May 15, 2012

Battling unseasonably cold winds in a leopard palette inspired outfit

"You know what you look like?" Tony asked. I shook my head and smiled inquisitively. "Cold!!!" Came his swift reply.

And, boy howdy, was he ever right! The bitingly cold temperature and fierce wind would never hint at the fact that these photos were taken earlier this month on the first day of May.

When I'd gotten dressed in the morning it was fairly sunny and the air was calm. I was in the mood for just a little dollop of leopard in my outfit, so I went with an animal print hair flower and an outfit comprised of brown, beige in brown to mirror to hues in the leopard blossom. I thought this ever-so-subtly safari inspired look would be a fun way to usher in the fifth month of the year.

Little did I know that later that evening I'd be extremely grateful I'd opted for a fairy heavy weight cotton twill vintage skirt as we battled against the aggressive wind and chilly temps while trying to grab a few outfit snaps at a park in Rutland (an area in the northern end of the neighbouring city of Kelowna).

Leopard hues and tons of wind, Jessica Cangino vintage photo shoot, Rutland image_1


Leopard hues and tons of wind, Jessica Cangino vintage photo shoot, Rutland image_7


Leopard hues and tons of wind, Jessica Cangino vintage photo shoot, Rutland image_5


Leopard hues and tons of wind, Jessica Cangino vintage photo shoot, Rutland image_9


Leopard hues and tons of wind, Jessica Cangino vintage photo shoot, Rutland image_2


Leopard hues and tons of wind, Jessica Cangino vintage photo shoot, Rutland image_6


Leopard hues and tons of wind, Jessica Cangino vintage photo shoot, Rutland image_3


Leopard hues and tons of wind, Jessica Cangino vintage photo shoot, Rutland image_4


Leopard hues and tons of wind, Jessica Cangino vintage photo shoot, Rutland image_8


Outfit details
Leopard print hair flower: Arden (last month, so they might still have them in stock if you're looking for one, too)
Black sash waist blouse: Zellers
Vintage beige button front skirt: etsy seller Have Mercy Vintage
Gold toned, rhinestone and faux pearl brooch: eBay
Black plastic carved bangle bracelet: Penticton consignment store Pipsqueaks and Damsels
Wood veneer bangle bracelets: thrifted
1950s corduroy bucket purse: etsy seller Rue 23 Vintage Clothing
Lip colour: MAC Russian Red

Photography by Antonio Cangiano

♥ ♥ ♥

So as I shivered and tried to keep my eyes from squinting too badly in the wind (a thick layer of goose bumps coating my arms), Tony very quickly snapped away. I kept trying to push my wavy locks out of my face, but it was a losing battle and after a couple of minutes I just gave up and let the wind play hairdresser.

This skirt and blouse outfit is an example of the kind I wear a lot of the time. I generally opt for mid-calf to ankle length skirts, and adore where this one hits (a couple of inches above my ankle). It's uber neutral beige hue makes it a definite workhorse in my wardrobe, as it pairs fabulously with just about any colour.

Though the black blouse looks as though I tied the bottom ends together, it actually boasts a tie sash around the waist and that's what you see in these images (the remainder of the blouse below the sash is tucked into the skirt).

This 1950s corduroy bucket purse is one of my very favourites (you may remember it from this post back in March). Much like the beige skirt, it goes well with a myriad of colours and has a laid back vibe that means it can easily toe the line between casual or more dressy, depending on what I partner it with.

I've really been getting into brooches this year (so much so that I'm planning a post in the near future on that very topic), so I went with an aged gold hued, faux pearl, and rhinestone leaf design pin for the hit of sparkle in this springtime outfit (the fact that it has a bit of an autumn feel to it makes it all the better suited to the November like weather we were experiencing that day!).

As a teenager and into my early 20s, I wore black eyeliner on my top and bottom lids nearly every day, however a couple of years I dropped the bottom liner (most of the time) in a favour of (just) a classic upper lid cat's eye look. Once in a while however, I like going for a slightly more vixenish make-up look, and this day was just one such occasion. Tony always loves it when I do, so maybe I should start sporting liner on the bottom of my lids a little more often.

Both of our teeth were chattering after a few minutes out in the elements, so having gotten in a few shots before the day's sunlight vanished entirely (it was about 6:45pm in these images) we made a mad dash to the car and flicked on the heater right away.

If I wasn't there myself, I'd have scarcely believed how cold and windy our May 1st was. All I can say is that I hope this isn't an ominous sign of the kind of summer we're in for this year!


  1. I really like this outfit - pity about the weather:) It's the same here though - cool,wet and windy with every so often a half decent day. I'm wondering if summer is ever going to begin!

  2. You just have the best wardrobe, I have yet to see an outfit I don't like!

  3. What a beautiful skirt! I've been thinking of picking up something button-fronty and full like that (I have exactly one work-etc-appropriate non-pencil skirt), but I'd been picturing something in a darker hue and you're making me reconsider big time. Maybe one really CAN have enough black, already...

  4. that is a lovely outfit you have on my dear!! i love the skirt and the brooch! :) its just beautiful!!!!!! and your hair looks just beautiful! these are beautiful pictures, just stunning!! :),

    wishing you a lovely weekend,
    TheRitzyFlapper (Alicia)

  5. I adore this color palette on you and I'm seriously loving your hair color- so radiant- in these pics! Making me want to go back to red! Ive been following your blog for some time now and always enjoy it! I also started a new blog, still taking shape etc.

  6. Yu look gorgeous! And top and bottom eyeliner suits your eyes, makes you look very dramatic and mysterious.......!

  7. LOVE your outfit! You have a great sense of style! Me likey hehehe xox

  8. brave lady you for enduring the chilly weather! lovely photos & ensemble, i especially like the brooch.

  9. I'll echo the others and say your hair looks really lovely in the light. I love your broach and must admit I am a bit of a sucker for a marcasite broach. I have a lovely 1930s one in the shape of a rose I wear all the time.

  10. Oh, I know the feeling! Michigan seems to engender either frigid or sweltering temperatures, and nothing in between.

    But at least you look gorgeous! I heartily approve of the lower liner -- though I'm so effing clumsy, I have never had the guts to attempt liquid liner on my lower lash line myself. Maybe one of these days, if you're feeling it, you could post a tutorial! ;D

  11. Well it may have been cold but oh the lighting was obviously perfect for taking photographs! So crisp and beautiful. And the model, what can one say, but exquisite! You have such lovely skin. Yes I think brooches are an underrated accessory...they can be such little works of art...look forward to your post on them! Take care dear girl....

  12. Good morning, my sweet, Jessica, as always, your look is amazing ... it's cold here too, but I'm trying to inspire in you, to change my look, so ... not beautiful ... kisses ...Penélope.

  13. Love black and camel together. So classic, the extras make it fun :)


  14. You look fabulous as always! And i love everything in your outfit.. again.. as always. :) I really adore your hair flower and brooch. I love beautiful accessories. They add so much to an outfit, and these are perfect. Have an excellent weekend, Jessica.


  15. You look lovely! I really enjoy your outfit posts. I've only done three outfit posts so far on my blog, but it's a lot of fun. :)
    Black Dahlia

  16. I love em! You look wind swept and sultry! :P