August 20, 2009

Five For Friday {August 21, 2009}

...Summer romances are the often the stuff of legends. Young love, old flames, new trysts and lifelong passions can all begin, end, be rekindled or continue burning brightly during this sultry season. Likewise summer brings with it all different kinds of love, too. Take for example an adoration of the sun’s toasty rays, well-deserved vacations, breezy vintage sundresses, nights spent under the twinkling stars, or just the simple pleasure of not having to shovel snow for a few months. This weekend make a point to celebrate the summer loves past and present that make your heart smile with joy...

♥ ♥ ♥

{To spend a leisurely afternoon in a wildflower filled meadow or on the shores of a pristinely lovely beach with}

{Discovered via a recent post on Simply Colette’s wonderful blog, this exceedingly sweet heart shaped bamboo and rattan picnic basket would truly be the perfect thing in which to pack an intimate outdoor feast for two. $74.95 (US) from Lets Go Picnic.}

{To cuddle around you on evenings when the breeze picks up, but not nearly enough to warrant a jacket...yet}

{A pair of exceedinly adorable vintage looking kittens adorn this lovely lightweight, pale blue cardigan, which would work fabulously as a transition piece straight on into autumn. $58.65 (US) from Plasticland.}

{To embrace the beauty of romance any time you please}

{No need to wear your heart on your sleeve, when you can just as easily pin it to your blouse, coat or sweater. Vintage gold toned rhinestone brooch, $8.00 (US) from etsy seller Vintage Fabulous.}

{To sooth and illuminate summery-weary souls at the end of a hard week}

{Perfumed with gardenia, pomegranate and Egyptian balsam, this luxurious candle from Tocca instantly calls to minds thought of a holiday escape to Morocco, dusks spent under a thousand fragrant blossoms. Feu de Touch candle, $36.00 (US) from Candle Delirium.}

{To add to your “daydream” folder of 1940s influenced home decor images}

{In a soothing neutral pallet accented with elegant metal pieces such as an ornate pair of candelabra, this bedroom would provide instant – and very beautiful – respite to anyone fortunate enough to lay their head there. Photo from Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles.}

Summer would not be the same without elements of romance and time-honored adorations of all sorts. They add a storybook quality to the hottest months of the year, no matter how the tale ends. What, my dearest readers, are some things about - or that live in your memories of - this sizzling season that always invoke feelings of love from you?


  1. I'd have to say something with a towel texture. When I was a kid, summers always meant the pool or sprinklers. At the end of the day you would always be wrapped in a giant towel with either watermelon or a Popsicle, sitting next to your closest friends and family, in a time before all the grown up things that dominates too much of today.

  2. When I was a child living in Malta, it was midnight barbeques on the beach followed by moonlight swimming & someone always shouting "Look out, sharks!"

    A pawsitively perfect post!


    PS Thanks always for stopping by with such lovely comments!

  3. Hello Jessica,

    Sultry summer romance is one I can relate was a hot August night when my Thomas told me he wanted to spend the rest of his days living with and loving me. :0) I still pinch myself...took me 30 years to find him! :0) Life has been a fairytale ever since.


  4. Lola, you kill me! LOL

    I am in love with that picnic basket! My 2nd wedding anniversary is coming up, that makes me feel sorta lovey I guess...LOL ;)

  5. Thanks for the mention! That basket is great isn't it? Too hot for a picnic in muggy Florida now though. I love that cardigan--too cute. And that bedroom is beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend. Hope it inspires summer romance. ;)


  6. I bought that sweater a few months ago at My Baby Jo and wore it yesterday! I guess I should have taken a picture :).

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  7. I have been wanting that picnic basket (or similar version of it) for so long now!!!

    it's no Oscar, but hey, it's an award! :-) so come and get it!

  8. When I was younger and we lived in Michigan, we would always beg for my mom to let us run in the sprinkler! That was always the summer highlight =)
    I love the charming picnic basket! So pristine and cute. I took my little siblings on a picnic in Washington this summer and we had so much fun!


