August 6, 2012

Making a splash at the Peach City Beach Cruise

Peach City Beach Cruise classic car show Penticton, Jessica Cangiano vintage outfit, image 3

Peach City Beach Cruise classic car show Penticton, Jessica Cangiano vintage outfit, image 1

{I loved the license plate on this gem of a classic car, it said “Vintage British Columbia” on it. I want one to hang in my closet!}

Peach City Beach Cruise classic car show Penticton, Jessica Cangiano vintage outfit, image 4

Peach City Beach Cruise classic car show Penticton, Jessica Cangiano vintage outfit, image 5

{Me and my wonderful mom, who switched umbrellas right off the bat, because the cute pink Hello Kitty one that I’d brought proved to be too small to cover the my skirt, which was poofed out from the crinoline beneath, from the rain.}

Peach City Beach Cruise classic car show Penticton, Jessica Cangiano vintage outfit, image 2

Peach City Beach Cruise classic car show Penticton, Jessica Cangiano vintage outfit, image 6

Peach City Beach Cruise classic car show Penticton, Jessica Cangiano vintage outfit, image 7

Outfit details
1950s pink flower adorned hat: etsy seller Foxy Brit Vintage
Prescription eyeglasses: (frames) Venus Eye Design V-12
Pearl necklace: Birthday gift from my husband ♥
Periwinkle blue cardigan: Sears
1980s does 50s tropical floral print summer dress: etsy seller Cereal Vintage Thrift
Light blue pettiskirt/crinoline: Pettiskirt Style
Faux pearl stretch bracelets: Real Canadian Superstore
White skinny belt: eBay
1950s pink ruched gloves: eBay
1950s corduroy bucket purse: etsy seller Rue 23 Vintage Clothing
Nude seamed stockings: eBay
White pumps: Payless
Lip colour: MAC Russian Red

Photography by Antonio Cangiano

♥ ♥ ♥

Like many towns who depend heavily on the tourist industry to help keep their economy going strong, Penticton is no stranger to fun events and festivals that garner participants and attendees from near and far. Some of these events were around decades before I was born, whereas others have come about during my lifetime. One of the latter is the Peach City Beach Cruise, which began twelve years ago.

This annual event features scores of classic, collector, speciality, and hot rod cars and motorcycles, which assemble and are parked along a good sized section of Lakeview Drive, the street directly in front of Okanagan Lake. Lasting three days (Fri-Sun), the Beach Cruise's most popular event is on Saturday when much of the street is cordoned off to traffic and turned into a walking path for visitors and classic car owners alike to casually stroll along and admire the hundreds of jaw-droopingly fantastic vintage cars that have converged on this little corner of Penticton from all across North America.

Despite being in its twelfth year, due to where I've been living in the years since it started, I'd actually never had the opportunity to attend the Penticton’s (now famous) Beach Cruise. As you can imagine, I was giddy with excitement knowing that at long last I'd finally get the chance this year. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't in anywhere near as a good a mood as I was, and (in keeping with the spirit of this summer) decide to drop a mini monsoon on us as Tony, my parents, and I wandered merrily about admiring the stunning classic rides.

As my mom was quick to point out, cars weren't the only thing that people had their eye on that day. It turns out that my 1950s look was a big hit with the crowd (I was the only person I saw all day wearing a vintage outfit, which was a bit surprising giving the type of venue). I've become accustomed to having people stopping to comment on or compliment my vintage outfits when I'm out and about, but never in all my life have I received anywhere near the number of wonderfully nice comments that I did that particular rain soaked day.

Shy to fault, I always feel out of place when people say lovely things to me, so what I like to do is smile sweetly and say a very heartfelt thanks, of course answering any specific questions that are asked, too. Not only was I flattered and touched to receive dozens of lovely compliments, but a handful of people (including  several very friendly elderly gents) actually stopped to ask if they could take pictures of me. I'm sure many of you gorgeous vintage wearing lasses are no stranger to having this happen, but it was the first time in my life for me, and I was more than happy to oblige.

I must say, it was an amazing experience and by far the closest I've ever come to feeling even the tiniest bit like a celebrity (as they get snapped by strangers and stopped on the street all the time). Not that I am, by any stretch of the imagination, but it sure was fun to feel like one for a little while, especially since I found that as the day wore on, I began to feel less and less shy (an ego boosting outing  indeed!).

All the while though, my eyes were squarely fixed on the amazing cars, some of which (with his iPhone, as none of us wanted to subject our cameras to the crazy amount of rain that was tumbling down) Tony snapped photos of me with. I loved so many of these beautiful, wonderfully cared for classic cars, but I think that purply-pink and white hued 1950s number, seen in the last two photos, (that matched my dress to a tee) was perhaps my very favourite.

While it took me twelve years to finally make it to the Peach City Beach Cruise, I couldn't be more thrilled that I finally got a chance to attend. From the friendly crowd to the stellar rides, this by far the best vintage car show I've ever attended, and I really cannot wait until next year's Beach Cruise to arrive - fingers crossed, with better weather in tow!



