August 17, 2009

Feeling hot, hot, hot!

A mix of glistening and hazy sunshine beats through heavy burgundy curtains – try as they may to guard out the light – flooding the living room in sweltering heat. 34° outdoors (with a “feels like temp” of 40° according to the Weather Channel), a whopping 37° in the house says the trusty thermostat. Paired with the perpetual humidity that follows Toronto summers around like a shadow, things are, as you can imagine, rather toasty at the moment!

I’ve begun work on my usual Monday Muses post, but it may end up getting posted tomorrow or some other time, as the mind tends to turn to mush (so to speak) a bit in these sorts of temps when you don’t have central AC. In the meantime however I thought I’d share a true-blue 1950s summer beach image that seems like the waterfront version of a white picket fence suburban family snapshot, in the cutest sort of old school way!

{Vintage postcard of a Miami beach in the fifties via StevenM_61’s Flickr stream.}

If you’re similarly melting under the sun’s relentless force, come along with me on an imaginary vacation to the sea as we try and escape summer’s wrath for at least one breezy, serene afternoon.

Wishing you each a cool, beautiful Monday - and plenty of freezing cold drinks and frozen treats, if such a day is not possible!


  1. looks like fun although I'll take my beach trips in September -smile- when the kidlets are back in school. the old station wagon on the post card was called a "woody" because of the side panels. too cute and now antique, worth a mint as well!
    do y'all drink ice tea in Canada? I live on ice tea in the summer here in southwest VA. love the stuff! ice coffee as well. yummy!

  2. Tomorrow for us will be 95 F degrees. I think I may just turn on the air conditioner LOL!

  3. Oh how I wish I was on a hot beach just now. Here in the UK it is Rain! Rain! and more Rain! Enjoy the heat (while Im shivering lol!) X

  4. today was a killer here as well! sending cool thoughts your way! a good trick is to get a bucket/bowl of ice cubes with the fan in back of it. i did that today while at the computer. i had it aimed right at me, lol. :-)

  5. Hello Jessica,

    It has been heating up on the mountain the past few days but I have to admit it's been very nice this first summer up here. I am so accustomed to all the high humidity so it's been very nice to step out on the porch and not immediately break out in a sweat! I do feel for you..not having central cooling...You never know these days what the weather will do.

    I love the vintage picture since I'm a 1958 model...hehehe

    Anywho..just popping in to say hello and hope your week is off to a good start!

    Hugs, Stephanie

  6. ohhhh it's always hot here. wish we had seasons!

  7. Oh my goodness, how do you survive without an AC? I nearly melted when mine wasn't working properly for 5 days, so I can't imagine what it's like going through the whole summer without one! I think I would resort to keeping my underwear in the freezer a la Marilyn in "The Seven Year Itch".

    Ah yes, that sluggish, fuzzy, apathetic feeling. I think the only thing that cures it is lime or strawberry popsicles & several margaritas. Or at least that is my recipe for dealing with the heat :D
    ~Christine H.

  8. Hello Jessica, I'm back!! hehehe

    I wanted you to know that I have extended an award to's the Bella Sinclair award for Art Inspiration…please drop by for a visit when you have a moment to pick it up! :0)

    Have a lovely day,

  9. Hot here too - 30C + high humidity!! Planning on taking blogpals on little trip on Thursday to escape this Andalucian heat - do hope you can join us, Jessica!

    xxxLOL LOLA:)

  10. Also here in Italy it is too HOT!
    x x x

  11. It's finally calming down heat wise for us here. But then again I've been staying in the house so I may just be missing it, lol.

  12. Hello there, what a cute place! I popped over from Stephanie's~ how kind of her to give out such a wonderful award... glad I came by to visit!

  13. Hi honey!!! I can totally relate to the you me! & I am right there with you in this picture! XOXO

  14. I love the postcard. It looks relaxing and they manage to appear breezy even while at the sunny beach.

    Keep cool!

    Cait xx

  15. I'm totally with you! It's 30°C indoor here...and I love it so much!!! I don't feel comfortable at all with winter weather, so I try to enjoy summer even in its "melting" aspects!!

    Love the vintage pic!!