  9. summer love and romance....a fruity drink with an umbrella in it? LOL! I' joking ;D

    Just love that unique picnic basket! I have the standard old rectangle one.

  10. Great post filled with beauty and loveliness.
    And such a pretty picture, that I'll add to my “daydream” folder of 1940s influenced home decor images at once! ;)
    I wish you a wonderful weekend!

  11. Hey Jessica. These were all wonderful. I always enjoy seeing what you post. I hope you've had a great Friday. Enjoy your weekend. Cheers!

  12. Gorgous Friday post. Imagine what an elegant picnic you could have with the gorgous white picnic basket you featured.

    And I would love a locket like you featured. Too bad it already sold.

  13. Oh my gosh this is stunning...This is sort of..well no its exactly what I am going for in my bedroom!

  14. Warm breezes through the open door and the only light illuminating the room coming from the Christmas tree lights. =D
    -Andi x

  15. @ Jennifer Lee, what a marvelous association with summer. A soft, enveloping towel truly is a splendid pleasure. I grew up in a town with two big lakes so I can definitely relate to thinking back fondly to summer towels. Great answer, honey!

    @ Nora & Lola, that sounds amazing...I can only imagine how beautiful - even idyllic - summer evenings in Malta must have been. Sounds so wonderful! (*PS* you are absolutely welcome, thank you in turn for your fantastic comments here!)

    @ Stephanie, that is deeply romantic (awwww!), sweet dear. I can relate, I was proposed to during the summer, too (July 6th to be exact). I'm truly happy for you that you found your prince charming!

    @ Maggi, congrats on your upcoming anniversary, sweetie! My 5th is approaching in October. If I could, I would nab this picnic basket in a heartbeat. It's perfect for anniversaries, Valentine's, birthday parties for two, or just any day you want to inject an extra dose of romantic sweetness into your mealtime decor.

    @ Simply Colette, you're very welcome, my dear! Thank you so much for posting about it in the first place so that I could discover it! :)

    @ The Glamorous Housewife, oooohhhh, how very cool that you have this adorable sweater. I would love to see a snap of you sporting it, I bet it looks even cuter on a real person (as opposed to that pants-less mannequin ;D).

    @ Kathie, I hope you're able to get this picnic basket or one like it, honey! Thank you so very much for the award, you are too kind for words!

    @ Cait, what a wonderful summer pleasure! I used to enjoy doing the very same thing, especially when we would go visit my grandparent's house as I think they had a better (stronger water pressure) sprinkler. The chilly water on your skin was so cold and yet so refreshing! How very sweet that you took your siblings on a picnic, you're such a good big sister!

    @ Sher, an umbrella bedecked drink for me too, please! :D You're still beating me by one, I'm picnic basket-less at the moment. Maybe I should save up my pennies for this wonderful heart shaped one.

    @ A red lipstick, thank you very much, darling. What, am I the only one with such a folder? ;D

    @ Keith, thank you very much for the lovely comment. The feeling is very mutual, I always really enjoy seeing the awesome photos you post, too.

    @ Amanda, thank you, sweetie! So true, a set that lovely commands a delectable feast...chilled soups, French bread, brie, plump grapes on the stem, perhaps some chocolate dipped strawberries - a little bubbly. (It was very well priced, I can see why it sold already. I wonder if someone who read this post ended up buying the locket brooch?)

    @ Ranid, so do! It's so refined and elegant yet still manages to seem really inviting and not at all like it's one of those rooms that's better suited to being "looked at, but not touched".

    @ A Vintage Revival, your room sounds like it's shaping up to be truly gorgeous! Please feel free to share photos any time, sweet dear.

    @ Andi, oh my yes, a gentle, soul-soothing summer breeze is truly a thing of remarkable beauty and tranquility. Very lovely answer, honey.

    @ AlicePleasance, thank you, sweetie, I really think so, too!

    Many thanks to you each for your wonderful comments. It is such a joy to hear from each of you and I really appreciate your words and the summer memories and loves you shared.

    Wishing you all a joyful, serene Sunday!
    ♥ Jessica