November 18, 2013

Ten of my favourite items from etsy shop Dalena Vintage

One of the most delightful and touching elements of partnering with blog sponsors here, is when I receive an email from an etsy shop (or other type of site) that I've already caught wind of, perhaps long adored, and/or even purchased from over the years.

For quite some time now, I've been eyeballing the expertly curated, and superbly photographed, offerings from etsy seller Dalena Vintage, and must say, it's a sincere joy to welcome them as one of Chronically Vintage's newest sponsors this fall.

 photo dalenavintageheader_zps114a4366.jpg

Of her popular shop, founder Leslie Torbett says, "Dalena Vintage was born of an ongoing love affair between one girl and her adoration of vintage clothing. Each piece is hand-selected for it's beauty, purity and quality. We like to think the result is a collection of dreamy vintage in which girls can lose themselves."

And it precisely that which I’ve done – and continue to do – every time I've ever visited this lovely etsy shop, which houses a superb selection of mid-century offerings, such as frocks, hats, jackets and coats, shoes, accessories, and even wedding dresses. The pieces that Dalena Vintage offers are right up my style alley - brazenly feminine, timelessly classic, and so incredibly wearable.

It's too hard to pick just one or two items from Dalena Vintage that really speak to my personal style - and which I know will appeal to a great many of you as well, my sweet dears - so today I'd like to share ten (and believe me, it was hard to cap my list there) of Dalena's latest offerings that have really jumped out and nabbed my attention.

 photo il_570xN488988966_qlpd_zps24b38225.jpg

{Everything from picnics in July to a day at the rodeo spring to mind when I look at this fantastically charming 1950s red bandana two piece dress set. I'd partner with with a woven straw or tooled leather bag, cat's eye sunglasses, and open toe sandals for one of the most darling vintage looks you could ever hope to find. Fits up to a 35" bust, 26" waist.}

{Even though I've been blissfully married for nine years already, I still love - and know that I always will - looking at, and daydreaming about wearing, vintage wedding dresses. This sophisticated short sleeve yellow lace dress from the 1950s would make for a gorgeous alternative to classic white for your big day, then could easily remain in your wardrobe, to be worn time and time again, for special events long after. Fits up to a 34" bust, 26" waist.} 

{I have an unending passion for vintage clothing and accessories that feature fruit (or vegetables), so my eyes lit up like the lights on a Christmas tree when I saw this darling 1950s straw hat bedecked with green grapes. Inner circumference of 22".}

{Calling all fans of gingham and 1940s house dresses, this adorable green and white vintage frock is definitely for you. Featuring an a-line skirt, lace detailing, green plastic buttons with teeny rhinestone centers, and two generous sized front pockets, this dress is just as cute and practical as they come. Fits up to a 38" bust, 32" waist.}

{This is one of this mid-century dresses that simply takes your break away. A warm golden palette, large velvet ribbon detail across the skirt, and a flattering swooped neckline all add up to an unforgettably beautiful 1950s day dress that could very easily work wonders for a party or semi-formal event as well. Fits up to a 34" bust, 26" waist.}

{Oozing classic sophistication, stylish form, and a whisper of femme fatale allure, this striking dark pine green 1940s felted wool hat would surely stop anyone who saw you wearing it in their tracks. Inner circumference of 21.5".}

 {Shake up your usual vintage LBD routine by injecting a hit of cream applique and two pieces instead of one into the mix care of this resplendently lovely 1940s peplum dress suit set. Fits up to a 32" bust, 26" hip.} 

 {You'll be all kinds of pretty in pink when you sport this fun 1950s Hattie Leeds plaid day dress in shades of bubble gum and white with hints of gold swirled through the lovely mix. Fits up to a 42" bust, 34" waist.} 

{Whether you're a fan of scores of colour in your outfits or prefer to just inject a well placed hit of hue here and there, these wonderfully fun 1940s Miramar De Luxe straw heels are sure to tickle your footwear fancy. Fits an approximate size 7 foot.}

 {Beat the throngs of shoppers next spring and pick 2014's summer attire months in advance, starting with this endlessly cute 1940s Juliet Original polka dot swimsuit, complete with matching terrycloth robe. Bathing suit fits up to a 32" bust, 26" waist.}

♥  ♥  ♥

Aren't these pieces exquisite? I love the fact that Dalena offers a wide range of items, yet they all seem to have a common thread of sophistication, beauty, and ageless charm to them that speaks volume to my vintage loving (and wearing soul).

Should you have fallen hard for Dalena Vintage as well, and wish to connect with them elsewhere online, too, you can do so via the following:


Feel like doing so shopping from Dalena's marvelous yourself? Of course you do! :) In that case, I'm pleased as punch to share a special coupon code for Chronically Vintage readers for you today.

