August 31, 2012

You and me going fishing in the dark

Lazy yellow moon comin' up tonite,
Shinin' thru the trees,
Crickets are singin' and lightning bugs
Are floatin on the breeze Baby get ready.....

Night fishing in Oliver, vintage outfit with koi brooches, Chronically Vintage, image 2

Outfit details

Prescription eyeglasses: (frames) Venus Eye Design V-12
Black and white gingham hair scarf
Black sash waist blouse: Zellers
Koi fish brooches: eBay
Orange bangle bracelet: Forever 21
Wood bangle: yard sale (I think)
Black bangle: Claire's
White skinny belt: eBay
Denim capri pants: Nine West
Black bow adorned flats: Payless
Lip colour: Red Apple Lipstick's Red

Photography by Antonio Cangiano

Night fishing in Oliver, vintage outfit with koi brooches, Chronically Vintage, image 3
Night fishing in Oliver, vintage outfit with koi brooches, Chronically Vintage, image 5
 Night fishing in Oliver, vintage outfit with koi brooches, Chronically Vintage, image 1
Night fishing in Oliver, vintage outfit with koi brooches, Chronically Vintage, image 4
There are few people I've ever met in my whole life who work as hard as my husband does. Lest you think I'm biased, on top of his demanding full time job with a multi-national tech company, he runs several successful websites and blogs, and has authored two (terrific) tech books in the past four years (plus he’s also involved with a myriad of other online projects).

For years I've sweetly been telling him that I wished he'd take up a hobby (he had outside interests of course, just not always the time and means to pursue them) and give himself the occasional break from all that diligent work.

Thankfully (because we all know that being a workaholic can eventually wear even the most resilient soul down) this year - in no small part to the fact that we now live in B.C. and have a car, Tony was able to get back into a hobby that was near and dear to his heart when he was a youngster growing up in Italy. As you may have guessed from the title of this post and the grainy night time iPhone photos above, the would be fishing.

In the evenings and on the weekends, whenever possible, Tony has spent much of this (mostly) toasty Okanagan summer fishing up a storm. By and large he's a catch and release kind of guy who enjoys fishing for just about anything and everything that swims in the abundance of lakes around these parts (he especially likes going after carp though, which are not as popular in Canada as some other fish like bass, salmon, and trout, but which he used to fish in Italy and really likes going after).

I don't fish myself (due to my health, I don't usually have the upper body strength or stamina required), but every now and then, I'll have a day when I'm well enough to go out and accompany Tony on one of his trips as his trusty companion while he fishes to his heart’s content.

Such was the case on the gorgeous evening earlier this summer (about a month ago) when we bopped around some of the surrounding areas, stopping first at Yellow Lake outside of town (no bites - but we did see an adorable little turtle and dozens of pretty dragonflies), and then proceeding on to a little lake in the nearby town of Oliver called Tuc-el-Nuit.

There on the tree line shores Tony cast his rod as the sun set and a warm breeze enveloped us. In the spirit of the day, I wore my three koi fish brooches (I madly adore koi!) in the hopes that they'd bring us success. No dice, but it didn't matter, we were just happy to spend a few hours together in the great outdoors amongst some of the loveliest scenery one could ever hope to encounter.

On most of his other fishing excursions he’s fared far better, so perhaps there's good luck in just owning these cute brooches. I'm so, so pleased that Tony now has this fun activity in his life again as a way to help him unwind and relax from both work and the daily grind, no matter if he goes out at 6am or 7pm (the latter of which, as it's usually cooler at night, I much prefer when I'm tagging along).

You and me going fishing in the dark,
Lying on our backs and counting the stars
Where the cool grass grows.
Down by the river in the full moon light,
We'll be fallin' in love in the middle of the night
Just movin' slow... Stayin' the whole night thru,
feels so good to be with you...

(Lyrics from Fishing In The Dark by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band)

Night fishing in Oliver, vintage outfit with koi brooches, Chronically Vintage, image 6


  1. I just love the pictures! Isn't the water peaceful? Growing up where the ocean is 5 minutes away in CT was awesome. Lakes can be nice too...I'm afraid of snakes though.
    You look so pretty, what a super picture Jessica.Hope you enjoyed your outing.

  2. My guy likes to fish too! I don't fish because I can't pay attention that! So I usually sit in the boat with my own thoughts and decompress. He always says that the point of fishing is not always catching fish!


  3. My Dad liked to fish, he hadn't done it in years, but I know he really liked it. I wish we got the chance to do that.

    Those pictures are so beautiful. Someday I want to get to Canada and I'll have to visit the BC. It looks so beautiful!

