December 11, 2011

Fabulously vintage inspired high heel saddle shoes

Day 345 of Vintage 365

Saddle shoes are one of those things, much like poodle skirts and bobby socks, that often gets stereotypically assigned to generic 1950s or vintage themed looks and costumes. As most of us vintage fashionistas know however, saddle shoes not only predated the 50s, they were worn with a multitude of looks by both guys and gals alike.

Based on the clean, often comfortable, lines of classic oxfords and (to a certain extent) brogues, saddle shoes are often made of leather and appear in such classic colour combinations and white and black, white and brown, and white and pink (I had a pair, which my grandma bought for me, that I wore until they were falling apart in that colour coupling when I was a little girl) - though certainly any hues you can dream up could be made in a pair of these classic shoes.

While, to my mind, saddle shoes are a truly timeless look, they do certainly evoke the mid-20th century period during which their popularly peaked. During the hardworking 40s and the optimistic 50s alike, members of both sexes in all ages could be seen sporting this causal style of shoe, in settings as diverse as the classroom to the dance floor.

I've been on the hunt for a pair of saddle shoes, be they genuine vintage or reproduction, to add to my wardrobe for ages - probably since the day that those childhood pink and white ones went to the big shoe store in the sky, come to think of it - but haven't yet found one that fit well or was within budget.

Interestingly, while doing a periodic check for saddle shoes online recently, I came across a twist on these fabulous vintage style that sees the inclusion of a sweet 2.5 inch heel added to a timeless black and white version.


These wonderfully cool black and white heeled saddle shoes marry the classic two-tone look of this beloved vintage style of footwear with a very wearable 2.5 inch heel that instantly lends a 1930s, 40s and 50s worthy swing dance vibe to this appealing pair of shoes.

I love how the inclusion of a heel instantly turns these leather saddle shoes (which are available for from, in ladies sizes 6 to 10, for $69.00) into something a bit dressier than than their (essentially) flat heeled counterparts. I could easily picture wearing these dressy saddle shoes with anything from a feminine black pencil skirt to a pair of high waisted trousers, all year long.

Though, as some of you may recall from past Chronically Vintage posts, I have uneven sized, thick (from top to bottom) feet that make buying shoes online impossible (as I really need to try them on in person first), I would love to come across these precise heels offline and (if they fit) would buy them faster than you can say malt shop!


  1. I love saddle shoes too! In fact, I have that exact pair you posted. The manufacturer, Bass, also has another similar style, more of a cream color with ribbon laces. I couldn't resist and ended up buying those too.

  2. Oh I'm in shoe heaven. That little heel added to the classic black & white saddle is adorable.

    <3Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  3. Hi Jessica, I still find your saddle shoes adorable. The 2.5 inches heels is not an issue for me co'z this is what I want. I hate wearing 5 inches of heels then after getting home, my legs are cramping.. totally eeeww!

  4. I always liked this style but didn't know they were called saddle shoes. And you made me look carefully at how the different coloured central part is actually very much like a saddle. Hmmm.. I never had one of these either.

  5. Those shoes are so cute. I actually have saddle shoes on my Christmas list this year. *Fingers crossed!*