Use coupon code at VintageLove when you check out and save a substantial 20% off your Dalena Vintage etsy shop order between today and November 25, 2013.

With an inventory that frequently spans the 1900s to the 1960s, there is something amongst Dalena Vintage's beautiful offerings that's bound to appeal to most vintage lovers the world over, and which will, without a doubt, ensure I remain a fan of this etsy shop for a very long time to come.



  1. Dear Jessica,
    the dresses and the hats are beautiful!
    My absolutly favourite is the bandanadress, I love it=)
    Lots of love yours Jen

  2. All of those pieces that you chose are positively fantabulous!!! I am going over and favoriting Dalena Vintage's shop right now!
    I especially love those 40's straw shoes, and that yellow 50's number with the velvet bow.

    The Middle Sister and Singer

  3. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww love, love, love.
    Have a lovely Monday dear Jessica.

  4. Such beautiful things, I want them all!

  5. Following you on Bloglovin too now.
    How are you doing without your compute?
    Love and patience.

  6. Oh my, what lovely things! How wonderful it would be to dress in such beautiful clothing. My favorite this spectacular navy blue dress with matching jacket:

    Happy Monday, Jessica!
    (✿◠‿◠) Hope

  7. Gosh how can you pick! Such wonderful gems. That 40s hat, love it!

  8. want the bandana dress! what a gorgeous design!

  9. Lovely shop!! I saw many things that I would love to have in my wardrobe. While I'm leaving a comment I would like to take the opportunity to ask you a question. I'm quite a new reader to your blog and I once read that you wear wigs. Is that something that you do everyday and why? Just got a little bit curious. Thank you so much for a lovely blog with lots of interesting thoughts an photographs!



    1. Hello dear Simona, thank you very much for your wonderfully nice comment and question. It's a pleasure to "meet" you!

      Indeed, due to medical hair loss I wear a wig full time (what sparse bit of my real hair I still have, I shave once every 3-4 weeks to facilitate wearing a wig sans wig cap or having bits of my natural hair, which isn't the same colour as my current wig, poking out from the hairline of said wig). I blogged in greater detail about becoming a wig wearer in this post at the start of the year:

      I'm always delighted to chat more about wigs, if you'd like. Please feel free to ask any and all questions on the subject here or by email (chronicallyvintage [at] anytime you'd like.

      Many thanks again & have the loveliest of Tuesdays,
      ♥ Jessica

  10. Oh my word! What fantastic pieces. I'm head-over-heels for that polka dot swimsuit. I've been on the lookout for a new swimsuit, and that one is just gorgeous.

  11. These are all so lovely! I like the wedding dress especially, it's gorgeous :)

  12. Absolutely wonderful! I wish I had all these clothes in my closet!

  13. Wow, these items are so amazing! I've never heard of this shop, but I'll definitely be checking in on it often now!

  14. this store is lovely! That 1940's dress is beautiful and in my size...oh dear ;) Thank you Jessica for sharing this shop, I will be adding it to my favorites list right now.

  15. Oh vintage clothing... you know i am a fan.
    In fact, I'll share something with you. This weekend I was called to be an extra for a film being made which is from the 70s. I got to wear polyester trousers and top, high platform heels. They did my hair and make up according to the year and it was sooo cool ! About 50 people (all extras) were all in the same room just looking at each other's clothing and look. It was like we had all traveled in time.

    1. Lorena dearest, that sounds like such a tremendously fun experience! I've never been an extra in anything but school and church plays. I can just imagine what a blast you had! The clothing of the 70s was often so fun, wild and colourful, and your outfit sounds like it fit into that description perfectly. I'm really happy that you got to enjoy traveling back to the psychedelic seventies for a day! :)

      ♥ Jessica

  16. oh gosh these are to die for dresses! i looooove that yellow lacy one! it´s really a dream!

  17. These dresses are so darling! And I am drooling over those shoes and the bathing suit/cover-up!!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  18. You've chosen some really darling items here! I love that green and white house dress and the two yellow dresses. I wish you a really lovely Wednesday dear Jessica!

  19. I'm going to hop on over to her shop after I leave here. Such cute items and wonderful condition. Love how unique they look.

  20. Dear God, please give a 26" waist so I can fit all Dalena's beautiful dresses! :)
    Yes, I'm reading backwards in your blog. I'm behind due to my birthday party and planning of same. Unfortunately, I'm two days too late for the coupon code, that's life. But I have a large desk filled with lovely presents, so I don't complain. ;)

  21. Dearest Jessica, I LOVE the lace dress (bet you could have guessed that) and the lovely yellow dress. That swimsuit is toooo cute. Thank you for sharing your favorite shops with us. Gentle Hugs, Beverly