June 2, 2011

Happy congrats to the Know Your Onions jewelry giveaway winner!

This post is a tad late in coming (my apologies, it's been a hectic week here), but I didn't want to let another moment pass without stopping to let everyone know that this past Monday (using a random number generator) the winner of the Know Your Onions giveaway was drawn.

It was a pleasure to pair up with Know Your Onions, a splendid UK based jewelry designer of modern-meets-vintage, entirely gorgeous resin pendant necklaces, brooches, and bangle bracelets, for this lovely giveaway, and I'm delighted to announce the lucky winner is no other than Sheri from the stellar (Australian based) vintage blog, Sheri Bomb.

Fabulous vintage loving gal (and highly engaging writer) Sheri will soon be receiving three wonderful Know Your Onion pendant necklaces (including the slate hued compass pendant pictured above) in the mail, which I hope will help make her June an extra fantastic one!

For those who didn't win - as well as anyone else who's fallen in love with Know Your Onion's creative, highly elegant resin jewelry pieces, be sure to take advance of the special promo discount that's running until June 30, 2011 over at Know Your Onion's website.

Just enter the word vintage in the coupon section when you checkout, and 15% will automatically be deducted from your order's total.

Joyful congrats again to Sheri on winning this trio of necklaces, and many thanks to all those who entered and helped to make this wonderful Know Your Onions giveaway a success!

1 comment:

  1. I can't thank you enough Jessica!

    I know it was pure luck but I'm grateful all the same, thanks for having such a great giveaway!

    And thank you most of all for such kinds words in this post.

    Can't wait to get my lovely pendants in the mail! It will be like Christmas come early!