June 9, 2011

This fabulous vintage inspired telephone is calling my name!

Day 160 of Vintage 365


Recently, entirely out of the blue, I started thinking about how flimsy many phones today feel. From mobiles to cordless phones, most are made of lightweight materials and are aimed at being as small as possible.

I enjoy the convenience of being able to bop about my house and town (in the case of cells) with a phone in my hand as much as the next person, but there are times - especially during intense conversations - where there's much to be said in favour of having a sturdy telephone earpiece in your hand.

When in the midst of an intense phone (be it one with happy, sad, stressful, exciting, or out-and-out peculiar undertones), I sincerely appreciate the sense of security that comes from being seated in one spot, a heavy-duty old school receiver attached to my hand, its piggy-tale cord plainly in sight.

Though I have a modern desktop cord phone that I use often, for years upon years, I've been hankering for a vintage - or vintage inspired - dial tone phone that would fit the bill perfectly when I felt like parking myself into my chair and curling up for a conversation with an old school receiver.

Without a doubt one the loveliest and most solid looking vintage reproduction phones I've seen in quite some time comes by way of the fine folks at ModCloth.com. From the curvaceous, yet sleek, body to the splendidly vintage looking font on the buttons and centre panel, this classically styled is chocked full of immensely lovely vintage phone charm.

Though most phone companies no longer providing customers with phones that look even remotely like this - and they can be tricky to track down at local retailers - thanks to the power of the interwebz, anyone who's craving a beautiful old school phone is bound to be smitten with them deep crimson red gem.

Made of plastic and metal, this awesome desktop phone blends the best of old and new with a rotary dial that features push button technology (how cool is that?!). It also sports a redial button (always handy), an on/off ringer switch (perfect for those days when you want to ensure your beauty rest can take place uninterrupted), a tone/pulse switch, and earpiece volume control switch.

Chic, appealing, and downright fantastic, this captivatingly pretty vintage reproduction phone is available for $54.99 from ModCloth, and would a seriously wonderful addition to any yesteryear decor lover's abode.

I think that if one of these terrific telephones suddenly appeared in my house, I'd spend more time chatting on the phone now then I did when I was a teenager!

I’m head-over-heels in love with the blend of old Hollywood glamour and downhome practicality that this classic phones bring to any room – and, I like to think, to any conversation, no matter how serious, light hearted, planned or entirely spur of the moment it was Smile


  1. And if you're in the UK you can get them from us at Notorious Kitsch too! www.notoriouskitsch.co.uk

    Hope you don't mind me saying, I love these phones and would hate for UK & European people might think they can't get them!

  2. That's definitely one of the better-looking repro photos I've seen. I have a 1938 phone that is pretty much the same shape--the receiver is just more stylized. I got lucky and got mine at an estate sale; I wasn't going to pay hundreds of dollars for a refurbished vintage phone!

  3. That is one seriously great looking phone! I have a couple of vintage phones, but the ring can really give you a jolt - it's a little on the shrill side, but I still love it. ;)

  4. I love old style rotary phones! I have a late30s/early40s black northern electric telephone that still works perfectly. My parents gave it to me since they didn't want it anymore :)

  5. These phones are fab we have one but it is a cream colour they have a great ring to them!

  6. I have a vintage phone in my grannies home..it is so big and heavy weighted. look like a royal item.