November 26, 2013

A charming vintage leaf applique skirt, a subtle Mad Men vibe, and plenty of chilly autumn wind

 photo Vintage1950sfallfashionleafappliqueskirtSkahaLakePark_6_zps0f08a726.jpg

Outfit details

Brown velvet Frank Palma vintage hat: etsy seller Nostalgia Vintage
Gold toned swirl earrings: Dollar store (ages ago)
Faux fur trimmed brown cardigan: Sears
Vintage plastic maple leaf brooch: Gift from a dear vintage loving friend ♥
Vintage wooden bead necklace: Thrifted (Salvation Army)
Rust orange hued knit shell: eBay
NOS 1970s autumn leaf applique skirt: etsy seller
1950s/60s golden-orange gloves: eBay
1950s corduroy bucket purse: etsy seller
Rue 23 Vintage Clothing
Nude seamed stockings: eBay
Dark brown faux alligator heels:
Pipsqueaks and Damsels Consignment Store
Lip colour: Clinique Raspberry Glace

Photography by
Antonio Cangiano

Autumn is typically a rather short lived creature around these parts. As such, I strive to sport its palette as much as possible while its here. Not content with merely one brown and orange outfit this season (or even this month - see this post from a couple weeks ago for my first), I brought out the big guns, to speak, recently with one of my favourite novelty skirts.

Much like my cute watermelon slice skirt, this fabulously fun autumn leaf applique number hails from the 1970s, but it's a snap to style in a 1940s, 50s, or 60s direction, if desired. Partnering it with a cozy faux fur trimmed cardigan, orange knit shell, a long strand of vintage wooden beads, plus a brown velvet vintage hat (quite possibly last seen on the blog here, if memory serves me right), orange vintage gloves, and my beloved 1950s corduroy bucket bag, I took it in a direction that I would say channels the sartorial spirit of the late 50s/early 60s.

Poor weather, from rain to fog, and oodles of wind has been present through a decent chunk of this fall, which these days, is much more akin to winter. Wind, something most of us who take photos outdoors contend with at least some of the time, was out in full force on the day we grabbed these snaps downs at Skaha Park here in Penticton. Fortunately, unlike during some of our past gale filled shoots (such as this one), my hat stayed put this time around.

When I was uploading and sorting through these photos, I was stuck by how something in this ensemble reminded me a bit of the chic outfits worn by department store head Rachel Menken, one of Don Draper's paramours from the first season of Mad Men. I'd say it’s a bit more fanciful that her look, but there's something about the general lines and even the colour palette that made me think of her to a certain degree. Do you see it, too?

As we sit here, a day less than a month away from Christmas, I already feel a bit nostalgic for the bright, early, sun-kissed afternoons of autumn, of which we had corporately few in 2013. Fall's palette is still coming out to play when I get dressed, but I feel the pull towards my usual winter hues - black, grey, navy blue, red and purple, in particular - coming in strongly on its heels.

I'm not ready to suit up like jolly old Saint Nick quite yet though, and this week as my dear friends in the States celebrate their joyfully lovely day of thanks on Thursday, I'll be keeping fall's spirit alive a little longer in looks such as these, which are certainly something on the fashion front that I feel especially grateful for each year.

This ensemble would look out of place on the fresh, sparklingly new days of April or when the temperatures were soaring past 100F in late July. Right here, right now however, with a few weeks still to go before Christmas and a handful of resilient leaves clinging steadfastly to their branches for a little longer, it's as perfectly well suited to autumn as harvest moons, Indian corn, and pumpkin pie, and I'm going to delight in every last earthy palette hued moment of it.


  1. With these seasonal colors and shapes, you look like part of nature. Appropriate to shoot outdoors where you blend right in. Great outfit, pal.

  2. Delightful, my dear Jessica.
    I say no more, I will just enjoy every single detail of your attire and the autumn flair.

  3. I love the autumn palette of this outfit and think that it's just the thing for late November! I love the hat and gloves especially.

  4. I'm definitely feeling the Mad Men vibe. :) I'm also pretty sure I can hear and feel that wind whipping by me just by looking at the photos! Glad you didn't get blown away!!!
    I think we've lost Autumn here already. It's not currently snowing but it definitely looks winter-bleak out there. I think I shall finally go fix the buttons on my wool coat!

  5. Ooh! Thanks for the closeup of the veiling. It is quite beautiful!

  6. Oh I can almost feel the chilly air... i like how you paired the leaf pin with the detail on the rim of the skirt and of course the final touch of color: the gloves.

  7. When I saw your first picture, I very much felt the first chills of fall weather:) What a wonderful skirt! I can see how this skirt would get a lot of use in your wardrobe. I love the hues of fall with all the different variations in yellow and orange. I already miss this. I must say I just love your accessories too:) I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that your laptop arrives soon:)

  8. You look the very spirit of the season x

  9. Such a beautiful colour palette and I adore the appliqué leaves on your skirt. So very autumnal!

  10. I love the skirt, it looks like it would be a simple sewing project for the fall, and I love the corduroy bag with it! Perfect pairing!

