December 25, 2011

Wishing you each a gorgeous Christmas!

Day 359 of Vintage 365

{Sweetly beautiful, pink vintage and shabby chic Christmas themed images via the following Flickr sources: 1. accordion & violin angels, 2. vintage Christmas, 3. Vintage Christmas, 4. pink christmas tree, 5. Angelina's Christmas in July Card and Tag Swap Sneak Peek #1, 6. vintage flocked pink deer, 7. vintage christmas pink glass ornaments, 8. Vintage Christmas Cards, 9. christmas ornaments, 10. Vintage Pastel Christmas, 11. PINK Vintage Glass Christmas Ornaments, 12. Christmas N Pink 1957, 13. Looking forward to better days to come}

My very dear friends, on this most resplendently special of days, teaming with merriment and great joy, I wish you each a marvelous Christmas filled with every sweet and wonderful thing your heart desires.

May today and the the remainder of the holiday season be as magical and bright as a glimmering star atop a Christmas tree, and may you be blessed by a New Year that grants you great peace, good health, and countless fantastic vintage finds!


  1. Love the colage - all the best to you too!

  2. Also wishing you much happiness and good health for Christmas and the year ahead Jessica. Have a wonderful day.

    Love and blessings,