May 2, 2012

Chronically Vintage's spring 2012 readers poll

There's something about the newness and renewed sense of vitality that comes with spring that makes its particularly well suited to cleaning, organizing, or simply approaching various aspects of life in new and more interesting ways.

Moving across the country this year helped to quickly take care of my annual spring cleaning on the home front, but I'm still eager to shake out the cobwebs and spruce up various things that might need a little tweaking or simply more attention lavished on them.

Oftentimes I wonder what elements of my blog you, my wonderful readers, enjoy most. Your lovely comments and emails sometimes answer this query, but I'm still curious to know what more of you enjoy and/or would like to see more of here.

I tend to blog to my own eclectic beat, creating posts on a vast array of mid-twentieth century topics, and various musings and observations on life that spring to mind - plus (more recently) sharing snaps of my vintage outfits with you. This site is not, and will never be, a strictly "this or that" kind of blog. Life is too interesting to tie myself solely to one subject matter when dealing with a topic (history and my adoration of it) that is so profoundly near and dear to my heart.

That said, again, I'm always interested in knowing what you enjoy about Chronically Vintage and what sort of topics you'd like to see make their way into rotation throughout the rest of 2012 and beyond.

With that thought in mind, I whipped up a quick survey of questions (below) that I'd love for you to answer. By all means feel free to add anything else that wasn't covered here in the comment section of this post (or let me know by email).



I do not feel as though I'm in a blogging rut at the moment or like the wind has been drained from my sails. In fact, I've found 2012 (so far) to be amongst the most enjoyable, new idea fuelled years of online writing I've ever encountered, and as a result I think that now is the perfect time to read your responses.

On top of the many (so many!) topics I want, and plan, to write about in the coming months, I can try to bring you more of the types of posts that you love reading here, too.

Thank you sweetly to everyone who takes a few moments to fill out this poll. I'll be sure to share the results with you in a future post, and am so wonderfully excited to read your responses.


  1. Quite interesting doing that poll - on some things I had to choose something but it wasn't quite my opinion eg home decor is what I chose but what I'm really interested in is home life which includes decor but covers lots of other things too. I'm intrigued to see what others think:)

  2. I love that survey.. but i kept trying to 'check' more than one little circle each time. I love all of your posts. Sometimes it might take me a couple of days to catch up, but i SO enjoy them. I love the history and outfit posts the best i think.. but then again.. lol. Hope you're having a wonderful week Jessica,


  3. hello sweetie! :) i liked that poll, i would be very interested in seeing the new and lovely posts you come up with! :) i really like how you interact with your readers it makes it all the more fun! :) you are the best sweetie!

    hoping you are having a wonderfully weathered wednesday sincerely,
    TheRitzyFlapper (Alicia)

  4. Hi Jessica!
    I love your blog posts about vintage recipes, espcially with actually pictures of the food or advertising!
    However in saying that, your blog is wonderfully delightful and extemely thoughtful! I enjoy all of your posts so really its tough to say exactly what is my favorite!

  5. Great idea! I'm excited to see your results as well. Though be assured, even if I'm in the minority with my own responses, I can't imagine being any less interested in reading. :)

  6. I too wanted to check more than one in some sections! So I went with my very favourite in each.

  7. Yes, I wanted to check more items. But, Jessica, just keep doing what you are doing. I enjoy the variety. My "profile" aligns pretty much exactly with what you say about yourself except that I am 67, not 27! Years of chronic illness, love of history and vintage since I was a child, genealogist and collector. Since you are clser to Vancouver now, maybe you can make a trip here sometime. Do you know about Ivan Sayers and the OCMS (Original Costume Museum SOciety)? If not, google them. You would be very inspired!

    Sue D-J, Vancouver

  8. Oh my goodness, can't I just say yes to everything? :) I love photos, different topics, long posts, short posts, you name it!

  9. I love your blog! Hard to choose just one item in some sections...

  10. I might not comment a lot, but I love your blog! and I love the What I Wore addition! It's very inspiring to a gal that's trying to build a vintage wardrobe :-)