  11. Well keep the autumn spirit a little bit longer because you look super lovely in this ensemble! The color really suits you and it brings smile to my face :) Winter can be so boring but I look forward to seeing your fabulous winter outfits!

  12. These colours are gorgeous on you. I can see why you want to wear them longer.

    Every time I see your attention to details like the brooches and hats I think I need to get out some of my vintage brooches and start wearing them. It adds so much interest. Although this whole outfit has so many fun layered eye catching details. It is really like an exquisitely styled work of art.


  13. As always, your outfit is adorable. I love the leaf skirt! So cute.

    Hellcat Vintage

  14. Dear Jessica,
    Your outfit is indeed so perfectly and wonderfully autumn. I too try to take in every moment of fall, for it is my favorite season (with my favorite holiday) which too quickly flies by like the leaves upon the wind. I love your lovely maple leaf pin and those BEAUTIFUL gloves!
    You look very pretty in these pictures.
    :) Hope

  15. You look so beautiful as always. And the leaf appliqued skirt! Oh, I so want to make a skirt like that now. The fur and gloves and oranges, browns, and yellows are like a perfectly warm slice of autumn pie. Perhaps the cold will be welcome when we think of cozy sweaters and layers of comfy colors? Hope you can stay warm anyhow.

  16. I'm glad to see you're holding onto Autumn! There aren't many leaves left on the trees here now and it's feeling more and more wintry with each passing day. It was freezing last night in particular. Your outfit is so pretty and I love fur trims on cardigaans and jumpers. Your hat has also reminded me that I have one similar, packed away somewhere, that I've never worn! I'll have to find it!

    You're like an Autumn pin-up!

    P x

  17. beautiful and very season appropriate


  18. Hi
    Lovely and wonderful photos and Your outfit is fabulous too:D


  19. I would love to see your closet, or get into your closet :) You have some of the most beautiful clothes. Love this combination, so very much on you. I personally feel like somehow I skipped fall and went right into winter with my wardrobe. Must back track.... :)


  20. I would say you captured the essence of autumn marvelously! Those leaves look like they're ready to fly right off the skirt. :)

  21. And you have orange gloves! But of course. I also adore autumn, the colours, the leaves and acorns, as mentioned before. :)

  22. Beautiful outfit! x

  23. I really love this outfit, the shapes and the colours are perfect. Your hat is fabulous, always nice to see ones with a bit of veiling. I like the way the leaves look like they have just blown onto your skirt. Autumn leaves are one of my favourite things and it is great to see them in clothing form. That maple leaf brooch is very cute too.

  24. wonderful colours! you look so pretty in the pictures ... the wind in your hair ...
    i love the hat so much. i'm hunting for a brown hat for months now but when i find one, someone else wins it on ebay .... or i just forget to bid on the auction and it goes for shocking little money. ;)

  25. Oh, the lovely leaf details!

    Your necklace reminds me of scrabble tiles in the best way. Now go inside and warm up, you look cold. :D

  26. What a cutie! \^.^/ You look adorable Jessica! :) x

  27. soo pretty cute!!!!
    and the necklace look like caramel candy to me :-)

  28. Lovely Outfit! The little faux fur collar and the skirt are so amazing ♥

  29. Oh! That wind must have been cold! You look chilled in that first photo! The wind does give your cheeks a pretty flush though and you look really lovely in these photos.
    Is it really less than a month till Christmas? Yikes! I'd better get buying!


  30. I really, really love the leave theme to this. Our tree didn't turn to a very pretty color, kind of a putrid rust red....ick! So I'm enjoying the fall colors in this pretty ensemble! I am absolutely in love with that lip color! I'm going to have to see if wet n wild has something similar.

  31. Hello there!
    I've had a quite busy week, so I've failed to sit down and reply (I must confess: I did read this on my phone.. while I was at work - don't tell my boss).
    You garment is Autumn.
    I tried many other words, but none defined it better. It's what Autumn is all about (and, yes - wind is included in the theme).
    Your skirt has gave me an idea for the project (since I do a little bit of needlework) - there's a skirt in my wardrobe that desperately needs more "something" to it. Little leaves will make big changes. So, thank you for helping me save a skirt (without knowing it).


    You DO know I'm checking out my mailbox every now and then? :)

  32. oooh this is the perfect autumn outfit, not only because of the leaves also the colors are perfect! you are always so well coordinated i admire your sense of style lovely lady!
    have a great weekend!

  33. Wow this is a perfect interpretation of autumn. The colors, the leave applications on the skirt and your brooche it's all breathing autumn. Lovely!

  34. This is an adorable outfit. This skirt is lovely! I always love how you match all colors together!

    Nella Fragola

  35. That top photo is one of my favorites of you! You look so dreamy; it reminds me of Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heights! Love it!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn