May 29, 2012

Polka dots and apple blossoms in East Kelowna


Polka dots and apple blossoms, Kelowna vintage photo shoot, Jessica Cangiano image_6


Polka dots and apple blossoms, Kelowna vintage photo shoot, Jessica Cangiano image_8


Polka dots and apple blossoms, Kelowna vintage photo shoot, Jessica Cangiano image_10


Polka dots and apple blossoms, Kelowna vintage photo shoot, Jessica Cangiano image_1


Polka dots and apple blossoms, Kelowna vintage photo shoot, Jessica Cangiano image_4


Polka dots and apple blossoms, Kelowna vintage photo shoot, Jessica Cangiano image_9


Polka dots and apple blossoms, Kelowna vintage photo shoot, Jessica Cangiano image_3


Polka dots and apple blossoms, Kelowna vintage photo shoot, Jessica Cangiano image_5


Polka dots and apple blossoms, Kelowna vintage photo shoot, Jessica Cangiano image_2


Polka dots and apple blossoms, Kelowna vintage photo shoot, Jessica Cangiano image_7


Outfit details

Prescription eyeglasses: (frames) Venus Eye Design V-12
Grey knit shrug: Fairweather
1980s does 50s pink and white polka dot dress: etsy seller Vintage Revolution
Peachy-pink hued floral hairclip worn as a brooch: Arden
Sheer white 1950s gloves: eBay
Pink iridescent plastic bead stretch bracelets: Forever 21
Cream faux leather purse: Sears
White lace trimmed pettiskirt: Pettiskirt Style
Nude on nude seamed stockings: eBay
White pumps: Payless
Lip colour: Clinique Raspberry Glace
Photography by Antonio Cangiano

♥ ♥ ♥

One of my favourite elements about the Okanagan Valley has always been its fantastic wealth of fruit trees. From those in the yards of the neighbours on my childhood street, to the tall hills flanking both sides of Penticton that abound with pear, apple, cherry, apricot, and peach orchards, there are few things more evocative - or symbolic - of this corner of British Columbia to me than its bounty of fruit trees.

As such, I couldn't wait for spring to (finally) start popping its head out once more so that I could use the occasion to take some outfit photos amongst some of the local agriculture. While on a quick trip out to Kelowna recently, Tony and I headed up to a part of the city that I'm actually not very familiar with: East Kelowna.

It's somewhat amazing to me that all though I've been to Kelowna more times than I could ever recall throughout my life (I even briefly lived there for two months eons ago), I don't know if I've ever veered off into the easterly part of the city.

My goodness, I didn't know what I was missing! In a matter of minutes one is free from the hustle and bustle of the downtown core and suddenly immersed in a world of breath-taking views (of Okanagan Lake), farmland, beautiful homes, and a plethora of fruit trees.

Pulling up to a park on East Kelowna road, we took a few snaps there before skittering across the street to a little apple orchard (at least I think these were apple trees, I guess they could also have been pear) and nestling down among the newly bloomed branches for a few minutes in the light of a pale, serenely lovely late afternoon sunset.

I hadn't planned this location in advance, so I was very pleased that the cute pink and white polka dot dress and grey shrug I was sporting that day worked well with the grass and tree filled spots where we were shooting.

Without a doubt this area, tucked just a stone's throw away from the heart Kelowna, is now one of my favourite locations in all of the Okanagan. The scenery and pasture meets orchard filled landscape has a romantic charm to it that instantly found a soft with my soul, and to which I'm quite certain I'll make a point of visiting often know that I've (ever so happily!) discovered it.


  1. how deary you look i coudn't tell <3


  2. You look gorgeous Jessica and I'm loving the new blog look friend! Hope you had a great weekend honey... if you get a chance come enter my giveaway for a vintage inspired Snow White necklace and earrings!

    Kori xoxo

  3. oh my goodness you look just stunning standing by those beautiful white flowered trees,it really shows off your amazing skin tone! :) i love your dress so much it is so adorable on you! :)and i adore your gloves :) all together these are just amazing, stunning pictures! :) where you went is just beautiful! :) i wish there were more farm land out where i live :( like there is farm land don't get me wrong haha but i don't think i want to take pictures next to vegetable produce ( cabbage hahaha) :P i adore those tress you got to stroll past, they are breath-taking! :) lovely pictures deary! :)

    Wishing you a lovely tuesday,
    TheRitzyFlapper (Alicia)

  4. Dear Jessica, I loved the pictures!
    What a wonderful place!
    Your dress is very, very beautiful!
    Also liked the hair ornament used as a brooch!
    Kisses and a very nice week for you!

