December 27, 2011

Oh the weather outside is...not very frightful, actually :)

Day 361 of Vintage 365

In a country famed for the abundance - and the rather staggering volume of - snow we receive annually as a nation, it always comes as surprise when whatever corner of the country I'm calling home at the moment remains green (or nearly so) once the calendar hits and rolls on past the official start of winter.

While much of the nation has received plenty of the white stuff so far this year (my home province of British Columbia very much included), Toronto has remained relatively snowless so far this season (which is in stark contrasts to most of the other winters I've lived through here).

Though we're not exactly giving Florida a run for its money in the temperature department by any means, it is quite unusual to be so close to New Year's and not be buried up to our eyeballs in snow!

I'm the first to admit that the weather is akin to a spectator sport for many in Canada, so much so that most of us see nothing small talk-ish about bringing up this topic with strangers and our nearest and dearest alike, and I fully I realize that it's not exactly the most riveting of subjects to many in other parts of the world (unless its doing something rather extreme or unexpected that is - like if snow suddenly fell here in the middle of July!).

There are pros to not walking up to avalanche-esque volumes of snow each morning; it makes navigating sidewalks and roads (assuming they're not overly icy) worlds safer, and can also mean that fashionistas get to enjoy sporting footwear other than clunky, workhorse snow boots when outdoors for much longer than usual.

Yet - and clearly, this must be my Canadian DNA - I can't help but crave snow, at least initially, come the nippiest season of the year. While my health prevents me from being able to partake in most winter sports (or summer ones for the matter), there's nothing to stop me from looking the part of a seasoned snow bunny come December and January - especially when I've got wonderful vintage images like the one of Wanda Hendrix below to inspire my cold weather wardrobe.

{Beautiful actress Wanda Hendrix looking radiantly cheerful and set for a fabulous day of swishing down the slops, in this lovely winter photograph from 1950. Image via Carbonated on Flickr.}


As, at the end of the frosty day, this is still Canada, I know that there's a snowball's chance, if you'll pardon the pun, that the whole winter will play out on such a dry note. Indeed, it wouldn't surprise me in the absolute least if I woke up tomorrow and there was a foot of snow glistening like a sea of diamonds on the balcony.

Regardless of when Old Man Winter really gives it his all this season, the temps are still on the shy side of freezing and there are plenty of occasions to dress nearly as heartily as though one was headed out for a day on the slopes - or, as I prefer, to look glamorous in front of a roaring fire at the ski lodge, cup of hot cocoa and vintage fashion magazine in hand.


  1. We in Southern BC, are not getting the snow this year either. We got a little skiff on the solstice, but nothing for Christmas. We are expecting some this week, but not much. It makes me a bit nervous, really, when there's no snow. I think January may just come blizzarding in! (See? We Canadians do love talking weather - lol!)

    Hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday!

  2. No snow for us either! As a matter of fact we almost broke our record high! We haven't even had one flurry this year. I like to see snow once then I want spring! I guess I'm fickle like that!



  3. Hi Jess just thought you and your readers would like to know here in South Australia we had a top of 104F on Christmas Eve and 95F on Christmas Day. Unfortunately 'the weather outside was frightful' because it was about 90% humidity so very uncomfortable.

  4. The weather here on the East Coast of Australia is not at all normal either, we usually experience very hot Christmas holidays and at the moment, it is quite chilly and overcast, not at all the gorgeous beach weather that we expect for Christmas. There will still be plenty of very hot weather to come so I'm certainly not complaining.

    I hope that you are enjoying the holidays Jessica, even if it is "sans snow".

  5. I'm less than an hour away from Toronto and today it started snowing. It remains to be seen whether or not it will stick around. I haven't heard what the temps are supposed to be in the next couple of days, but so far what little snow has fallen has melted in no time.

    Glad to have found a fellow lover of all things vintage living so close to me! I can't help wondering where in Toronto you live. I wish there were some of the same kind of events here that they hold in the UK.

  6. We here in Idaho have not had snow yet this year as well...for which, as you know, I am glad. I know that not having snow is not good for the water table and that it will probably make for a bad fire season come summer, but I'm loving not having to drive on ice and snow.

    Oh, I love the beautiful vintage photo. She makes getting bundled up look almost fun!!