May 23, 2012

A new floral cardi dukes it out with the wind in Naramata

Though the classic saying we all learned as youngsters states that "April showers bring May flowers", this year I've been feeling more like it should be "April showers bring May winds!". It doesn't rhyme, I know, but it would certainly be a more fitting description of the weather around these parts over the past few weeks.

As you may remember, last week's outfit post featured a heavy handed dose of wind. Well, today's is following suite. Though perhaps the blustery breezes in this one are a tad more justified given that these photos were taken mere feet away from the water's edge at Okanagan Lake, it was still a thoroughly windy day as we captured these snaps recently which far exceeded anything that might have been attributed to the lake.

Located just a few minutes north of our town, Naramata - the spot where these photos were taken - is a charming, densely orchard and vineyard filled community of about 2,000 people. Comprised primarily of agriculture lands, homes (including some stunning luxury properties), and a few small beaches along Okanagan Lake, Naramata is a fun, laid back spot to venture out to every now and then when you're in the mood for a little drive through some rather gorgeous natural scenery (especially in the fall when all of the trees in the orchards and vineyards are bursting with the fiery, rich hues of the season).

As there are none around for hundreds of miles (unlike back when we lived in Toronto and there was one within walking distance of my house), I recently placed my first ever online order with Forever 21 Canada (only great things to say about the experience – very much including the super quick shipping speed). I picked up a couple of purses, a few accessories, and two cardigans, including the pink, green and white floral number in today's photos.


A very windy day at Wharf Park in Naramata, Jessica Cangiano vintage photo shoot image_2


A very windy day at Wharf Park in Naramata, Jessica Cangiano vintage photo shoot image_4


A very windy day at Wharf Park in Naramata, Jessica Cangiano vintage photo shoot image_3


A very windy day at Wharf Park in Naramata, Jessica Cangiano vintage photo shoot image_5


A very windy day at Wharf Park in Naramata, Jessica Cangiano vintage photo shoot image_1


A very windy day at Wharf Park in Naramata, Jessica Cangiano vintage photo shoot image_6

Outfit details
Vintage green velvet hat: Jardin Antiques
White rose stud earrings: Claire’s
Floral print cardigan: Forever 21
White lace top vintage slip (worn like a camisole): eBay
Faux cinnabar carved plastic bangle bracelet: Forever 21
Taupe hued vintage gloves: eBay
Pink faux alligator purse: Sears
1950s green corduroy skirt: eBay
Black pumps: Payless
Nude on nude seamed stockings: eBay
Lip colour: MAC Russian Red
Photography by Antonio Cangiano

♥ ♥ ♥

Have you ever encountered one of those scenarios wherein you've been looking for an item you don't have (or need to replace, get more of, etc) for ages, only to suddenly find two or more of the same type of thing in rapid succession? I actually tend to have this happen on a relatively frequent basis, and thin knit floral print cardigans were one such recent example.

No sooner (within the same week) had I ordered this cute one, as I found another floral cardi on etsy from a seller in Europe that I just had to pick, too (it features a black background and different coloured blooms, so it's actually fairly different looking).

I'd been hunting for a flower print cardi with flowers that weren't too big (as big patterns can all too quickly overwhelm my petite frame) for at least a couple of years, and was thrilled to find not one, but two mere days apart from one another. I'm definitely set on that front for a long time to come now!

The forest green corduroy skirt here was a deadstock piece that I picked up a few months ago. Though it always pains me in a way to snip the original tags of off a deadstock item, at the same time there's something really special about knowing that you have the honour of wearing a 60 year old garment for the first time (well, at least the first time outside of a dressing room).

If the green velvet hat here looks familiar, that's because it's the one I wrote about in this Monday's post about the five items I purchased at Jardin Antiques in OK Falls. As comfortable as a pillow and as light as a feather, this rich jewel toned topper has fast become one of the most beloved - and commonly worn - vintage hats in my collection.

While the wind out at Wharf Park in Naramata gave us a good whipping that day, at least it wasn't quite as cold or as brutal as our adventures in Rutland back on May 1st. In fact, my hat didn't even blow off once, which has to be a good sign. Smile


  1. You look just lovely! I adore the cardi, it goes perfectly paired with that dark green skirt. I wish it was a little chillier here. I would still like to be able to wear cardigans out and about. It's more like summer here in Tennessee.


  2. Great style and lovely blog! I came across your site looking for some vintage hats! I love vintage too and I mix a lot with modern stuff too! I actually did a blog with this exact cardigan too!

  3. That cardigan is lovely!! Actually, the entire outfit is lovely :) I love the colours and everything is so very well coordinated!

  4. Your hat looks sensational on, and how wonderfully it co-ordinates with the rest of your outfit. The cardigan is gorgeous, especially with the glimpse of the lace top slip. Your skirt shape compliments the cardigan, and I love all of your accessories. Yes, top marks, once again, Jessica.

  5. oh i just adore these pictures!! :) i love your gloves and rose cardigan! :) i love roses!! you look just stunning in these pictures, and your skin looks amazing, just flawless! :)

    wishing you a lovely day,
    TheRitzyFlapper (Alicia)

  6. Beautiful cardigan, roses are my favorite. I thought your bangle was bakelite -- it looks quite stunning in the photos. I may have to stop by my local Forever 21 and check out their offerings.

  7. You look so beautiful, bright and warm against a cold setting! I've noticed the wind here too, and it was terrible in Arizona! Must be a windy spring everywhere.

    I had that happen with vintage jeans. I spent about a year looking for them, and finally broke down and bought a pair online. A week later I found a pair in town for $10, and within the next few months I'd collected four pairs, and some sailcloth pants in three different colors! When it rains it pours I suppose :)


  8. My beautiful and sweet Jessica ... your photos are beautiful, its vintage look, wonderful ... loved it!! wanted to have money and courage to dare, to change, to be someone else ... I'm a fan of your blog, I am passionate about .. style you choose vintager perfect scenery, LOVE ... kisses fondly of his friend (I consider myself your friend), Penelope.

  9. i have a weakness for corduroy and cardigans, and if the latter is covered in a flower print, then my knees are all the more wobbly! so pretty. i love the accessories you have chosen - the white rose earrings and coral-coloured bangle in particular. your post has made me want to go shopping!

  10. soooo glad that you're showing your lovely and inspirinhg lokks, Jessica!
    Made my day <3

  11. Great colors and so fun as usual! Just came across a feature on hats in my old Ladies Home Journal, March, 1952. If you have any interest, I'd be happy to share--scan and send them to you. Love the green hat!

  12. Dear Jessica, your blog is beautiful!
    You are very beautiful and I love your style!
    I love the cardigan, I'm looking for a floral cardigan for me too!
    I really enjoyed the photos!
    I invite you to meet my blog!
    Kisses from Brazil

  13. this outfit is so beautiful.. I particularly like the hat and the cardi! I'm your newest follower :)

  14. Oh Naramata... I used to go there for vacation every summer, I'm so jealous you've moved to Penticton!
    If you haven't already, do check out the Elephant Island winery. It's amazeballs.
    I've just subscribed to your blog, hooray for another western Canadian vintage lover!

  15. Oh, and check out Naramata's thrift store! It's only open twice a week for a few hours, but I've found some killer stuff there. The ladies who run it are super sweet, and everything is really inexpenisve!

  16. Oh Jessica, you look just marvelous! Just as I suspected, the hat looks absolutely perfect on your red hair! And the outfit you out together matches so well!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely self with us!