August 10, 2009

Blueberries for vintage fans {Monday Muses, August 10th}

The title for this post is inspired by a beloved childhood book of mine called “Blueberries for Sal”, about a girl who sets off with her mother to pick wild blueberries. Though the story does not specify the exact year it was set it, the charming illustrations – and the fact that Sal and her mom are gathering berries to put up for the winter – telegraph the fact that it was written and illustrated in the late 1940s (’48, to be exact). Though it’s been many years since I last read this endearing childhood classic, I can’t help but think of it sweetly each summer during blueberry season.

Blueberries and my family are actually quite intertwined. Relatives on my mother’s side used to run own and operate a blueberry farm in the Lower Mainland area of British Columbia, and each summer my mom would go to work there harvesting – much as Sal attempted to in her story – buckets of ripe, beautiful berries. Her early exposure to this healthy, delicious fruit instilled in my mom a lifelong love of all things blueberry related, and to this day she collects blueberry related items whenever she chances upon them.

Many fruits are at their finest during the summer months, and blueberries are no exception! So in the spirit of celebrating these wonderful little berries and their significance to my dear mother, I decided to make them – as well as their deep, inky hue, and items depicting blueberries – my Monday Muses this week.

While I’ve picked many fruits in my life, I’ve never had the pleasure of harvesting blueberries. Today however, I can happily say that I was able to round up a bucket full of sweet and appealing blueberry themed, modern handmade and vintage items for everyone to enjoy!

♥ ♥ ♥

{Blueberries pair up with a medley of other colourful fruits in this adorable circle skirt style apron, which would the perfect thing to wear while baking a blueberry pie! $22.00 from etsy seller Simply Aprons.}

{A lovely blueberry motif adorns this divided vintage Glasbake dish, which would be lovely to serve fruit or any number of other treats in. $14.50 (US) from etsy from Ravenna Girls Vintage.}

{Harvest in the compliments when you wear this elegant homemade vintage Lucite bead and Swarvoski crystal blueberry bracelet. $30.00 from etsy seller Willow and Me Jewelry.}

{While these gorgeous pocket sized tartlets look god enough to eat, they are in fact not food, but 100% vegetable oil, handmade soap! $0.75 (US) each from etsy seller Lolli Luscious.}

{Plastic beads in various fruit shapes make up this cute 20 inch long vintage necklace. Just the thing to add a splash of blueberry-esque beauty to any outfit. $18.00 from etsy seller Cuddle Bunny.}

{If, like me, you’re a huge fan of all things Kawaii, this handmade blueberry muffin pillow will have you and your couch craving berries as decor elements :) $35.00 from etsy seller Felt Like It.}

{Fill your home or summer porch with the tantalizing scent of blueberry cobbler thanks to this handmade, soy candle in a lovely old fashioned looking glass jar. $12.95 from etsy seller Bliss Candles.}

{Create the perfect crust for any pie from blueberry to apple, cherry to rhubarb with this wonderful vintage lattice top pie crust template cutter. $7.50 from etsy seller Vintage House.}

{How incredibly adorable is this 100% cotton handmade bib? Your little one is guaranteed to be a total cutie pie in it! $6.00 from etsy seller Rochelle’s Designs.}

{Keep your sewing (or hat) pins in order with this sweet blueberry pie pincushion, complete with scalloped edge cotton “crust”. $15.00 from etsy seller Quilting Corner.}

{Add a serving of super cuteness to your favourite fun and causal outfits with these fantastic homemade polymer clay blueberry earrings. $10.00 from etsy seller Tacky Tea Cup.}

{Sweet country charm fills this summery, blueberry and flower print dress, which while from the 1980s or 90s, has a distinct 1930s feel to it thanks to the simple, classic cut and soft colours. $40.00 from etsy seller Nice.}

{Moisturize your lips and add a regal hit of sophisticated beauty to your make-up bag with these incredibly beautiful Georgian lady bedecked tubes of blueberry muffin flavoured lip balm. $3.00 each from etsy seller Vintage Bella.}

What vintage blueberry themed post would be complete without a great recipe? For a batch of absolutely marvelous sounding blueberry streusel muffins, be sure to check out the blog Vintage Victuals for Ellie's photo filed recipe.

