December 10, 2011

Four marvelously colourful 1950s children's bedrooms

Day 344 of Vintage 365

When you think back to the days of your childhood bedroom, what colours spring to mind first? I'd venture to guess that for many of us gals, pink and/or purple are definitely contenders, but the list certainly doesn't have to stop there.

Having moved a few times over the course of my youth, just as I don't really feel like I have (only) one hometown, so too is tricky to firmly assign the title of "childhood bedroom" just just room that I laid my little head down in decades ago.

That said, I generally divide my thoughts on this topics between two bedrooms. One of which was somewhat sparsely decorated with pink walls and a darling teddy bear ballerina border, and the other (which called part of a charming Edwardian house, that was build in 1909, home) that my little sister and I shared as we grew up in the Okanagan during the early 1990s.

This bedroom, which featured sloping ceilings, a very tiny walk-in closet, and a quaint little window that one could easily climb out of and sit atop the roof that jutted out over the house's front porch, was covered by a beautiful, very vintage feeling (though it wasn't actually old - my mom hung it shortly after we moved in) aqua hued wallpaper that featured an endless smattering of tiny pale yellow and pinky-peach hued flower blossoms.

Though, I like to think somewhere someone in the family must have a photo of that room and its cheerful wallpaper, I haven't found one amongst the childhood photos I have, so for now I can only picture it in my mind's eye.

Neither of those two bedrooms fancy or particularly stuffed with furnishings or belongings, but they were certainly sweet and well suited to a little girl's tastes. Much as the four vintage children's bedrooms pictured below would have made many a youngster marvellously happy in the 1950s when these images first appeared by way of the folks over at Sherwin Williams.

{Charming 1950s children's bedrooms via obsequies on Flickr.}


These wonderfully colourful rooms are certainly eye-catching, but not through-the-roof glaring or unnecessarily busy. Each centers around a particular colour, while adding in accents and decor in coordinating hues.

Though I don't recall having much impute in how my bedroom was decorated as a child, if I'd been shown this quartet of rooms back then and told to pick the one I'd most like to have as my own, I would have given serious consideration to at least three of them, with either the girly pink or vibrant turquoise option winning out.

I love that there's a sense of timeless fun, with a distinct 50s vibe, to each of these fours rooms and would adore drawing inspiration from any one of them for my (future) child's bedroom.

Which of these rooms do you fancy most and do any of them remind you of your own beloved childhood bedrooms?


  1. I love the turquoise bedroom. It looks like it has great storage and the pops of red are fabulous!

  2. Oh, I love vintage decorating photos and really enjoyed your post.

    My bedroom growing up was about the size of a large closet, but I had a piece of furniture I loved, a white vanity with pink tulle skirt. Heaven for a 13 yr. old girl!

  3. Love! I have such a soft spot for children's vintage decor, toys & treasures.


  4. I lean to the pink and green room! I have been a lover of pink my entire life...had a pink bedroom growing up, complete with ballerina pictures on the walls. Sure wish my mom had kept those pictures!! What I wouldn't give to have them now!

    Hoping your day is filled with loveliness!!