April 26, 2010

Today’s Vintage Treasure: 1940s Sailor Inspired Jantzen Bathing Suit

{Simple lines and the timeless pairing of linen beige and inky navy blue meld together to elevate this classic 1940s Jantzen women’s swimsuit into something truly memorable.

Channeling the penchant for military inspired details in civilian clothing during WW2, this wonderful vintage bathing suit has a sweet little star and two chevron stripes on the front that are sure to set it way above the crowd at the swimming pool or beach.

This delightfully lovely suit is sized a tad larger (by the sizing standards of the day, I mean) than some vintage swimwear on the market, fitting a 34-38” bust, 30-34” waist and 36-42” hips. If this darling, nautical inspired suit has you hooked, it can be yours for $175.00 US from etsy seller Coronet Weed’s Vintage.}

♥ ♥ ♥

Hi fellow night owls (and readers who live in places where the sun is still shinning), how are you all doing as this Monday comes to a close? I hope that each of your weeks is off to a marvellous start. Here the wind has been howling for almost two days straight! Little hisses and loud whooshes alike slamming into our windows, rattling our doors and frightening the poor kitty!

On the plus side though, despite the noisy, blustery winds, the temperatures are slowly starting to climb into the teens and even twenties here once more, which must have been what drew me to this immensely charming bathing suit while on my usual vintage inspiration hunting rounds today. (I can hardly wait until it’s warm enough to actually stick my little toesies into the water without having them turn into popsicles!)

Wishing you each a splendid evening (or morning – or afternoon, as the case may be), and a gloriously lovely tomorrow!


  1. What a treasure this swimsuit is! I love it! The weather on this side has been a tad blustery and unpredictable. Just when we are ready to put our winter attire away because we see Spring blooming all around, the rain makes its way in, and then the winds start blowing, and tonight the fog has rolled in...ah such weird weather! but it's not nearly as coooold as it sounds in your neck of the woods, brr!! I hope the sun heads your way soon darling gal! Sleep tight ;)

  2. jessica... thank you for the Easter card.. it was lovely. I've been out of the loop for a while..trying to get back in the swing of things. I haven't felt up to blogging a lot before last week and it just seemed to take too much effort. Now, I'm back and feeling much, much better. I have missed talking with you and visiting your blog..., but I'm back with a fury. Love the suit.. it seems to cover a multitude of sins! Looking forward to your next post.. love to you my friend..Tracey

  3. Now that's my kind of swimsuit if I were to wear one :-)

  4. Love this bathing suit. I think I would wear it as a dress. Wishing you a great week!

  5. This swimsuit is absolutely fantastic!I usually use a normal 2 pieces to go at the beach but this year I would love to go 'vintage'!!
    A sea of hugs,greetz xxx

  6. What a rare find! It looks more like a dress but it's definitely cute!^^