  5. Love this lip color on you and those sheer gloves!

  6. Love this outfit! The color of the dress fits you perfectly! And the GLOVES!!! I have a pair of similar ones I use in the summer :) xox

  7. Grweat photos and I LOVE that pink polka dot dress! You look fabulous in it.

  8. Love the dress! Polka dots are my favourite. And the colour, as you say, is perfect for the setting.

  9. Love the grey and pink together! Look at you missy modeling everywhere now heheh I love it! You look amazing! I cannot wait to get some dresses of my own-I still cant believe I am daring to do it LOL xox

  10. I was about to say "oh, I used to have almost the same dress, I wore it to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween!" and then I realised that...didn't sound complimentary. But it's meant that way! I loved that dress so, so much and was very sad when we had to part.

    Those gloves are dreamy, too. Hope you're wrapping May up beautifully :)

  11. You look to die for gorgeous! It makes me want to go out and buy up big on Peach......even tho it makes me look like I'm a zombie.

  12. You are so gorgeous!!! I LOVE your clothes! Also, that area looks like such a lovely place to visit. I would love to travel to BC one day!

    Thank you so much for the lovely and kind comment you left on my blog!! :'D!!

  13. What a dress, and what a wonderful sight under th blossom tree.
    Following and adding you to my blogroll where you belong. I do hope we become great blogger pals.

  14. I love the whole outfit, as always, but that dress is gorgeous. I used to have some very similar gloves, one pair in white and another in black, and I am now wondering what I did with them!
    The photograph in front of the blossom is just lovely.

  15. I love it when a variety of vintage and non-vintage elements combine together to create one amazing vintage outfit! You look rockin'! I also have to say (and this might sound weird) but I love your eyebrows! Tres chic!

  16. What a cute dress, I love how you've combined it! And the location sure is charming, I wouldn't mind a couple of apple trees in my own backyard some day...

  17. ohhhhh Amazing!!!!! I LOVE the last picture it looks like a postcard, and I also love all of what you're wearing, from the crinoline to the gloves, to that super-beautiful dress!

  18. This whole outfit is perfect!! You look like Samantha from Bewitched in that 3rd pic! :) I recently bought a pair of sheer gloves just like yours. I think they have the same lace pattern and everything! :P x

  19. I LOVE the colour of this dress. So very pretty and looks wonderful on you.
    -Andi x

  20. Love the pink polkadot dress!! I have a bit of a soft spot for polkadots! :) Sounds like a lovely day's outting.....Lovely blog and its now on my blogroll list so that I can follow all your new posts! Have a fabulous weekend sweety!
    May x

  21. Beautiful as ever! I always forget how pretty that coral color is until I see it in the summer, and it's perfect for that dress, love the wrapped bodice.

    We have the same kind of ever changing landscape here (I suppose we're not that far away from eachother, same general area of the world!). Yesterday Sam and I went for an evening drive, taking advantage of the evening sunlight, and not too far from home was a waterfall and campgrounds I forgot about!


  22. Oh my, you look so, so beautiful. The pink dress suits you so well, colour and style. I like best the last picture with the apple blossoms. Gorgeous! Somehow your complexion has such a fresh charisma as new blossoms. Comes from your peachy blusher and your nice smile probably. I wish you the best weekend ever!

  23. You look so beautiful in these pictures, Jessica! I am just turning green with envy over that polka-dot dress--so exuberantly gorgeous! :)

  24. My goodness, darling ladies, thank you each so, so immensely much for your endlessly sweet comments. The photos from this shoot stand as some of my very favourite to date, and I'll definitely be seeking out other orchards for future (fruit-ure? :) ) posts. Luckily I live in just the right part of the country (the Okanagan Valley) to do that.

    Thank you again deeply, dear friends, I treasure each of your thoughtful compliments.

    ♥ Jessica

  25. I don't know how I missed this lovely post. You look just stunning! That pink color is gorgeous on you! I just love how you put together outfits, they always look perfect to a T.


  26. Hi,
    I just luurrvv the beautiful backdrop.Your outfit is lovely, I especially like your gloves...sheer gloves are just so delicate.

  27. Beautiful pictures and clothes BUT you need to take it down a notch with the makeup. You've got a clown thing going on with the lipstick and eyebrows. Instead, use a plumping lipgloss and stuff mostly within the confines of your actual lip when you apply lipstick, and do a less-exaggerated arch on your eyebrows by not going all the way up into a triangle at the top of the arch, and going one shade browner. It'll still give the same look without being so clownish in the closeups.

    1. Thank you very much for your comment. While I certainly appreciate your feedback, makeup, like fashion itself, is a matter of personal preference. If it makes the wearer happy (as I wholeheartedly am with my makeup approach), then that's what truly matters.

      ♥ Jessica