December 17, 2011

Absolutely darling 1950s children's winter hat sets

Day 351 of Vintage 365

In my ongoing hunt for cozy, fashionable vintage winter accessories (which you may recall from my recent post about fake fur muffs), I recently came upon the most terrifically cute page of children's winter hat sets from the 1950s.

So wonderfully darling is this selection of Christmassy red and white hued hats, mittens and muffs, that there is little I could possibly say to enhance this superbly sweet roundup of vintage children's wear.


Each of these sets is overflowing with elegant, girly cuteness, while also being richly practical at the same time. Though undeniably vintage looking, I think that these styles stand the test of time and would ever bit as smashing and fashionable today as when they first appeared in the pages of 1952 winter catalog (as to which one precisely, the Flickr poster of this image, april-mo, does not specify).

While they certainly look lovely on the kids in this image, I can't help but think how becoming and beautiful these winter wear styles would look on us bigger gals, too, and will definitely be using each of these delightful hat sets as inspiration for my continuing quest for more cold weather accessories to keep me snug as a bug in a rug all season long.


  1. They look fabulous - shame little children don't wear that sort of thing these days. Cute or what!

  2. It's a very cute page here - I don't have girls to dress up - my two sons however got to enjoy lots of lovely outfits. But I am always fascinated with little girl clothing - the tender colours and the sweetness of them.....

  3. Oh goodness! I was still wearing some of these in the early sixties. I distinctly remember one very similar to the one on the extreme right of the top row. The faux fur part had a spring-type band in it, which would eventually ping off! I even had the muff.

  4. These are all so pretty, I remember wearing similar things myself as a little girl in the late 40s/early 50s. I remember my mum having a dark brown fur muff as well, it would be great if they came back into fashion as they are really warm.