December 26, 2013

Flickr Favourites: December 26, 2013

 photo 8232957929_b7a57f6f6f_b_zps432b5ddf.jpg

{Ready for winter ~ Lucy_Fan}

{Merry Christmas ~ Amelea Ng}

{Alice's Adventures in Philcoland ~ Paul Malon}

{Dr. Lyon's Tooth Powder (1946) ~ Paul Malon}

{Winter at The Farm ~ June}

 photo 3236576415_249332638a_o_zpse9c8adda.jpg

{Modes Royale Winter 52-53 ~ carbonated}

{Cushiony Snow ~ vastphotography}

{Free Kix (1939) ~ Paul Malon}

{The Fresh Face of Royal Crown ~ Paul Malon}

{Blue Deer ~ Calsidyrose}

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The crinkling of wrapping paper scraps underfoot, the intoxicating aroma of oven roasted turkey, tart cranberry sauce and hearty mashed potatoes in the air, and the desire to both relax and be wildly active (Boxing Day sales!) in the same go, permeate this first post-Christmas day. I for one fall into the camp that prefers to stay at home and avoid the risk of being trampled as throngs of shoppers clamber for a great deal, much as I do see both the allure and bargain filled practicality of the latter.

For me, though Christmas proper falls of course on the 25th, Christmas is no less than three solid days long, spanning the 24th to the 26th, with its resplendently special, gorgeous spirit carrying on well into the first few days of the New Year.

Life calls for celebrations, for moments of joy and merriment filled with snowmen, steaming mugs of hot chocolate, glistening ornaments on the tree, laughter shared with loved ones, and a nearly nonstop soundtrack of festive tunes wafting through the air in the background, and that is precisely what next little while aims to deliver.

To me, Boxing Day, perhaps more than any other date in December embodies the spirit of all of these magnificent things and so many more. The (often) frantic rush up to Christmas and the whirlwind going-ons of the big day itself are now behind us. Yet all of the grand points about them linger on, to be enjoyed in each bite of a turkey sandwich, every swirling snowflake, and the pleasure that comes from celebrating so much of what is good, right and beautiful in life.

I hope deeply that you each had an excellent Christmas and that, whether you're on the march for the mall, relaxing at home, or doing anything else you desire, the serenity, loveliness and joys of the season continue to fill your heart and hours as we enjoy each moment of Boxing Day.


  1. Lovely article !
    Really Sweet.


  2. Gorgeous pics! I love the Lucille Ball photo--so vibrant. We had a Philco style fridge when we went to seminary, and while it may have been a great improvement over what came before (the ice box), a modern fridge is definitely an improvement on it! The ice box leaked constantly, and the fridge was never quite level. (It probably didn't help that it was an original and 50+ years old by the time we had to use it) I did enjoy the looks of it, and the handle was very pleasant, but I was very glad to find a modern refurbished fridge!

  3. Merry Christmas (belated!) my dear Jessica :)
    I have a space in my heart for Lucille Ball.

  4. Great post, a fun selection of photos. (Lucille!!) I love that Christmas is often not just one day, but a whole slew of days of preparations and different days with different parts of the family, or friends, and in different places. I hope it's been and continues to be absolutely wonderful for you!


    Artsy Abroad //

  5. Oh yes, for me Boxing Day is definitely a day for relaxing and enjoying the peacefulness of the world as usual life stays on pause a little longer. No sales for me! It's all about being cozy, munching on some leftovers, and going for a brisk walk in the chilly and few daylight hours. I went on a lovely walk this afternoon and am only kicking myself I didn't take a camera with me to capture some of it... Mind you, it meant I could just quietly enjoy it and drink it all in without thinking about what to photograph and what not to photograph!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Boxing Day too, and enjoy seeing the last few days of the year out.


  6. Does Royal Crown Cola still exist? I've never heard of it *shame on me*
    Your flickr picks are always so awesome! x

  7. @Nancy Wilde
    It Does! They also make Diet Rite cola. I've only ever seen it in the American Mid West. Growing up, that was all we could buy (Though we were desperate for Coke or Pepsi) because it was a few cents less expensive.

  8. ooh how lovely are those deers and the rabbit;)
    and lucille ball, one of my favorite redheads always so beautiful!
    i hope you had a wonderful christmas too!

  9. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Boxing day!

    Best WIshes,

  10. Boxing Day is fun!

  11. Hi

    Your photos are wonderful and lovely,love the blue deer, so sweet.

    Hope you have had a lovely Christmas:):)


  12. I love that Lucille Ball was incorporated in this post. :) I'm not an obsessive fan like I am with Marilyn, but I just think she's fabulous!