt of vintage charm to any room – or trip to the beach. £95.00 (UK pounds) from O’Gormans Direct.}

{To add a scrumptious dose of whimsy to two timeless classics: cookies and watermelon}

{Many intricately shaped and iced cookies can seem tricky for a non-cookie making pro to tackle, but I think these charming, cheerful watermelon cut-out cookies would be a snap to whip up after a trip to the local baking supply store. They’d be absolutely perfect to serve at barbeques, outdoor parties, picnics and birthdays all summer long! Photo from, and recipe on, The Decorated Cookie.}

Scores of thanks go out to everyone who stopped by to leave wonderful birthday wishes yesterday for my husband, from both Mrs. & Mr. Chronically Vintage. Thank you so very much!

What, my darling dears, do you have on the agenda for this coming weekend? Aside from compiling this weekend’s Pretty Link Roundup, I haven’t quite finalized my plans yet. I’ve got a backlog of email that I’m eager to tackle, but feel like the glorious August sunshine demands my attention, so I’ll definitely try to sneak in some time outdoors, too.

However you spend the next couple of days, I wish you each a tranquil, blissful, marvelous weekend!


  1. fabulous. my day feels rosier already.

    have a great weekend!


  2. Love the Roberts Radio - used to one - so stylish!

    Hope you & Hubby have a wonderful weekend!

    xxLOL LOLA:)

  3. That dress would be fabulous at a dance around here!

  4. I used to LOVE those big skirts when I was younger :) the bigger the better!
    The watermelon cookies look delicious!!

  5. LOVE every single thing! I am a big fan of rosebud salve! That dress is divine!

  6. What a beautiful post, I love all the pictures so much.

    Hope you get your sunshine time honey :)

    hugs and xxxx

  7. The dress is indeed to die for! Oh how beautiful! It would make you feel so very feminine and stunning. Happy belated birthday to your husband!

    with love,

  8. I want that radio!!
    And a Happy Belated birthday to Mr. Chronically Vintage. ;]
    -Andi x

  9. What a fun post. Love the radio and the dress!! I think those dresses come in one size...supersmall...not my size:), Anywho... love this post and thanks for keeping the summer in August. It hasnt' been too warm here, but your post just got things a little warmer! Have a great weekend Jessica,,,have fun!

  10. The dress is gorgeous! :) I love it! It would make a lovely prom dress :)

    I love the pretty roses in this post :)

    Have a lovely weekend Jessica!

    ~ Kirsty x

  11. I love the strawberry lip balm! heehee, actually, everything here is gorgeous and inspiring :)

  12. I want to wear that dress while I eat those cookies and have tea in that teacup!

  13. The packaging for the strawberry lip balm is just adorable, I would buy it just because of how it looks!!! That dress in so gorgeous, but as you say it would be the only purchase of the month if I bought it ;)
    Lovely post!
    Hope your weekend is wonderful :)

  14. @ Rechella, and Landgirl, thank you so much, sweet dears!

    @ Nora & Lola, thank you, my dynamic blogging duo! I would really and truly love to get one of those some day - hopefully to match the pink princess style phone I'm also daydreaming about :D

    @ Thistle Cove Farm, absolutely! It would practically be a crime not to wear a dress that gorgeous to a dance! :)

    @ Trains and Sewing Machines, so did I, in fact I still madly love big skirts! I've got what my husband calls "womanly hips" and I find the wider skirts often help to balance my figure out and draw attention to my (fairly) slender waist, instead of my hips.

    @ Bee and Rose, thank you, honey! I've never tried Rosebud before, but I keep seeing it get rave reviews in magazines and am definitely keeping my eyes peeled for it in drugstores around here (no luck so far).

    @ Dustjacket Attic, you're so special, thank you! Saturday was actually pretty dull and rainy, but who knows yet what Sunday holds in store.

    @ Cait, I couldn't agree more! A dress like that all but has "wildly feminine" tattooed across it :D Thank you ever so much for your birthday wishes, I will pass them along to my husband right away :)

    @ Andi, I want it soooooo much, too! It's my favourite modern (as in constructed, not looking) radio I've ever seen. Thank you very much for the birthday wishes, sweet heart!

    @ Tracey, I hear you there! I'm averaged sized yet yet constantly find that most of the dresses that truly make my heart skip a beat have incredibly small (I think the one in this post was a 25 inch) waists which I'd need an industrial strength corset to wiggle into ;D (Thank you for your lovely comment!)

    @ Kirsty, I absolutely agree - or a fabulous birthday dress, too, if you were having a more formal/fancy get together.

    @ Aya Smith, thank you very much, sweet dear, for your lovely comment. Oh yes, given the name and flavour of that balm (strawberry), you're right, it's practically tailor made for you :)

    @ thatgirlblogs, that sounds like an awesome plan! Can I come join you? :D

    @ Lizzy, I agree! Good packaging can rope me into buying a product in a flash, and the old fashioned feel of that tin would make it pretty enough to keep out in your bathroom or on your vanity all the time (thus giving you a second reason to buy it).

    Thank you very much, wonderful ladies, for all your awesome comments! I hope that you're each have a deeply gorgeous weekend!

    Big hugs!
    ♥ Jessica