  4. I love that you coordinated your brooches with your husbands hobby! Just fabulous.

  5. And we can sit forever and it don't matter if the fish don't bite--or something to that effect! A great love song, a great post and you look terrific. iphoto shots or not, they are marvelous. The fish pins, wow! Both of you deserve lazy time fishing!

  6. Never been fishing but the idea of lazing by the water appeals! Love this outfit too- the broaches remind me of the decorative flying ducks you used to get on front room walls... much more glam of course ;-)

    Janine x

  7. You look always! I adore those koi brooches, they are wonderful.
    My husband is a keen fisherman and he too works hard (too hard sometimes) and only really relaxes when he goes fishing. I do fish myself, though not often, my grandad used to take me when I was little and I just like sitting beside the water. There's nothing quite like being near water and surrounded by nature to guarantee a total wind-down. Love it.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Fishing isn't my thing, but sitting in those beautiful surroundings would be! What a gorgeous outfit, and just right for your evening adventure. Perhaps your lovely brooches brought the fish luck, and meant they avoided being caught!!!

  9. What a great evening! I used to go fishing with the family a long time ago but haven't done it in years. I remember the excitement of having something tug on your line and then the struggle to reel it in. One of few happy family memories.
    I keep telling my hubby to pick up his hobby but he's too tired from work.

  10. I love how you lined up the fish, such a good idea.

  11. Dear Jessica, I like the lyrics - wonderful - and I like the big bow in your hair.
    Answer to your question: The bell flowers are very, very thin and tender and I couldn't recognize any taste at all.

  12. Those koi brooches are charming! I love fishing, my grandpa taught me to fish when I was a little girl and I still enjoy it. I think half the fun is enjoying being out on the water on a beautiful day, though!

  13. I love those koi fish brooches! You look lovely even with grainy iPhone pictures ;)

  14. What beautiful scenery! And perfect outfit for such a trip. Knitting is a great hobby to take up for those days when you do accompany him to a favorite fishing hole (I say from occasional experience). ;)

    1. Great idea, dear Tasha, it totally made me smile! :) I need another craft/hobby like a whole in the head, but perhaps (if there's daylight out) I'll take my cross stitching with me next time, though I really do like just sitting there and soaking up Mother Nature before she vanishes for another half a year or so.

      ♥ Jessica

  15. Adorable pins. I never thought of putting several together, like they are swimming!

  16. Hi sweetest gals,

    Thank you very much for your wonderfully nice comments and for sharing some of your fishing/outdoors related memories with me. Little did I know when these snaps were taken that I was headed for lengthy flare-up on the health front and wouldn't get to go out with Tony all August, thus making me extra glad we got this one special evening together when we did a few weeks ago.

    Big hugs & beautiful long weekend wishes to all of you,
    ♥ Jessica

  17. Sounds fun! I love fishing! those brooches are really cute :)

  18. The koi fish brooches are super awesome! What a beautiful setting for a photoshoot too x

  19. And I hope you're feeling better now! xxxx

    1. Awww, thank you very much, dear gal. Not much change on the health front to report (these snaps were taken about a month ago), but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the cooler weather of fall will help, at least in minor part, on that front.

      ♥ Jessica

  20. Oh my, those koi brooches are the best!! You look so adorable!
    I don't fish, either (mostly because I'm too soft-hearted ;) but I grew up on a river, and they do make me all nostalgic, particularly at dusk!

  21. Wow! Beautiful pics, and what an amazing setting. I think peace and serenity. And as always, i love your outfit. And like you, i am partial to koi. (In fact, we have a pretty koi pond in our backyard that my husband dug a few years ago during a vacation.) :) Unfortunately, the herons around here also love koi, and not just to look at. LOL. And before i forget to mention, i also adore those bangle bracelets you're wearing. Have a great weekend, Jessica!

  22. Love that song- it takes me back to a very SPECIAL summer;) and your pics are just as beautiful as ever, love the scenery!

  23. How much do I love this post? I can't even say. :) Utterly charming outfit and so much fun to hear about Tony's hobby. I hope it gives him much pleasure and peaceful moments away from the computer.

    And I do hope you are feeling better.

    Happy weekend to you both, too. ♥

  24. great outfit ... you look awesome in pants. love the fishies on the blouse.

    about vintage bshopping: can't wait to go to the states to go thrift shopping there. my bf is from seattle and next year we want to visit his family in the states ... we're planning a big thrift- and vintage shopping tour. after that i can tell you if my vintage-dreams about US thrift shopping are real. ;)
    if you ever come to germany tell me, maybe i can give you some information about nice shopping places ...

  25. I love your bow! It looks adorable on you. What a great place for pictures.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88