June 8, 2011

1950s chocolate marshmallow pie recipe is sure to satisfy any sugar craving! :)

Day 159 of Vintage 365


Just as white sauce is one those fundamental recipes of cooking that can be altered, dressed up and played around with to just about no culinary end, so too do certain types of pies have ton of potential when it comes to the many things you do to further enhance their appeal.

Today’s recipe – which hails the May 1957 copy of household magazine – is delightful chocolate marshmallow pie that sounds fantastic on its own….however, I can’t help but think of a wide range of ways you could jazz it up further. Such as:

-Add some mint extract or fresh mint leaves and serving it ice cold on the toastiest days of summer.

-Swirling a big handful of raspberries through the pie filling before it sets, then make a raspberry, mixed berry or lemon coulis to drizzle over top.

-Throw in a tablespoon or two of fresh or candied orange peel and garnish each slice with a few strips of additional peel.

-Use white chocolate in instead of milk, add in chunks of walnuts (or other favourite nut) and dark 70% chocolate once the filling as cold a bit, but not set entirely (to help prevent the dark chocolate from melting too).

-Toss in a cupful of your favourite crisp rice (or cornflake) cereal and some dried cherries or cranberries for a crisp, cherry hit with each bite.

-Channel a classic banana slip by adding halved maraschino cherries to the batter, placing a smattering of bananas over the top, and serving each slice with a big dollop of whip cream.

-Instead of white marshmallows, try the coloured fruit variety, layer some freshly sliced strawberries on top and drizzle with a little honey when ready to serve.

These are just seven possible twists that spring to mind, I bet you can think of others, too (by all means feel free to share them in the comment section, if you do).

{Click here for a larger version of this terrifically tasty sounding vintage chocolate marshmallow pie recipe. Image by way of Charm and Poise on Flickr.}

I think this delicious sounding, simple-as-painting-your-nails marshmallow chocolate pie would be a great dessert to bring out after a backyard barbeque, as a different spin on a springtime birthday cake (if it’s for adults only, you could always drop in a spoonful of your favourite liquor – just think how heavenly this would be with Bailey’s Irish Cream!), or a terrific week day dessert where time is of the essence, but you still want something that’s bound to impress.

It’s great to have versatile, classic recipes like this great chocolate pie in your culinary arsenal, and when they hail from the 1950s, that’s another point in their favour, in my (vintage cook) books! Smile


  1. Oh yum! Thanks for another great share!

  2. Look how cute the little girl is in the ad. I love pies like this, thanks for sharing!

  3. How weird is it that the recipe is from a gum ad?!

    P.S. Don't be stingy--babies love Bailey's, too. ;-)

  4. Mmmmm! I particularly love your mint idea for this pie!

    And yes, these Wrigley ads do boggle the mind. They continued on for years and years, too -- must've really worked!

  5. OMMM NOOMMM NOMMMM. Yummy yummy chocolate pie.

    I collect old cookbooks, it's so interesting how the different nations (and their food- e.g. post-war rationing in the UK at the same time as Atomic futuristic fast food in the US) had different foods over the century. Plus you can make the recipes and it's a hands-on way of experiencing history. Oh yeah, and getting youself some cake/pie: bonus.