Blueberries have a special place in my heart and in the my memories of childhood bedtime stories. They remind me of my mother, tie me to my family’s farming past, and remain a favourite fruit summer after summer. Do you also adore these wonderful little spheres of berry goodness?


  1. fabulous finds!!! If it wasn't pouring rain out here, I'd be out at one of the u-picks (maybe the one owned by your relatives?). Instead, I can stay dry and cozy while enjoying your "picks."


  2. Every late summer when I was younger and lived by the country, I used to go mulberry picking. I remember those fab places and the great mulberry jam my mother always made. Yesterday I made apricot jam for the first time and it tastes great. I immediately thought it would be great to go mulberry picking again and try making some jam, but now I live far from the woods and I don't have a car...will see!

  3. Jessica! I adore every single item on your list!! I have been a blueberry eating fool this summer! I actually had blueberries and cream for breakfast yesterday morning! I just can't get enough of them!

    Thank you for putting together this beautiful post! I loved every part of it!

  4. Lovely earrings & dress! Beautiful colors!

    xxxLOL LOLA:)

  5. What a wonderful idea for a post. And so many delicious finds! I was especially surprised to see the tart was actually soap.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  6. oooh, your pictures make me want all of it ;-)

  7. Wonderful post! My blue Monday post today had blueberries, I just love them and all of the pretty finds you've rounded up for us. My favorite is that precious apron!

  8. Great photos. All of those items are so cool. I love blueberries. They taste so delicious. I really love them on top of cheesecake.

  9. Such a lovely post! I know exactly the book you mean, I had that book when I was little too, it's so cute.
    All this blueberry stuff is too cute. I think they are definitely one of the most adorable fruits, if fruit can be called adorable ;)
    I love the earrings and the little dish with the blueberry pattern.

  10. Such a cute post! I love the theme! I want that blueberry muffin top pillow-it is amazing! :)

  11. When ever you post Etsy jewelry, I want to buy! Beautiful bracelet!

  12. I grew up with Saskatoon's which are very similar to blueberry's and it seems that most people are partial to what they were first introduced to. People who tried saskatoon's first think blueberries are sour and vice versa for people who tried blueberries first. Therefore, I've never really like blueberries but I love saskatoons :)
    I love the bracelet with the blueberry looking beads and leaves! Cute

  13. Firstly, thanks for your kind words - I am a LOT better now thankfully :)

    Secondly I love this post - especially like the bracelet, cute earrings and lip balm. I've never had a blueberry muffin before, but I like blueberries and quite fancy one now !!
    They are better for you than normal muffins right? I mean, they have fruit in them...

  14. Oh I love the lipgloss in the last picture, pretty and functional :o

  15. Jessica, I love blueberries and your post depicted them perfectly. We have a blueberry field out back on my property and love to pick.In fact if it didn't rain last night we were going to, but it will have to wait for a sunnier day. Also "Blueberries for Sal", great book!

  16. Beautiful images! I love blueberries and growing up in Nova Scotia, blueberry picking was always part of my summer. In fact, I'll be spending an afternoon or two later this week in a favourite wild blueberry patch :)

  17. I always have blueberries at breakfast in the summer. The crop has been especially good this year. Yum!

  18. I just love these posts! You always find such lovely things to fill my computer screen.<3

  19. Gosh! I dont know where to start with your 'fab finds' but the apron had me *swooning* X

  20. Oh I do love reading your blog Jessica! :)
    I adore the skirt, it is so lovely! :)

    Hope your having a wonderful week! :D

    ~Kirsty x

  21. Oh, what a great post! I love blueberries *anyway* I can get them..hehehe

    That little pinkeep is adorable...I notice anything that has to with sewing..LOL

    Have a great Tuesday and drop by to visit anytime,

  22. blueberries-yum! i had some with my breakfast this morning! the blueberry necklace you found is just darling. you always find such unique, beautiful items.


  23. Jessica,

    I just discovered your blog today - chronically FABULOUS! And this post - swoon! I used to teach Kindergarten and "Blueberries for Sal" was one of my favorite books. :o) That apron...the pin cushion...the husband thanks you for the work-out that his wallet may be getting, LOL! (Or, actually, he doesn't, haha!)

    Have a lovely rest of the week!

  24. AW...the thought of harvesting yummy blueberries is just delightful, thanks for this wonderful post.

    PS: I'm having a little giveaway at my blog, hope you enter!