  16. I wish I was on a beach somewhere. I can just imagine it now. It's been so hot and humid here. Try to stay cool.

  17. Girl, it's capital H hot here in Pennsylvania! We're in the middle of a heat wave and it's even too warm outside to venture out for my beloved iced coffee. At the humidity has me rockin' some good waves in my hair. :o)

    Here's to imaginary beach vacays!

  18. Oh, I live near the postcard. Took my mom there when she came to visit South Florida. It's such a great view, but honestly it looks more enjoyable in the 1950's. It's like little Havana now... ;)

  19. @ Thistle Cove Farm, wise plan! I grew up in a town that swelled in population (in the summer) due to tourists coming to enjoy the beaches there, and can vouch for the fact that waiting until September is a very smart plan indeed!

    Ice tea is indeed enjoyed by many folks in Canada. Sweet tea was a little less common until a few years ago, but both powdered and homemade ice tea have been summertimes staples here for decades, too :)

    @ Sher, yikes, 95 is rarely pleasant! I would definitely be flicking on the AC at that point, if I was blessed to have some to switch on! :D

    @ The Vintage Kitten, I would very gladly swap rain for sun, my dear, if only Fedex would ship weather abroad! :D

    @ MissRedLips, awesome tip, thank you very much, sweetie! We've literally been making 3 or 4 trays of ice a day here lately, no reason not to toss a couple more in a try this super handy tip out, too.

    @ Stephanie, I'm with you there, summers (I find) are infinity more enjoyable (not to mention bearable) when you live someplace that isn't plagued by humidity. I'm very happy for you that you've having an enjoyable, lovely summer. (Many, many thanks again for the wonderful award you bestowed my way this week!)

    @ thatgirlblogs, oh my, that must get a bit taxing on the nerves. Do you get any semblance of seasons at all - or it is pretty much July all year round?

    @ Christine H, well to be honest, it's been years since I lived in a place that had AC, so I guess I'm somewhat used to making due without it. But let me tell you, that doesn't mean I enjoy baking like a loaf of bread int eh high heat of August! (Just one of the many "joys" of being a renter, I suppose ;D) Your cures sound absolutely fantastic, I might just have to pick up a prescription for a few strawberry popsicles myself! :)

    @ Nora & Lola, oh my! It sounds like we're both duking it out with Mother Nature's temperature tantrum (:D) on either side of the Atlantic. Hope that your trip provides some much needed respite from the heat for both of you!

    @ Greetz from Tiz, I can certainly imagine, my dear! I hope that the weather isn't detracting from the fun of the Jamboree for you.

    @ Maggi, lucky gal! I can scarcely wait for things to cool off here. In an attempt to usher in the gods of autumn, I even bought some tights today! :D

    @ Christina, thank you very much for popping by, it's wonderful to make your acquittance and in turn to be introduced to your absolutely delightful blog! (To anyone reading this do be sure to run over and check out this lovely lady's site, it's really beautiful!)

    @ Gypsy, I'm sorry to hear you've been melting like the Wicked Witch of the the West this week, too, darling! I wish we could both transport ourselves to that beach for a some awesome 50s style R&R!!!

    @ Cait, thank you, honey! I agree, while there's no way to know at this point how hot a day it was when that shot was taken, they certainly do look extremely well composed and in good spirits. My guess? There must have been a very refreshing breeze coming off the water.

    @ AlicePleasance, being a native daughter of Canada I must admit I have a rather deep reaching fondness for winter, but the same time, there are so many elements (minus the humidity!) that I love about summer, too.

    @ Keith, thank you, my friend. I hope you're able to stay cool as a cucumber some how, too!

    @ Kelly, oh dear, heat waves are can be so brutal, we've had aw few roll through town this summer, too. Here's to hoping things cool off in a real jiffy for you, sweetie!

    @ Simply Colette, ohhhh, that is really neat! Don't you just love it when you see an image that instantly recognize because you've lived/traveled to there before?

    Thank you each very much for your empathetic and lovely comments. To all those who are similarly suffering the sun's wrath, I truly hope that autumn arrives quickly for all those who are pining for its return!

    Big hugs & joyful Thursday wishes to you all!
    ♥ Jessica