August 1, 2012

Ten seriously scrumptious vintage chocolate desserts

Given the hefty heat wave that much of the world is melting away under right now, the first day of August might not seem like ideal time for a post about chocolate desserts. Valentine's, Easter, or Halloween perhaps, I hear you say, but I have good reason for busting out the vintage chocolate as we launch into the eight month of the year, sun a blazing away wildly over head.

You see, next Monday, the 6th, just happens to my sweet husband's birthday, and Tony is a chocoholic if ever there was one! Though he's the first to admit he has a sweet tooth in general, chocolate has always been his dessert passion and culinary guilty pleasure of choice, so in honour of Tony's 32nd birthday, I thought it would be oodles of fun to gather of ten vintage chocolate based desserts that I've been stashing away to use in recipe posts for some time now.

As it's a birthday that we'll soon be toasting, there you'll find several cakes amongst the list, but there are also mouth-watering recipes for splendid looking pies, a silky cream roll, and a comforting chocolate bread pudding, too. It's safe to say that there's at least one recipe here to please nearly every chocolate fan!

{Chocolate Chip Cake}

1940s Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cake recipe, vintage desserts

{Chocolate Pear Cream Pie}

Vintage Chocolate Pear Cream Pie recipe

{Chocolate Bread Pudding}

Vintage Chocolate Bread Pudding recipe

{Checkerboard Cake}

Vintage 1930s Checkerboard Cake recipe

{Chocolate Fudge Pie}

Vintage Chocolate Fudge Pie, Magic Chocolate Pie recipe

{Choco-Walnut Potato Cake}

Vintage Chocolate Walnut Potato Cake recipe

{Chocolate Meringue Pie}

Vintage Chocolate Meringue Pie recipe, Cadnury's Bournville Cocoa ad

{Chocolate Almond Cream Roll}

Vintage Chocolate Almond Cream Roll Cake recipe

{One Bowl Chocolate Cake with Chiffon Frosting}

Vintage One Bowl Chocolate Cake with Chiffon Frosting recipe

{Double Chocolate Marble Cake}

Vintage Double Chocolate Marble Cake recipe

{All vintage recipe images above are from Flickr. Please click on an image to be taken to its respective Flickr source.}

♥  ♥  ♥

While August often dictates frozen desserts, iced coffees, and no-bake cheesecakes, should you happen to have a birthday or anything else important that you're planning to celebrate this month, I hope you'll find one or more awesomely yummy yesteryear chocolate recipes from amongst this selection that will fit the bill for your special event to a tee.

Though Tony's big day is still nearly a week away, I can't help but feel giddy with excitement about it already! Now though, the real question becomes, which of these sweet, sinfully fabulous chocolate desserts should I make him?


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  1. oh, the chocolate bread pudding sound scrumptious! I too am a chocoholic!

  2. These look delicious! I'd love to try all of them but chocolate sometimes triggers my husband's migraines. Maybe I'll try one of these when the family is over.

  3. Oh how fab! Just what I was after...lots of choccie desert recipes. I'm having a baking fest just lately and I want to make some chocolate cakes. Bread pudding has to be first though...yum!

  4. My goodness, you got my taste buds watering!!! I want a piece of each, please!

  5. Yum! I'm all about that Chocolate Chip cake. I especially like the images of the excited women next to the words "No Creaming" "No Egg Beating"


  6. That Chocolate Pear Cream Pie is SUCH a Swing Era recipe! We think of those kinds of mid-century recipes as being exclusively produced by the manufacturers of packaged foods but I have a big old copy of the Culinary Institute's Encyclopedic Cookbook from 1942 and it's packed full of stuff like that! Casserole made with cracker crumbs. Peanut butter icing made with sweetened condensed milk. Such insanity. :)

  7. They look so good! I love baking cakes from scratch, my favorite cook book is my old Betty Crocker, the recipes are so easy to follow.

  8. Oh how decadent!! :D
    I hope that your husband has a wonderful birthday!!
    I'll be celebrating with cake on the fifth, which is my birthday. Cake all around! :D

  9. I love all these kitsch recipes. My mind marvels at the patience that would be required to make the checkerboard cake!!! They all look delicious. xx

  10. i never spend a thought on vintage cake ... now i can't stop thinking about it. choclate bread pudding ... checker board cake ... there must be some some banana bread left my bf made for my birthday ;)i need cake!

    happy belated birthday!

  11. OH MY GOODNESS! :) its my two fave things in the world!! :) vintage and chocolate!! :) you really just made my with this post! :) im going to be trying these recipes for weeks!! :) i always adore the recipes you seem to find! :) cant want to see the nest one! :)

    hugs and best wishes,

  12. Oh, it really isn't fair to show us all these yummies when we can't just reach into the screen and take a piece! How about that Checkerboard cake - REALLY?? I notice it's not an actual photo though! Happy cake making, and tasting! x

  13. oh i looove chocolate. These recipes look really delicious. I should try some of them. I wish happy Birthday to your husband :)

  14. Those recipes look soo yummy:) I hope you'll post images of the cake(s) you decide to make.

  15. Oh also, that checkerboard cake looks complicated! I give anyone credit to attempt that lovely creation.

  16. I am almost tempted to try the checkerboard cake. I cannot imagine mine looking anywhere near as perfect.

  17. I actually have the checkerboard cake pans, still in the box! I was planning on making it for my blog, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I think you just inspired me to finally bake it!
    So glad I stumbled upon your blog! Too bad you live in Canada because I would totally have you over for checkerboard cake. :)