  25. What a fabulous collection! I used to love that book, and I think that pillow is adorable.

  26. Fabulous post! Also, Blueberries for Sal was one of my favorite books when I was little!

  27. @ Landgirl, thank you very much! I love u-picks of all kinds, I’ve never gathered blueberries that way, but would love to! We should go together :)

    @ AlicePleasance, I love mulberries, too! They can be hard to find sometimes, but I agree, they make wonderful jam (and pies). Your apricot jam sounds fantastic, I enjoy making jams and preserves at home, too.

    @ MissMatilda, thank you very much, honey!

    @ Bee and Rose, sounds like a scrumptious breaky! We’ve been going crazy for blueberry pancakes and crepes around here this past month, I just adore the sweet-tart taste they impart to breakfast foods of all kinds. (Agreed, you just can’t get enough of them!)

    @ Nora & Lola, thank you, sweet dears! I think the earrings could be modified to adorn a doggy collar, if Lola is in a blueberry mood, too :D

    @ The Glamourous Housewife, thank you very much! I was surprised, too! I would love to buy a few and watch the expression on my guests faces when they see them in the bathroom ;D

    @ Kathie, awww, thank you, sweetie!

    @ Lemondrop Marie, your Monday post was just gorgeous, sweetie! I love the light blue dress in particular. How cool that we both featured blueberries in our Monday posts :)

    @ Keith, thank you! Absolutely, cheesecake and blueberries make awesome partners. I love them in desserts of all kinds :)

    @ Lizzy, thank you very much! I agree, their teeny size and lovely hue definitely make them one of the most adorable fruits. (Strawberries, especially small ones, are pretty cute too, I think.)

    @ Leproust Vintage, thank you, sweetie! I want it too, it’s so fantastically Kawaii! :)

    @ Sher, thank you! I think that bracelet would look stunning with a lot of the pretty blue and turquoise pieces in your wardrobe.

    @ Trains and Sewing Machines, I love Saskatoon berries too, they are fantastic! I think they’re quite similar (perhaps different in the same sort of way that white and red grapes are), and never say no to meal involving either of them.

    @ Madison, that’s great, honey, I’m really glad you’re feeling better. Blueberry muffins are incredible! Just add some fresh (or defrosted frozen) berries to your favourite muffin recipe, they add vitamins and a great jolt of flavour. Let me know if you need a recipe for blueberry muffins, I have several.

  28. @ Dustjacket Attic, I agree, plus it’s very reasonably priced. I have that shop saved to my etsy faves and hope to buy from them in the future.

    @ Tracey, how wonderful that you have blueberries in your backyard! Do you harvest a big crop each season?

    @ Halloween spirit, thank you very much. How lovely, I’ve had NS blueberries and always thought they were excellent.

    @ Couture Allure, sounds delicious! I love blueberries so much, they’re god for you, low in calories and highly versatile...the perfect summer fruit! :)

    @ Andi, thank you very much, sweet heart!

    @ The Vintage Kitten, thank you! We’re swooning in unison over that apron! :D

    @ Kirsty, thank you very much, honey!

    @ Queen of Dreamz, thank you! I enjoy crafting too, so I like to feature relevant sewing related items on this site sometimes, too. If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see, just let me know and I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a vintage or modern version of it.

    @ MissRedlips, thank you very much, my dear! I like that necklace a lot, too. I think it’s filled with blue hued fruit, and not actual blueberries, but that still made it close enough to warrant a mention in this post ;)

    @ Kelly, thank you ever so much! How very sweet that you used to love reading Blueberries for Sal to your class. (When giving the ol’ wallet a good work out, I find buying a little something for your hubby can help take his mind off the items you’ve picked up for yourself, tee-hee :D)

    @ trishiekoh, thanks for letting me know about your giveaway, I’m planning one of my own very soon, too!

    @ K @ Blog Goggles, thank you! I just adore that pillow, too. The cuter something is the harder I usually fall for it :D

    @ Erin, thank you, sweetie. Putting together this post and talking about one of my favourite childhood stories made me think that I should start a collection of favourite story books, when I chance upon them on my thrifting/yard sale hunts. I’d love to find an older copy of this title in particular.

    Thank you each very much for your fantastic comments! It was awesome to hear about your own blueberries memories and which items you liked most from this post.

    Big hugs & joyful Wednesday wishes, everyone!
    ♥ Jessica