August 15, 2012

Cool la la, it's Magic Florida Lime Icebox Cake!

Has this summer been the absolute toastiest one of my whole life? Thankfully, no, but it hasn't been the chilliest either, especially now that we're well and properly half way into August, a time of the year that is more than a little bit famous for its sweltering temperatures.

Given that many of us are presently watching the mercury climb so high it makes scaling Mt. Everest look like hopping over a molehill, I thought you might enjoy another fantastic ice cold vintage recipe today. This one from 1957 just happens to feature my all-time favourite citrus fruit, the humble, wildly zingy little lime.

I've always enjoyed the taste and scent of lime, perhaps in part because I tend to favour the underdog and/or less common ingredients, and lime (though popular in classic Key Lime Pie and wedged into bottles of Corona), doesn't get a massive amount of play in Canadian cuisine.

While others were die-hard fans of varieties such as Dr. Pepper and Raspberry (both admittedly terrific, too), as a youngster my Lip Smacker's flavour of choice was always lime, which came wrapped in a pretty, sparkly green tub and was so invigorating to dab on my lips before heading off to school.

Today's 1950s recipe is every bit as as refreshing and gorgeously scented as that was, and unlike like lip balm, you are thoroughly encouraged to tuck into a generous portion of Magic Florida Icebox Cake!

1950s frozen icebox lime pie, vintage recipe

{While the text on this awesome 1950s frozen lime pie recipe is a definitely bit on the small side, fear not, if you click here you can see a larger version - which is a very good thing, because I think every citrus fan the world over should get a chance to cool off care of this scrumptious treat sometime this month. Vintage recipe image via Charm and Poise on Flickr.}

Though this recipe is bit more like a frozen pie or what's sometimes referred to just as a "freeze", I have no qualms with calling anything sweet that you make a pan a cake during these crayons-melting days of mid-August.

If you're not too keen on lime, or would simply rather opt for another citrus flavour, I'm quite certain that you'd have marked success if you gave this recipe a spin with lemon (especially Meyer Lemon), orange, blood orange, tangerine, pink grapefruit, mandarin orange, or yuzo (adjusting the type of frozen juice/lemonade concrete used as needed).

Perhaps it's the associate that one makes in their mind with this tranquil hue and mint, but there's just something instantly cooling about the sight of seeing soft, sweet green, such as the colour of this classic citrus infused icebox dessert.

One bite in and you'll no doubt be feeling considerably more refreshed, too, especially if you're slogging through the tail end of the dog days of summer right about now and really need an easy, completely delicious frozen dessert to help get you through until autumn returns.


  1. This looks good, I love limes and the best dessert I ever had in my life was a freshly made Key Lime Pie when I was in Virginia a few years ago.

  2. Thanks for reminding me, I haven't made my Key Lime pie in a while, and I'm having a cook out this Saturday, that would be perfect!

  3. It sounds rather good. I like these vintage recipes for their no-fuss approach to cooking, or in this case, no cooking.

  4. Mmm, looks delicious! Key lime pie is a personal favorite in the warm summer months, and a frozen version that doesn't involve the oven looks amazing! Maybe I'll make it for dessert tonight.

  5. Oh, this looks yummy!! I love the taste of key lime. It's got that perfect combination of the sweet and a little tart that delights the taste buds!! And it's green, my favorite color. That doesn't hurt either. :)

    And I'm sooo happy, you get to keep your mercury climbing temps, while us in IN, get a cool down. Fall is coming!!!!!!!!! So maybe my wish cam get the heat, and I get the cool??? :)

  6. Hmmm I see this one being made up in the next weekend or so! Wish we were closer where we could try them together!

  7. These Vintage recipes you show are always so exciting for me :) I have never seen anything like this but it looks good! I love limes too.

  8. I have a soft spot for lime, too.

  9. I'm feeling cooler just looking at it. You come up with the most fun-sounding recipes!

  10. omg omg omg omg I just died and went to heaven!! :)you always find the most amazing vintage recipes!! :) i may just have to dedicate a section on my pinterest for all the delicious vintage recipes you find! :)

    hugs and best wishes,

  11. Yummy! And so very refreshing in August. It's 98 here this afternoon, and a piece of that would likely quench my desire for something cool and tart. I think i'll make it this weekend. Saturday, temps are supposed to be above 100. 100! Gack! Say it ain't so. We're not in Arizona, are we? :D Have a great weekend, Jessica. And try to stay cool.

  12. I'm so hot right now (it's 93 outside, which is cool considering past temps.) that I am now CRAVING a piece of that pie. Yum.

  13. Cannot read recipe!

    1. Hi there, I've written out the recipe that appears in this vintage ad for you.

      Magic Florida Lime Icebox Cake

      1 cup fine graham cracker crumbs
      3 tbsp butter, melted
      2 eggs, separated
      1 (15 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk
      2/3 cup fresh lime juice (I cannot say for certain what numbers are given, but they vaguely somewhat look like "2/3" to me)
      1 tbsp grated lime zest
      Or 1 (6 ounce) can frozen limeade concentrate in lieu of the lime juice and zest (I'm assuming you'd defrost it before using)
      1/2 tsp (again, the numbers are not clear) vanilla extract
      3/4 cup sugar
      3 - 4 drops green food colouring (optional)

      Combine crumbs and butter. Reserve 1/4 cup (of the) mixture. Press remaining mixture on bottom and sides of a lightly buttered refrigerator tray; chill. Beat egg yolks until thick; combine with condensed milk. Add lime juice and zest (or limeade concentrate) and vanilla; stir until mixture thickens. If desired tint green (with food colouring).

      Beat egg whites into soft peaks; gradually add sugar; beat until stiff, but not dry. Fold in lime and condensed milk mixture. Pour into tray (with crumb mixture). Border with reserved crumbs. Decorate with slices of lime rind (if desired). Freeze until firm - 4 to 6 hours.


      I hope that helps. Please don't hesitate to let me know if I can be of further assistance.

      Happy dessert making!
      ♥ Jessica