June 5, 2011

Found: the perfect pair of vintage style black capri pants

Day 155 of Vintage 365


There are certain items of clothing that, for whatever reason, my parents didn't dress me in often (if at all) as youngster. We're not talking ball gowns or wetsuits here, folks, I mean pretty run-of-the-mill pieces like button front blouses, denim jeans, and two piece swimsuits (the first time I ever wore one was a month before I turned 15!).

Another item that falls into that category is capri pants. As I sit here, on this warmer-by-the-minute June morning and think long and hard about it, I have absolutely no recollection of sporting a pair of capri pants until I had moved away from home and was living on my own (so late teen years). Amazing, in this day and age, I know!

One might think that the story above would have led me to compose a wardrobe full of those missing items to make up for lost time, however it turns out I'm not a bikini girl (too modest) and I wouldn't say I own more cotton blouses or blue jeans than the average person. When it comes to Capri pants, well, at the moment, I don't have a single pair, if you can believe it!

Taking stock of my modest sized summer wardrobe recently, I was instantly struck by this point and so skipped merrily over to the computer to see what kinds of vintage styles I could dig up online to inspire the types of capri pants I'd ideally like to buy to remedy my complete and total lack of this terrific summertime wardrobe staple.

One of the nicest and absolutely most versatile examples I came across was the wonderfully timeless pair of Foxy Rockabilly Capris in sleek-as-a-moonless-night's-sky black vintage style capri pants from Stop Staring Clothing pictured below.


Featuring a high-cut waist, comfy stretch twill fabric, and a subtle side seam zipper, these superbly versatile summer pants are exactly the kind of classic 1950s style pants you’ll want (need!) to have in your wardrobe.

At the time of writing (I say that because styles like this tend to sell out, especially in certain sizes, faster than you can blink!) these stylish capris are available in ladies sizes small, medium and large, retailing for $106.00 a pair.

While I'm the first to admit that crossing the hundred dollar threshold is a bit hefty for a pair of pants, when it comes to immortal classics like these black beauties, you're bound to get so much fashion millage out of them that over time their cost per wear factor will end up turning them in to an absolute bargain.

If I was going to add just one pair of capris to my vintage wardrobe this summer, these pin-up girl worthy pants would be precisely what I'd pick today.

Their dark hue makes them figure flattering, the high cut waist adds scores of instant vintage chic, and their playful lower calf-length hem helps ensure you stay a little cooler all through the hot-as-freshly-baked-bread days of summer.

So while my parents may not have fancied capris for their tykes, I'm keen on this style and would definitely not have a single qualm about slipping into a pair of these awesome black pants right this very moment! Smile


  1. These are lovely! But I for one can never buy trousers off the internet - my proportions are too unconventional so a trying-on prior to buying is essential!

  2. Cute, but $106!?! That is WAY too much. I could have custom capris made to my specs and measurements for a lot less than that.

  3. I once had the perfect pair of high waisted capri pants, but I ruined them in the wash :(. But I really like the idea of having a pair custom made- that way I could keep the pattern and have them made in different fabrics.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife