November 22, 2013

Vintage Fashionista Friday: November 22, 2013

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{This 1950s topper created by Walkers Millinery and Dress Salon of Dallas is an enchantingly unique beauty teaming with forest ferns and various harvest hued flora, simply perfect for wearing to any Thanksgiving get-together. $35.00 from etsy seller Dalena Vintage.}

{Sport the season's palette on your lobes wherever you go with these glamorously lovely gold toned vintage clip-on earrings featuring mixed shaped and hued rhinestones. $20.00 from etsy seller Bloomers & Frocks.}

{Even if you still have oodles of gentle autumn sunlight where you live, chances are the temps are dropping rather quickly and a sturdy, beautiful winter coat will soon - if it isn't already - become a must. This luxuriously elegant cream 1950s/60s number would go superbly with a wide range of different ensembles (it just begs to be partnered with a great little vintage cocktail dress to me) straight on to springer's toasty return. Fits up to a 45" bust. $85.00 from etsy seller Little Netties Vintage.}

{Every wardrobe needs at least a few standout pieces of jewelry, and this stunning 1930s era art deco necklace featuring an amber glass filigree pendant is precisely one such item. Timeless, bewitching, and utterly gorgeous. $62.00 from etsy seller Maejean Vintage.}

{This sweet, sophisticated, wonderfully seasonally appropriate 1950s dress stole my heart. From the radiant cranberry hue to the floral applique on the bodice, it's precisely the kind of vintage garment I cannot get enough during the fall - or any time of the year! $58.00 from etsy seller Mustang Annee's Vintage.}

{Just because August is a distant memory already doesn't mean you have to hang up your beloved straw handbags. On the contrary, those in warm shades such as this absolutely lovely 1940s Italian Josef purse, that call to mind fields of autumn wheat, are especially well suited to the harvest season, playing particularly well with all manner of oranges, reds, browns, creams, and mossy greens, to name but a few. $52.00 from etsy seller High Point Farms 2010.}

{Inject a hearty dose of Thanksgiving inspired charm into your beauty routine with this timelessly pretty handmade guest soap set featuring ears of Indian corn, acorns and owls. $7.00 per set from etsy seller The Charming Frog.}

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{Even the fallen leaves underfoot will be in awe of the beauty and ladylike chicness of these resplendent red leather 1940s peep-toe ankle strap heels. Fits approximately a modern ladies size 7.5. $120.00 from Blue Vintage Velvet.}

We Canadians tucked into our roast turkey and mashed spuds last month on the 14th, but Thanksgiving is still to come for those in the US, and today my mind is once more on this beautiful celebration and the colour palette that accompanies it.

Specifically, I woke up and had visions of fall time Indian corn running through my head. The hues of these vibrant, often multi-coloured ears of corn - which are sometimes also called flint corn because of the fact that they have a rather hard outer layer on each kernel - are so incredibly evocative of the season.

 photo IndianCornBlk_zpse04eea87.jpg

They mirror the earthy jewel toned leaves that come tumbling to the ground all autumn long, while also reminding of us of several shades that appear throughout autumn's plentiful harvest. They're rich, deep, and absolutely beautiful, and these colours seem especially well suited to one's Thanksgiving Day, or simply late fall, attire.

Be it January or July, or any month of the year, I love dressing in the hues and spirit of the season. Not for each and every outfit, of course, but a good many, and at no other point of the year do I find that such rings as true as it does for me during the fall months, when there is a limitless amount of natural beauty around. Golden sunsets, garnet apples, plump pumpkins shining under a layer of morning frost, fawn coloured foliage, and, yes, even Indian corn itself aplenty to inspire and guide as in the hues we opt to don.

I'm grateful for fall, for its exceedingly lovely palette, for the bridge between the extremes of summer and winter, for having the opportunity to feast and reflect on all that I'm blessed to have in my life, and to feel a powerful connection with the earth's bounty - a point which, especially for those who don't grow their own food or work in an industry related to such, it can be all too easy to slip away from in today's incredibly industrialized world.

Whether you feel pulled towards burgundy, amber, flax, rust, cocoa brown, muted greens, rabbit fur worthy grey, or midnight black, take a cue from our stylish vintage lass, Maisy (whose name, a Scottish variation of Margaret, is in this case at least, also inspired by none other than maize itself), and put together a fun, easy going, cozy ensemble of your favourite autumn hues.

Much like the Indian corn that's in the shops and farmer's markets right now, fall will not stick around forever (almost unbelievably, winter is one day shy of a month away from today) and that's all the more reason to deck yourself out in its majestic palette while it's still here.


  1. I love this color palette, as well. I probably tend to overuse it in my wardrobe and decorating, lol. And that cranberry dress! Oh, how I wish it were mine! We've been studying Native Americans in our homeschool this last month, and just recently read a book about all the different kinds of Indian Corn, how it was used, and it's significance to the people. My great-grandmother was half Cherokee, and it's been amazing learning more about their culture. Oh, and those shoes are fabulous and my size! If only they were in my price range, lol.

  2. What a beautiful selection have you brought for us today, dear Jessica. My eye is inevitably going to that beautiful bag. Certainly, we should all be grateful to Mother Nature for giving us so many color palettes each season begins. A lot of kisses, darling.

  3. Wonderful post. Your posts are so rich in content. I enjoy them so much.

  4. Well dear Jessica,

    Your post inspired wonderful visions of so many beautiful autumn fashion colors that I typically never even think about, a golden ocher, indanthrone blue, burnt sienna, green gold, Permanent Magenta, and Alizarin Crimson... Oh the possibilities! Autumn is indeed a exhilarating season of color.

    Happy Saturday!
    :) Hope

  5. Such a nice look at autumn's colour palette, love the maize inspiration. That coat us the one for me, gorgeous!

  6. I really love these Friday Fashionista series! So many of these, I wish could make a permanent home in my possession. Especially that art deco amber topaz necklace. I have a faux amber topax cross that was supposedly created from a necklace Miss Jane Austen wore. I absolutely love it, but...oh, that necklace is calling my name...Sean, get me....Sean, get me!!!!

  7. I'm a huge fan of your Vintage Fashionista Fridays, and enjoyed this very much. Thank you for putting it together, dear. :)

  8. That dress…and those shoes…I'm swooning over here…so lovely..