  1. That is such an awesome experience. I think it's so flattering that they asked for your picture:) You certainly do look the part so I can imagine why:) Even with the rain, you outfit speaks sunshine. I bet it's so fun to have your picture taken next to all these vintage cars.

    Also, your pearl necklace is so lovely!!!

  2. What amazing cars, and what a beautiful outfit! I adore your dress... it's amazing how well the 80s did with some things! No wonder people stopped you for pictures, you look amazing.

  3. Your look lovely. The whole outfit is just perfect. I love looking at vintage cars. There's an elegance that most cars don't have now.

  4. Gorgeous cars, I would want them all to my garage if I even had a driving licence.. :D Your dress is very pretty!

  5. That dress is an absolute stunner! Wow, wow, and wow again! I can fully understand why people were stopping you and wanting to be photographed with you.
    What a kind mum, swapping umbrellas.
    Right, now to scroll back and look at the cars!

  6. I love that outfit! So pretty!

  7. Too bad about the rain, but you look smashing! and I love the photos of you with the pink cars that match your dress! Perfect!

    I've been to a number of events where people have asked to take my pictures and it is a little weird at first, but is definitely fun after a while. I'm glad you had such a good time!


  8. How wonderful!! You are such a lovely sight to behold, no wonder they wanted to snap your photo. :)

    I do love car shows. Growing up my sis and I tagged along with Dad to many of them. They are so much fun.

  9. oh girl, you look absolutely stunning in this outfit. the dress is so lovely.

    hopefully you went home with this lovely bright pink car ...

  10. You look amazing! I LOVE that dress! And those cars are amazing too. I love vintage cars oh so much.

  11. I love that outfit on you! No wonder everyone was looking at you.

  12. No wonder you were a head look stunning. I can't believe you've not had people want to take your photo before. If you were in the UK, you wouldn't be able to go more than ten minutes without someone wanting to snap you!
    It always baffles me that more people don't wear vintage at these events. I love classic cars and I like to dress accordingly in their company!
    Have a lovely week.

  13. oh you look just too perfect next to those classic cars!! :) i just adore your outfit, its adorable1C :) it looks like you had allot of fun! :)

    hugs and best wishes,

  14. Jessica, no wonder you were turning heads! That outfit is out of this world fun and gorgeous-- amazing colors! Aren't the cars wonderful? What a great event and I'm envious of your rain as we're still suffering a terrible drought! Great post!

  15. No wonder you received so many compliments Jessica you really look lovely and like you just stepped out of one of the vintage cars moments before. When my husband was younger he restored 4 of the cars with 'Vintage British Columbia' number plate along with a couple of other vintage cars and motorbikes.

  16. You look so lovely! I'm glad that you had such a great time, and you absolutely deserve the ego-boost!

  17. What a fun event this must have been! I love your dress, I'm not surprised that you got lots of compliments:)

  18. You look great:) Head to toe gorgeous vintage:)
    Love these cars :)

  19. The compliments were well deserved! You looked lovely. And as nice as the cars are, I thought the star of the photos was that dress ... just beautiful!

  20. I almost thought that you had become brunette...but wait...was the rain!
    kisses and Love!

  21. I'm not sure whats prettier- the cars or the lady in front of them! You're so cute!! What a dress!



  22. Jessica you look incredibly adorable! Love this sweet post today :)

  23. Gorgeous! I do love the belt over the cardi look, but never remember to wear mine this way.

  24. A darling outfit you're wearing. I especially adore that tropical floral print.

  25. I go seriously weak at the knee's for vintage cars! Great photos:)

    The Marilyn Adeventures

  26. Great look, it rained at our car show too!

  27. My dear, you are absolutely the epitome of glamour!! You look absolutely stunning (and what a sweet Hello Kitty umbrella that is!! XD). The cars look amazing, and I hope that despite the weather, you and your family had a wonderful time!!! :D

    Thank you so incredibly much for the sweet and kind birthday wishes you sent to me. :'D I appreciate them so much!!!

  28. you look so so lovely in this dress. It's perfect for you :)

  29. lovely ensemble, that style of dress really suits you. fabulous cars too!

  30. Hi darling gals, thank you each so much for your awesomely lovely comments. I'm still getting over the fact that complete strangers wanted snaps of little ol' me, and am curious to know if I'll ever run into that experience again.

    Tons of hugs & oodles more thanks to you all,
    ♥ Jessica

  31. You look absolutely deee-vine...I love the way your crinoline pokes about just a smidge below your dress..and that hat is so dainty and sweet- I have hat envy!What a lovely dress too...those colours really compliment your skin and light up your face.xx

  32. Great look! The color of the cardigan is gorg on you and love the hat!

  33. That dress looks beautiful on you!

  34. Oh my gosh you look so adorable in that outfit! I love classic cars. I wish I owned one!

    xx Christina

  35. I love your outfit, everything about it is marvelous from the hat to the shoes! And you match the cars so nicely. :)

  36. Wow darling, you're so perfect with your outfit!
    The dress, the colours...everything is beautiful.
    I'm completely in love ♥

    With love
    Miss Lil'Susie ♥

  37. You look gorgeous! No wonder people wanted to take your photograph :) That dress and sweater combination is beautiful.